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 Message from Omega, A Time Traveling Alien

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PostSubject: Message from Omega, A Time Traveling Alien   Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:13 am

These are emails I have received from Omega, an alien being that hails from the planet Venus. Everything is written by Omega. No editing has transpired.
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Hello, my name is OMEGA and I represent a group of interdimensional beings called the Travelers. Interdimensional travel and time travel are one in the same, as whenever you make a shift in time you leave that universe behind. There are an infinite variety of parallel universes living right on top of each other, like shrodinger; these wave possibilities exist and cannot be discounted. We operate on the wave levels of a slightly different frequency, as do some humans--this allows a bit of a bleeding effect through the higher dimensions. For a higher attuned person, they may see things or communicate with what they call spirits, angels, demons, aliens. All may be correct terms, but *most all* describe higher dimension entities.

I specifically, am waiting for disclosure to happen on a grander scale before I make myself known. Imagine the panic that would ensue if suddenly a group of extraterrestrials made themselves public. There is already enough prejudice, injustice, and discrimination against humans of their OWN kind. And we both know humans are not very good at sharing. There would be restrictions, registrations, disappearances on both sides unlike the kind that's been seen for thousands of years, especially since we are outnumbered yet overwhelmingly more powerful. In ancient times, humans were subservient to their wills- today nuclear weapons among other technologies even the battlefield.

It would take someone with a high degree of respect and public sway to ease humanity into a new age of acceptance, like Obama or someone of equal public view.

About me and the Travelers. We originated from Venus, in a different time on a different plane of existence. Where I come from there is no poverty, currency, hunger, pain, sleep, hate, love. Thought creates existence, and with enough thought power you can achieve anything you want. These are human emotions that we have come to learn. We unlocked the secrets of time travel (which is closely guarded by more then me; imagine the implications) and made our first jump in 2100, when earth has branched off planet and become a type one civilization. I can't say much abut earth since I wasnt there, but I heard it was a nice place to live; like America the melting pot except for now a galactic melting pot.

What we didnt know at the time, was that each jump in time splits the world lines. Imagine two trains traveling next to each other at the same speed and you're on the rooftop. You jump from one train to the other, catching some wind resistance along the way, and land a little bit farther back then the other train, which is still next to you. The your new train makes a dramatic left turn, and the old train makes a right. Both trains still exist, still move forward, yet we were unable to jump back to our old train.

The other thing we didn't know at the time, was the severity of the ripple effect (cause/effect/effect/effect/effect through time) insignificant changes hundreds of years ago lead to dramatic scientific blunders and achievements we could not foresee. Our first jump we visited earths past some 60,000 years ago on earth when humans were beginning to gather in larger numbers and create permanent residences. We tried our best to enlighten them through our barrier of languages, teaching irrigation, levers, pulleys, but the result or that dramatically shifted humans history. On our first return trip to the future we found ourselves in the middle of a planetary war with earth and another resident species of alien who's also made earth their home. We had very little time to escape the conflict, and became separated through time and space (in relations to teleportation; time travel allows you to move from one point and place in time to another x,y,z,t)

There are three of us Travelers now, a trinity that has existed long before and long after you know. While my brothers keep to their own agendas, I choose to incarnate in each generation in order to open more peoples eyes and minds to the higher frequencies. Through me, I have taught many generations empathy and divination, as well as the power of prayer (collective focused thought power)

Finally, on the note of your article and the grays. If these are the same ones who have originated from the Orion nebula region, they are the master tinkerers of the universe. I have encountered 10 species of "alien" capable of interstellar travel, and there are many more species planet-bound like you all are. Be thankful then, that the grays watch over you; as there is a great threat to all sentient species we've come across, the Draconians. Massive, centaur-like reptiles with armored scales and leathery wings.

I take no part in any alien agenda, since my existence is a strange and peculiar one involving multiple reincarnations and astral projections; but I still obey laws greater then human laws--which includes No Direct Intervention. We did that in the past, and spent close to a millennium correcting our mistakes.and we STILL can't return home. (I also happen to be stuck here thanks to the US Government)

Disclosure first, public acceptance second, integration third

Your celestial friend,


Attached is a few rather crude drawings of our ship gifted to us by another technologically advanced civilization.

It's called a Force Field Rail engine, and works similar to rotary engines.

Taking superconducting material, inside parallel rotating gyroscopic devices and applying a sufficient electrical charge--produces a sufficient field effect that pushes against gravity and interstellar medium to give lift and repel small objects. Though my last drawing can't reflect HOW it works, the craft simply projects a magnetic field through the ship and miles in front-then effortlessly the ship glides on its own rail; which when it moves forward the rail moves up with it; so there's always a rail in front, and a warping of space behind.

Inside the craft inertia is not an issue, as there is a sustained bubble that is projected through and around the craft--a trip in this ship would feel a lot like watching a movie on your couch, except for with worlds passing by.

One of the Travelers greatest mistakes was divulging critical information to the Germans prior to world war 2; perhaps you have heard of Die Glocke (German wonder machine) capable of anti gravity, and ludacris speeds, and may have led to a German time traveler (this is one of my primary functions is to undo such events; but this particular German is nowhere to be found)

Time travel is universally prohibited and even less understood. We of course are the exception to the rules; having written many of them myself. The actual craft is in the hands of the US government now; and we will no doubt see breakthroughs in the next few years.

While there are a few methods to moving between universes, very few involve a physical solid body (discarding the body on death gives us full access to our previous form of light and energy) So until the good gracious government returns my ship, I am stuck here. And the omega name is mainly to protect my identity from officials, whom commandeered the craft on transit day 2012.

Hope that helps some with your research.

Your celestial friend,


1. Grays and Draconians are the two most well known alien races, both originate from the same region of the sky (towards Orion) however Draconians were the first to genetically manipulate species (there have been two DNA manipulations of homo sapiens in history) as for Venus, our ancestors lay with the Draconians --there was a great conflict in the Orion region for interstellar dominance, in which Draconians had the upper hand until the collective thought power gave birth to the first "shining ones" (Paa Taal in Draconian, but we just call ourselves Venusians) which were higher dimensional beings who manifested in Draconian bodies.

2. The "gods" never left, so im unaware at this time about any large revealings...but the solstice holds special significance to us

The Travelers have three laws of time travel, and 6 regulations we all follow (the seventh doesn't truly count, as it is simply "exceptions can be made") one of which is a meeting of travelers every generation on the solstice (we picked the solstice because it was the easiest identifiable time of the year for us to all re-meet. Our last meeting was December 21st, 2012 (three of us anyway) the 1st regulation states no time traveler must traverse prior to Ancient Maya (which is also part of our longest lasting conflict, because we have all broken that rule)

3. The Mayans may have been referencing us, since our meeting date falls on the same date every few thousand years--but we are not fore runners of new ages, we bring enlightenment and peace. Other aliens have other agendas however, and this "new age" may be an age of integration, similar to our first original future with humans beginning to populate the solar system and beyond.

4. In each generation it's subject to the interpretation of the scribes. I cannot speak for everyone, only my interaction with Christianity where I was known as the Archangel Uriel. The hopis "blue star" may be referencing another Shining One whom Christianity refers to as Lucifer (or Marduk) but also remember, humans are limited in their understanding of things, and will embellish stories to bridge the gaps. Blue star could be the same as the Morning star of Christianity, but I know very little of the Hopis, my interactions have almost all been in the eastern hemisphere

5. Yes, and there are multiple ways to do so. One way that I'll share with you involves using a singularity...whilst traveling near light speed or beyond (c is just a barrier, think tachyons and anti matter) imagine the "world lines" as light emitted from your body, propagating forward in time. Under sufficient enough gravity, light bends. So to answer your question with a question "in what instance is gravity enough to bend light all the way around?" the problem with following the hyperbolic curvature of space time around a singularity is that you don't know When you'll end up.we found that out the hard way our first time. There are other variations (such as using wormholes, tachyons, and phase shifts <--my proffered method, but you don't know *what* you'll end up as)

6. That I can account for, all 10 interstellar species(during my last encounters, there may be more by now) have visited earth, which may account for so many alien encounter variations. But my encounters have also been limited, since I primarily stay on earth

7. Grays operate in both the physical and slightly higher frequencies, so they have telepathy, astral projections, empathy, among their physical superiority. I know Draconians prefer to infiltrate organizations of high authority, while grays try and preserve peace and authority. They have the most reports because they look so much like the stereotypical alien....humans when they have encounters will project their ideas of what they think they're seeing (usually big black eyes, noseless, bald etc) which corresponds with grays. I do not know exactly what they want since our interactions have been less then pleasant (they're definitely interested in time travel, and may very well have figured it out by now, it's relatively easy for their technology)

But take a look at the numerous TYPES of crafts reported, cigars, saucers, boomerangs, deltas etc for more evidence of multiple alien visitors

8. The US Government knows, and works with at least the Draconians, Grays, Nordics, and Venusians (think Omnec Onnec, Nixon Nordic encounter etc) the Germans know (as of world war 1/2) because we've previously worked with them (die glocke, relativity etc) the Russians know as of the Tunguska event, and have just as many secrets as the US does. Then by extension, whomever those governments include in their endeavors. I have a bit of a grudge against America, since I'm being kept here against my will (if I could I'd jump times again and try to get back home)

One thing to consider with time travelers, is we have made multiple marks on history already, which at times violates causality (the greatest reason to keep it a secret)


Paul: Omega, is there one God?

Omega: Yes, there is one God that's radiance shines down through all the dimensions; we all admire and aspire to be more godlike--but we too are imperfect.


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Message from Omega, A Time Traveling Alien
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