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 The Benevolent Spooks of Carmichael

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PostSubject: The Benevolent Spooks of Carmichael   Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:56 am

The Benevolent Spooks of Carmichael
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203 7503 – 4 Investigations/Advice

Pictures from the Investigation by Lori Hennings & Paul Dale Roberts:

Date: January 12, 2013, Saturday. Time: 1800 Hours. Location: Carmichael.

Jan 12. Sat 6pm: Contact Person: Todd, Location: Carmichael, CA Telephone Number: 916 XXXXXX. Activity: HIGH. Constant objects moving about the house. Electronics go off and on - on their own. Occupant actually sees the entity walking through her front door, she can't take it anymore and wants an investigation, wants house cleansing. SPECIAL NOTE: After my team did the investigation, we discovered the entities are part of their family and one entity is a friend to the family. No cleansing is required.

HPI Paranormal Light Brigade (Paranormal Investigators) Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen; Jason Hardi - Technician; Deanna Bailey – Lead Investigator – Orb Princess; Telly ‘Face’ Blackwood, Documentarian; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano, Videographer; Chantal Apodaca – Psychic and HPI General Manager; Lori Hennings - Debunker; Anna Quinn; Araceli Davila, First Aid Chiropractor; Wendy Maxam – Researcher; Tuesday Rubsam – Lead Investigator / Security; Patrick Newton – Assistant Lead Investigator; Ivy Rubsam; Jon Rubsam – Psychic Medium; Capone Bender – Sketch Artist; Hi-Pee (my Corky), Stefanie Belson - Psychic.

Tonight there are 3 lead investigators and 1 assistant lead investigator. They are identified as Tuesday – Lead and Patrick as Assistant Lead and on their team are: Anna, Araceli. Their team is called Patrick Posse or Tuesday Tools, depends on who you ask. Shari is a lead with her team Shari Berries, on her team is Jason, Wendy, Lori. Deanna is a lead and her team is Deanna’s Bananas and on her team is Telly, Ivy and Capone.

We have 3 areas to cover. Area 1 is: Bedroom and TV Room. Area 2 is: Kitchen and Living Room. Area 3 is: 2 Bedrooms.

Occupants are: Gloria Gearou, Owner of the House; Todd Gearou, son of the owner.

Floaters are: Big Al, Jon and Chantal.

Jon Rubsam and Chantal did a walk through. They picked up on a Jean and an entity named Frank. Frank was Todd’s father’s best friend. Chantal noticed that the chandelier shook. Todd verified that Jon and Chantal came up with names that are associated with their family.

Todd in his own words will now explain about some of the activity in his house:
"Mom, who lives here alone, has noticed a spike in activity of late. The activity includes lights going on by themselves, a cupboard opening, the plumbing being switched off from where it was. The hot was cold and the cold was hot and the plumber said that someone had to have switched them. Also, mom has now seen an “apparition” walk through the door to her bedroom. I can attest that she is not crazy so she really wonders. It was in the middle of the night so she of course wonders if she was sleeping, but remembers thinking “no, I am clearly awake.” While we were here during the investigation already the clock moved 15 minutes forward by itself. The trunk of my mother’s car opened, it has never opened like that before."

Jon picked up on Gloria’s husband. Jon also picks up on a shooting and a strangulation, come to find out Todd is working on a documentary in regard to the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker case, in which the East Area Rapist becomes a serial killer and in some of the cases, he strangled women and shot women. EVPs captured are a ‘yes’ EVP when asking the entity if he is a Vikings fan, in fact the yes, was a ‘yaaaaaaah’ EVP. The other EVPs are more ‘yes’ in answering questions and a ‘ummm mmm’ EVP. The ‘ummmm mmm’ was a recognition of saying yes to a question. There has been some K2 meter hits. Chantal felt a ‘choking’, which leads to the strangulation that Jon picked up on. Chantal felt something moving or touching her hair. One of the investigators felt a guardian dark shadow in one of the rooms. Tuesday, Ivy and Capone heard tappings on the wall. Two of the investigators saw darting shadows moving about. As for Hi-Pee, he is enjoying exploring the home.

Stefanie receives an impression of an older man, the man is kind. Later Stefanie felt a rush of energy hit her. Stefanie also felt drawn to the back yard. Lori and Stefanie investigated the garage area and Lori mentioned how cold the garage was and Stefanie heard in her mind, the following words: “I don’t care if it is cold, I don’t have a body anymore!” Todd, the occupant’s son claims that his dad was a funny man and that is exactly what he would say. During this session, no one obtained any EVPs. One of the investigators saw an orb move to the right and then to the left, through their viewfinder. Nothing really significant happened on this round, except for what Stefanie picked up on.

While we were waiting for the final session, Araceli Davila, HPI First Aid Chiropractor gave all of the men in the group, including Todd a muscle relaxing body stretch. I experienced this and it was exceptionally relaxing. She had us lay on the floor and stretched us in every which way. On this third round, Chantal and Jon are conducting a séance in the living room, while Shari takes her team into the back bedrooms to work on EVPs. Shari obtained a clear EVP that says.."I want you all to shut up", I believe the entity, possibly Todd's father or Todd's father's friend was getting irritated with the questions my investigators were asking. Todd believes it was his father's friend.

Special Note: I want to thank Gloria for making my investigators some fresh sugar cookies and coffee. I want to thank Gloria and Todd for allowing Hi-Pee into their home. Hi-Pee enjoyed chasing ghosts this night. I brought Hi-Pee with me to last night's investigation and tonight's investigation, because he has been moping around the house, not eating, because his buddy Pika (Jack Russell Terrier) died. I am going to soon get Hi-Pee a buddy, named Hannah, a Pekinese, that belongs to Gina de la Rosa. Hi-Pee will meet Hannah for the first time tomorrow (Sunday). Special Note: Thank you to Cedric L. 'cc' Freeman for coming over today to work on my computer, he was getting SKYPE up on my computer, so I can have my meeting with Michael Simas - A&E Pitcher and Diablo Dean - Director of A&E Paranormal Skeptics & Videographer.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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The Benevolent Spooks of Carmichael
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