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 Cleavage Spyridoulas & Jack Reacher

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PostSubject: Cleavage Spyridoulas & Jack Reacher   Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:37 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

The other day, I had an old friend come over from my US Army MP (Military Police) days. It was my old friend former Major of the 110th Special Investigations Unit, Jack Reacher. I was surprised to see Jack, gave him a big bear hug, or should I say he gave me a big bear hug. A man with a 6’5” frame can have a life threatening hug, but fortunately for me, I had the honor of serving under Jack during my old MP days. Jack tells me that he has been drifting around, hitchhiking, taking a bus here and there and discovered during his travels, that there was an exceptional haunted house in Stockton that I should check out. A house in which ghostly women have their cleavage hanging out. I was intrigued, so on December 29, 2012, Saturday – at 2100 Hours, my HPI paranormal investigators and I – will discover what is exactly going on at this home. Thank you for the tip Jack! Also Jack, you have the main living room couch to sleep on, when you are ready to leave just make sure that you don’t let the dogs out.

Now before I get into the story about our investigation, I want to remind you to see Tom Cruise in the latest blockbuster movie – Jack Reacher!

Date to be there: Dec 29, 2012 Sat Time to be there: 2100 Hours Contact Person: Armida. Address to be at: East 4th Street, Stockton, CA - Activity: Occupant hears giggling noises. Occupant has seen 2 female apparitions, they have their cleavage hanging out, dresses are long, they appear to have intelligence, because they act as if they are watching her. Sometimes the occupant wakes up and finds children around her bedside staring at her. - Pick up Lizzy Silva, Psychic. JUST IN: THIS INVESTIGATION IS CANCELED. OCCUPANT IS ILL.

Now that I don't have an investigation set forth on December 29, 2012, Saturday, what is there for me to do? The only thing left is for me to tell you another story. A story of three cleavage spyridoulas.

Three cleavage spyridoulas were seen at The Palace Hotel in Port Townsend, Washington. Spyridoulas in Greek, simply means 'spirits'. But, before I talk about these 3 spyridoulas, let's talk about the building that they reside in. This three-story brick building was constructed back in 1889 by Henry L. Tibbals. Henry was a retired sea captain. This building follows the Richardson Romanesque style. It has arched windows that extend for two stories through the use of twin columns that bracket each window bay on the building's facade. The Captain Tibbals Building is just another fine example of Port Townsend's turn-of-the-century architectural past.

Captain Tibbals was quite a colorful character. He went out to sea at the age of 10. His sea faring tasks were legendary, such as carrying cargo of railroad iron across the Isthmus of Panama and testing the first U.S. diving bell. This diving bell was used to retrieve $68,000 in silver from a sunken Spanish frigate in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Tibbals wore many hats in Port Townsend. He served on the city council, he was one time sheriff, then postmaster and finally a county commissioner. If you ever wondered who built the Union Wharf, it was Captain Tibbals. Yes, this man contributed a lot to Port Townsend.

Now let's get back to his hotel that he built. The first floor of the Captain Tibbals Building originally housed a billiard parlor and saloon known as the Townsend Tavern, while the upper two floors provided furnished rooms for rent. In the early 1900s, The Call newspaper operated out of the building. Over the years, the building has housed an Egyptian theater, the Northern Pacific offices, a grocery store, a state liquor store, a florist shop, and several restaurants. Like many other downtown buildings in Port Townsend, the upper floors of the building were very much under-used for many years.

From 1925 to 1933, the upper two floors of the building were known as the Palace Hotel AKA "the Palace of Sweets". The top two floors became a well known brothel. The Madame of the house, Marie, occupied the corner suite on the second floor. Her room was richly decorated with plush red wallpaper and deep green woodwork, much as it is today. The Palace Hotel rooms served as "cribs" for the "girls". Following an early morning raid by the sheriff in the mid ~1930's, the brothel was eventually closed and Marie and the "girls" soon left town. Such is the colorful past of this beautiful building.

Now that you know the history of this hotel, it was reported by Irina Matenasyu, Margaret Jakho and Joe Domontal, tourists of Port Townsend that they witnessed 3 female ghosts with a lot of cleavage hanging out. The 3 female ghosts approached Joe in the hallway, while Irina and Margaret looked on, they make claim that one of the ghosts, a woman in a lavender long flowing dress with bustea to match, appeared to be kissing the neck of Joe. Joe indicated after this incident, he felt a piercing coldness on his neck.

As Irina and Margaret stood at one end of the hall looking at Joe, the three female prostitute ghosts suddenly turned around and looked at the two women tourists. Before Irina and Margaret knew it, the ghosts moved towards them quickly. Irina was about to pass out and Margaret was about to run, when all of a sudden the 3 female ghosts were right in their face and they noticed that the female ghosts had empty eye sockets. Irina, Margaret and Joe were terrified, then as fast as the 3 female ghosts came, they then disappeared. One of the main ghosts of this hotel is Captain Tibbals, he is sometimes seen in the lobby of this hotel, sitting on a chair, watching and relaxing. The most famous ghost of this hotel is The Lady in Blue, another possible prostitute from the former brothel.

Irina, Margaret and Joe have no desire to ever return to this establishment, it was a night they will never ever forget. For more information about this exquisite, but haunted hotel, see their website here:


December 24, 2012, Monday – Christmas Eve. Went to Blue Oaks Theater, 6692 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA and met up with radio personality Lori Schulz of the Dirt and her daughter Josie Schulz. We went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Thank you Lori for paying my way into the movie, buying the popcorn, Coke and M&Ms, in turn I gave Lori a Christmas white stuffed deer and a signed HPI Chronicles Vol III – Beyond the Norm. Lori and I reviewed this excellent movie that was created from JRR Tolkien’s best selling novel: The Hobbit. To see the CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) in this movie made us feel we were right in Bilbo Baggin’s home. The elves, the dwarves, the Orcs, the trolls in various battle scenes fed our appetites for action. The story unfolded perfectly and stayed true to the book. The Gollum was just plain creepy. Since the Hobbit is a trilogy, I am anxiously awaiting the other two segments. What a nice way to spend Christmas Eve with a true friend! Special Note: Some animals were injured and even killed while filming the Hobbit in New Zealand. Since Peter Jackson is a CGI master, there should be no reason for any other animals to be harmed in his next film. PETA is watching.

New weapon in the HPI Arsenal – a high powered Fenix Flashlight – see TK 35 Uses Cree KM-L US LED 860 highpower, waterproof, able to temporary blind a bear or mountain lion. Purchased at Rei. – we can use a flashlight like this during our Bigfoot hunts and investigations on large open land areas.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Cleavage Spyridoulas & Jack Reacher
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