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PostSubject: Paranormal Informants   Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:49 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

I don't know if I ever told you, but I have 7 nationalities. My mother Rosita 'Rosemarie' Causing - a former Rosie the Riveter during World War II is Mexican, Filipino and Chinese. My father is French, English, Irish and Arabian. By having Facebook, I discovered my 'Causing' clan in the Philippines and what a large clan it is. The Causing clan originates from Iloilo, Philippines. One of my 'Causing' cousins on Facebook told me the following:

"Cousin, when I was in Eastern Samar, camping with a friend, we came across what I believe is a Muwa. The Muwa (Note: unknown hominid seen in the Philippines) was using a piece of wood to hit a tree. He was hitting the wood with a big rock. When he would hit the tree a few times, he would place his fingers into the hole of the tree and would pull out some kind of insects and eat them. This Muwa was about 7 feet tall, sparse hair in certain locations of his body, looked human, bi-pedal. My friend saw the Muwa too. We watched it for about 8 minutes, then finally it left and went deep into the forest quickly. It seemed like it smelled me and my friend, because it was sniffing in the air. After the creature left, we investigated the tree and saw the holes that the stick made. We could not identify any insects that it may of been eating. We noticed a foot impression in the soil, the foot must have been maybe 13 inches? This sighting took place in 1992. I will remember this incident as if it had happened yesterday. This might be Bigfoot's cousin? I hope you can make it to the Philippines cousin, I would love to meet you. My friends call me Tarsier, because they say I see everything, I am the first one that saw the Muwa in a very thickly populated forest. Talk to you soon! Tarsier Causing."

Jan 6, 2013 Sunday / Time: 15:15 Hours. Location: Birdcage Walk/Starbucks/Barnes & Noble Bookstore -6111 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA. Interviewed: Laurie ĎSchererí Smith. Laurie tells me that in 1990 in Sacramento / Mills Crossing, she encountered an alien. She was compelled to go towards her back yard at 2am, in her pajamas. As she looked out the sliding door window, she saw an alien hovering, or caught in midair over her back yard. She had communication with this alien, but was unable to remember their exact verbiage exchange. The alien communicated telepathically with Laurie. She described the alien to be a petite typical Gray. It was a very surreal moment for Laurie and she remembers that she may have been abducted. Itís a cloudy memory, but she feels she was on a metal table and possibly 2 Grays tested her, probed her and did something with her stomach. After this ordeal with the aliens, she discovered she was a medium. She remembers hearing a telephone ring and knew that someone had just recently died. That person was Phil, her sisterís boyfriend. She saw her sisterís deceased boyfriend floating above her bedside. Her sisterís deceased boyfriend Phil was telling her that he missed certain family members. Laurieís sisterís girlfriend saw Phil too, in the bathroom. Laurie recalls seeing 3 other apparitions, one was her deceased aunt and the other was her dadís deceased friend. The other apparition was her deceased father, she said he appeared like a Cheshire cat, showing off his new teeth in the afterlife, because in his real life, he had lost his teeth due to gum disease, it was almost as if her deceased father was showing off his new teeth in the afterlife. Laurie says she definitely sees and talks to ghosts. Laurie can be reached at: for more information about her paranormal experiences.

I have a friend that lives in Greencove Springs, FL. She lives in the old military housing there, which there are many stories online of it being haunted. She has had many negative paranormal experiences there and her whole family is very afraid. She believes it is affecting her husband's mood somehow and causing him to act in violent ways. She also believes it is now affecting her oldest daughter causing her to say strange things and moving in strange and inhuman ways. I am very scared for her and was hoping you could call/email her. She is embarrassed and doesn't want anyone to think she is crazy and doesn't know what to do because she can't afford to move. Her name is Thellma Liechty and her phone number is 9405361411. Her email is
Thanks Malenie Polozzala

Thanks so much. I told her I contacted you and she was relieved. She also said her daughter saw a shadow figure and her cats follow her everywhere she goes in the house. If you could call her I would so appreciate it! I have a feeling that it maybe demonic. She can tell you the whole story. By the way we are both Mormons don't know if that matters. Thanks! SPECIAL NOTE: Gave Thellma information on what needs to be done with her family. A basic form of exorcism is to be fully submerged in water - to be baptized, any type of dark entity that is attached to her family will immediately leave. I also told her how to cleanse her home. Case closed.

Date to be there: Jan 12, 2013 Sat Time to be there: 7pm Contact Person: Julie Munn / Address to be at: Newark, CA Activity: Sister passed away in 1987. They lived in the house for 25 years. Dad passed away on Nov 30, 2012. They have seen a full body apparition standing by the wall next to heater. Cabinets fly open. Bedroom door slams shut. Strong perfume smell resonates through house. They just want validation. No blessing. Case Manager: Rebecca Lorenzana

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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Paranormal Informants
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