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 Supernatural Land: Iceland

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PostSubject: Supernatural Land: Iceland   Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:40 am

Interview with Thorunn Gudjonsdottir and Melanie Huetter
Paranormal Stories from Iceland
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

YouTube Video of Thorunn & Melanie:

Date of this Interview: February 9, 2013
Time of this Interview: 1300 Hours
Location of this Interview: Old Soul, 40 Acres – 3434 Broadway, Sacramento

Question: Thorunn: Tell me something personal about yourself.

Answer: I love music and theater. I love film festivals, in fact I am a film student. Of course I love going out to eat. I was born in the capitol of Iceland, Reykjavik.

Question: How did you and Melanie meet?

Answer: Actually we met through the Internet, we have a mutual interest in the same kind of music, so we started chatting. The music we love is Cyndi Lauper. Special Note: One of Cyndi Lauper’s popular hits is ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’. While we were doing this interview, Jimi Hendrix is playing in the background.

Question: Tell us about the little people of Iceland.

Answer: I have not personally seen them. I remember a story about a psychic woman that envisioned a flatland in which the elves lived. She went to this flatland and warned the farmer to leave this land alone. The farmer didn’t pay any attention to her and mowed the flatland. After he mowed the flatland, it wasn’t very long until his best cow died of unnatural causes.

Little people are supposed to be invisible and only can be seen, if they allow you to see them. They are known to help people that help them, but if you do something bad to them, they will do something bad to you. The legends of little people go back to our old mythologies, some people from other countries have abandoned their beliefs in little people, while the people and culture of Iceland continues the belief.

It has been know that when construction happens in areas where little people live, that bad things happen, like the machines will stop working, etc.

Question for Melanie: What do you think about Iceland?

Answer: It’s an amazing place to visit. You feel like you are in another world. I understand why they have a strong belief in the supernatural. When you walk around the landscapes, you may find old stones piled up on top of each other, you see strange roads and the people will say that the elves built them.

Question: Is their an alien connection? I mean many Ufologists talk about the similarities of fairies and aliens. Fairies were known to have magical wands, in which they could partially paralyze someone. Aliens are known to abduct their victims and temporary paralyze them. Fairies were known to take the fetus of a pregnant woman. Aliens are known for the same thing. Then there is the connection of the fairy circles to UFO landing spots or even crop circles.

Answer: Thorunn: I do not believe there is any UFO connection. Melanie: In general this is a theory, Iceland culture steers away from the UFO connection theory.
Thorunn: Little people are known to be cute, aliens are not so cute.

Question: Where have you traveled to? Thorunn: Many states, England, Holland, France, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, I love to travel. Melanie: Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, many states and visited many fantastic cities like New Orleans, Chicago, New York, San Francisco.

Question: Any ghost stories in Iceland?

Answer: Sure. Like the Farmer’s Stay and how they took a picture of a ghost laying on the bed. There are ghosts.

Question: Thorunn: In your travels, have you ever stayed in a hostel?

Answer: Yes, in San Francisco, I liked it. Note: I stayed once in a hostel in Amsterdam, I didn’t like it, because it was a constant party and I couldn’t get any sleep.

Question: Thorunn, if you have 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional who would they be?

Answer: Many elves! Also, Alfred Hitchcock, Betty Davis, Agatha Christie, some women pioneers, Amelia Earhart, some of my Icelandic ancestors, Iceland Santa Claus and Norman Bates!
Melanie: Queen Elizabeth, Anais Nin, Betty Page, Harry Potter, Dorothy of Oz, Jack Torrance! Note: Melanie’s daughter who was sitting in on this interview tells me that she is trying out for the part of Dorothy for her school play.

Question: Words of wisdom?

Answer: Thorunn: Recommend that everyone go to Iceland, especially if you are interested in food, nature, history and the paranormal. This is definitely a place to put on your bucket list.

Special Note: I have flown over Iceland and Greenland - going over to Ireland and England. I have never landed on these two fantastic places, but one day I hope I will. Paul.


2/9/2013. Time: 1400 Hours. Location: Thai Basil, 2431 J Street, Sacramento, CA. I have not seen Lisa for 3 years, it was great to see her again and we had lunch and played ‘catch up’. While I dined on a starter: Tofu Sa-Tay: grilled skewered marinated tofu. Served with Thai peanut sauce and fresh cucumber salad. Then worked on my main lunch: Pad-Kra-Pow – Bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and Thai basil sautéed in spicy garlic chiles soy sauce, steamed Jasmine rice – chased down with a Coke. During our discussion, we are planning to visit her rent a cabin/home in Lake Tahoe. This cabin/home is haunted, one of the greatest experiences she had was when she heard a multitude of disembodied voices going from low pitch to high pitch and then nothing, it was as if a vortex of some kind opened up and she was able to hear these voices from the other side. HPI will be taking a road trip in June to investigate this haunted location. After the investigation, we are welcome to use the hot tub. During our visit, we walked around in Mid-Town, talked to one of the locals about possible haunted homes in that neighborhood and of course made a stop at the infamous Martinez House. It was a great pleasure to see Lisa again. She will be joining us soon!

Case #S328506. 2/7/2013: On this night, I was watching a movie and brought out the blanket, because it was somewhat cold. I saw a white blurry streaking object go underneath the blanket. When Pika – my Jack Russell Terrier was alive, he would burrow himself underneath the blanket. I believe I saw the spirit of Pika going underneath my blanket as I was watching the movie.

“The latest volume of this fascinating series tackles a huge range of intriguing mysteries. Paul Dale Roberts holds an Associate Degree in Criminology and served in the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, so is well-qualified as an investigator. Come and join a real-life Fox Mulder as he opens the real-life X-Files.”

Nick Pope, UK Ministry of Defense UFO Project, 1991-1994

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
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Supernatural Land: Iceland
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