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 Tim McSpadden, Movie Director - Love a la Carte

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PostSubject: Tim McSpadden, Movie Director - Love a la Carte   Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:29 am

Interview with Tim McSpadden, Movie Director – Love a la Carte
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, President – Jazma Online!
HPI Owner - Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Question: Tim, tell us something personal about yourself. Your family life, recreational activities, hobbies, etc. What are your favorite books, TV shows, movies? What is your favorite song?
Maybe talk about your schooling. Just give us some juicy gossip about yourself and that should cover this first question.

Answer: My recreational activities include playing guitar, singing karaoke nude & writing. I enjoy sports, many genres of music (my favorite jazz artist is John Coltrane) and seeing as many movies as I can. My favorite books include "Watership Down," "The Stand" and the "Art of Dramatic Writing" by Lajos Egri. I was someone who in his formidable years grew up enjoying TV shows such as "The Monkees," "Benny Hill" and entertainers such as "KISS" and "Steve Martin." The leading actress in my movie "Love a la Carte" (Chauna Mae) is now the leading lady in my life! Much to the chagrin of very judgmental neighbors, we live next door to my ex-wife (I was the only one who thought that was a good idea). I am the wacky ex-door neighbor because I still want to be close to my only child Maggie and be apart of her life. I wrote the screenplay for "Love a la Carte" in 2004 when I was working for Disney's ABC 7 in New York City based upon my own personal beliefs and from talking to people influential in my life that despite their misery in being in an ever suffering marriage they were too old to leave or too scared to spilt up (because of a business they owned or money they made), stayed in their marriage at great personal expense and surrendered to a life of waiting out the clock - because they didn't have a better choice - or the courage to quit and re-build. No one I knew talked about how wonderful their decades long marriages were and no one I knew ever got divorced despite all their misery. I was amazed at their blind obedience to an antiquated institution that failed them and their desperate cling to something that died between them and their spouse long ago. After living in another room for the last 6 years of my 22-year marriage, I thought it would be best for both of us to stop living a life of resentment and move on and take care of what we would be leaving behind separately. Now I enjoy the only woman I ever married while being with the only woman that knew me better than myself. PS: My favorite song is "Rocket Ride" by Ace Frehley. PSS: When I learned how to remove and install my own copper plumbing - in the attic - in Phoenix - in August - I knew I could do anything.

Question: What inspired you to start making your own movies?

Answer: What inspired me to start making movies was a desperate need for attention because I was the runt of a large family, am a Leo and had the head of an Irish linebacker with the body of an malnourished choir boy. Plus, chicks dig funny dudes. So while growing up in Tulare, California I began writing comic books called "Tunjun & Progo" with the help of an artistic friend in 7th grade about two modern day Native Americans living in the big city, a typical fish out of water story (I'm 12 1/2% Choctaw Indian and can fish wherever I want, if I liked fishing). This led to a desire to animate these comics, which was too hard to create so we made funny Super-8 movies & skits all through high school - culminating with "Rage of Nerdwolf," a comedy-horror about a nerd who extracts extreme vengeance upon those who tormented him and his girlfriend. This got me some attention in a small town and I thought I'd like to make a living creating content people would enjoy. So I went to college at the only university Steven Spielberg and Steve Martin ever attended - Long Beach State - to learn the craft and make a living in TV & FILM.

Question: You have a new movie out called ‘Love ala Carte’. Can you please tell me something about this movie?

Answer: Here's some info about my project & me: "Love a la Carte" is a completed 90 minute honest comedy about cheating. Set in Arizona against the national debate over immigration, infidelity and the internet, "Love a la Carte" pokes fun at subjects that usually make people upset. Here is a comedic fantasy about one couple's struggling marriage and why despite all the reasons they should break apart, their union is stronger together.

We are now on the entertainment website IMDB here:
-- Also, we have a very detailed and popular Facebook page & trailer here
-- -- and YouTube page here:

Finally, information about my Emmy award winning career in TV can be found via my Linked-in account here: . Because I'm trying to raise some money for finishing funds, adding new bands or people and am soliciting audience feedback, "Love a la Carte" has been booked to screen theatrically every Saturday night in February at 7pm at Super Savers Cinemas, 2710 W. Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ 85053. Tickets are only $9.75 in advance and I've created an event page about the screenings on facebook here: Also, here's a softer look at the movie that features a country tune called "No Longer in the Picture" -

What might be of particular interest to your readers is the history behind the making of what I call my "home movie" (because I pulled the equity out of my home to fund the thing before the banks froze the loan in 2009). Also, there's colorful stories about all the local Arizona actors, locations (from Yuma to Havasupai Falls), businesses (Hotel Clarendon, Old World Brewery, Camelback Garage) and musicians who have contributed a dozen songs (such as New Times' 2012 pick for "Best Up & Comer" the artist "YUS" - )

Plus, I'm offering any local band or self-made singer a contract to have a song of theirs that they own to be included in the movie before it finally heads into national distribution and festivals (one of my singers didn't mail back his contract in time before he was recently arrested for attempted armed robbery in Texas - hey another story there!). Additionally, you might like to review the movie beforehand and of course I'm open to any interviews that might happen as I'm sure would be cast members and bands.

I've got a lot of great pictures, stories and music of many genres featured in the movie to share. In any event, the Saturday night screenings during the February month of Love should make for a wonderful experience for all. I'm open to discuss any sort of cross promoting, free tickets, tee-shirt giveaways, have reader's photos in the movie, sign a contract with a band - anything to share the news about our month long event.

Question: Wow! This movie sounds exciting. Where did you find the actors and actresses for this movie?

Answer: I hired Good Faith Casting in Phoenix, Arizona. Faith Hibbs-Clark & her team were instrumental in finding me the best local Phoenix actors my tiny, ambitious budget could afford.

Question: Do you think this movie will make the movie theaters or do you think it will go straight to DVD?

Answer: If I can't find a theatrical distributor intelligent enough to run "Love a la Carte" in a movie theater, then I'll do it myself as I am doing it now with these preview, "pre-mature release yak-bak" screenings happen in February with my good friends at Landmark Theaters' Super Savers Cinema in Phoenix. I would love to take my movie out on the road, much like an independent rock band would do in support of their own CD and engage with the audience. Also, I truly believe "Love a la Carte" would look great on a cable channel like HBO, SHOWTIME or CINEMAX as the pilot episode of what should really be a series. I've already been offered one Video on Demand contract (for online sites like iTunes, Hulu & Netflix) based on the condition of the movie was in last Summer in 2012. But I knew then "Love a la Carte" could be better. I just won't quit until the quality of any production meets what my audience deserves. I want to deliver to the audience the best movie a person can make on his own and inspire them to do the same, either in film or some other creative expression.

Question: What other credits do you have under your belt?

Answer: I created the human Maggie McSpadden in 1997.

Question: Your cousin Tuesday Rubsam told me about you. She is one of my paranormal investigators. Do you think you will go on one of our investigations sometime in the future, if you are out in California?

Answer: Absolutely! It would be nice to have my cousin Tuesday come along with me on the investigation since I'm sure she would speak our new Paranormal Alien Overlord's language.

Question: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If you have, please tell.

Answer: I've always been open to the spiritual world and finally had one paranormal experience. A few days after my older brother Michael died in 2006, I was driving his left behind '73 Dodge Challenger down from Prescott, Arizona to Phoenix in the middle of the night. I had to rescue this vehicle from where it was parked in a hostile area and had no idea of its condition to make the 90 minute journey to my home. Unknowingly, my path in my brother's Challenger took me past where he was buried just a few days earlier in the Veteran's National Cemetery in North Phoenix. When I was aligned with his grave while driving past with his cherished vehicle (which we found together years prior) the muscle car lit up like it was being hit with pebbles or hail all over its thin metal skin. I thought the Challenger was falling apart. LOUD BANGING ROISES all around me in the driver's set at 70mph. I rolled down the window, stuck my hand out to see what the hell was pelting the car and making such a noise like golf balls hitting a tin roof. At that moment I saw the sign for the Veteran's National Cemetery. I realized where I was in proximity to his grave and understood clearly that without a doubt this was a message from my older brother from another world. He was either telling me good-bye or hello - or you better take good care of my Challenger - or else I'm coming to get you.

Question: What are your future projects?

Answer: Find a dang J-O-B creating new entertaining content while infecting the world with the gospel of "Love a la Carte."

Question: How can someone contact you?

Answer: Email:

Question: This is amazing Tim, you were once in the comic book business and published your own comic book, then you evolved and became a movie director. I, in turn was in the comic book business and published one comic book and evolved into a book author and paranormal investigator. Amazing, on what paths we take in life. Now let me ask you....what would be your dream movie to make?

Answer: Any movie that says something to me about my life (Morrissey). Because a cinema full of zombies, vampires and bloodless violence are easily forgettable and dismissible like the gum I chew, though I know there's a place for them in show business. I like movies that challenge people in an entertaining way based in realistic existences humans find themselves in and make them look in the mirror. Films like "Citizen Kane," "Unforgiven," "The Third Man," "My Life As A Dog," "400 Blows," "The Graduate," "Chinatown," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "The Bicycle Thief," "Raging Bull," "Schindler's List" -- movies that are personal, exciting to the soul and familiar to my existence.

Question: Fun question, if you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical, 3 fictional, who would they be and why?

Answer: Jesus Christ, Mohammed & Buddah - because I want some answers now. Spider-Man, Ace Frehley as the Space Ace & Charlie Brown - because a boy's gotta have some fun.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview, do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Create something you feel proud of that will live longer than you. It may be a work of art or an Almond orchard, your children that you raise or an emotion you paid forward in some small way to another human, but do something that brings some sort of happiness to this world. That hyphen they put on the tombstone in between the day you're born and the day you die? Make it count.

Tim McSpadden


Catherine Hutchinson; Ananda Christensen and Madelena - two superb local canvas artists! They both do fine oils on canvas and at times they display their artwork at their Art Show at Safeway Shopping Center - 5021 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
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Tim McSpadden, Movie Director - Love a la Carte
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