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 Bobby Garmon, W01 US Army, Witness to Death by UFO

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PostSubject: Bobby Garmon, W01 US Army, Witness to Death by UFO   Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:36 am

Interview with Bobby Garmon, W01 US Army, Witness to Death by UFO
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Question: Bobby, from what years were you in the Army? What was the highest rank you achieved in the Army?

Answer: I went into the Army in Jan 1976 to 2006, I held the rank of W01. I was in communications Radios Como etc.

Question: Did you witness the event known as The Incident at Fort Benning as mentioned in the John Vasquez book with the same title? If you did please explain.

Answer: I was in Fort Benning, Georgia in 1977. I was in jump school and one morning we were getting ready for our morning run it was about 3am I was in Delta com, we were in formation when Sgt Turner starting looking up behind us. I looked back and saw a bright light in the sky I first thought it was a chopper but there was no sound. We could hear the firing on the range but as we were looking we saw 3 of the lights that looked like orbs and we could hear all the firing. Sgt Turner ordered us to fall out and get into the building as I was running into the building I saw 2 choppers come over us, then a lot more firing. Then I heard a loud explosion, I could not see what it was other than all the firing. The bright lights in the sky and on the ground as we got into the building we were ordered to go to the day room, away from the windows. Later I talked to a guy at the PX and he told me what it was and what had happened. They were burying their dog tags by the PX. I'm not sure why, but that's where I met John Vasquez we talked a few minutes about what had happened, then later I saw James Norton he says he was very sick. I think he was in echo com I can't remember but we were both from Alabama I knew him from our home town, he told me about what had happened, I was freaked out to say the least..

To understand about the UFO vs. Army squirmish at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1977, please read John Vasquez book, you can find his book: Incident at Fort Benning here:

Question: How long did you know CSM James Norton?

Answer: I knew James Norton all my life, I met him at the skating rink in Anniston many years ago he was a few years older than I was and we served together in the Army.

To understand who CSM James Norton is, please read this article:

More on James Norton here:

Question: Why do you feel James Norton came out with the information to collaborate on John Vasquez’ story?

Answer: I'm not sure why James came out about what happened in Fort Benning, Georgia, because we were told never to talk about it even to each other. James tried to get me to tell what happened, but I would not talk about it at that time.

Question: Did at any time James tell you his life was in danger after he told his side of the story?

Answer: James did tell me he was in danger, that he was followed from Fort Benning to Alabama by black SUVs I did not think much about it at the time he told me of it.

Special Note from Paul: Were these black SUVs - US Army Military Intelligence? When I was in Military Intelligence, many times we wore black suits. We were told not to identify ourselves with Military Intelligence. When visiting the 38th Parallel in South Korea/North Korea, we were told to take off our Military Intelligence insignia. US Military Intelligence could very well be mistaken for the M.I.B. (Men in Black). Funny side note: When visiting the 38th Parallel, we were told not to touch the conference table, it could cause an international incident. The North Korean guards gave us hard looks, as I walked around the table, I sat my camera down on the table. My Captain freaked out and told me to pick up the camera, before there was an international incident. He was basically talking about how the North Korean guards would probably snatch me up and beat the hell out of me and it would be in all of the newspapers.

Question: Do you feel that James really have UFO debris buried somewhere in Alabama?

Answer: He had told me many times he had pieces of that UFO but never showed me the debris, nor would he tell me where it was hidden.

Question: Please explain in detail the events that lead to James’ death. What did you witness and what do you feel is the cause of his demise?

Answer: On the old Fort McClellan James and I saw many UFOs one huge, one as big as a football field that would come from the north east and move very slowly across the sky, but in a second it would vanish in a blink of your eye. It would be gone only to show back up somewhere else but one night we were at work he called me on the radio asking me if I was shining a laser on him. I said no, I couldn't understand why he stated this. Then I saw he had a bright laser shining on him, so I drove from where I was to the top of a hill, where I could see him. I saw a bright light over him, it was a small UFO, but it had lasers lighting his truck. I notified James on the radio/walkie talkie and told him to get out of there, to move out but he never came back to me audibly. The UFO moved away over the top of the pine trees very slowly, so I drove down there to where he was, but I could not wake him up, he was out of it, but when he came to he was very sick. He drove himself to the hospital and he was told at first he had a heart attack, but later they took him to Birmingham, Alabama, his sister went with him. It was only James' family that could visit him, but his sister called me every day, sometimes a few times. They said he was being eaten up with cancer and then he died the next week from it does a healthy man get cancer instantly and then die from cancer in two weeks?

Special Note: Jack Ruby - the assassinator of Lee Harvey Oswald acquired cancer mysteriously, while waiting in jail. When Jack was about to reveal the details of his killing of Lee Harvey Oswald, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. This lung cancer took his life swiftly and quickly.

Question: If people have questions or if they want to interview you, how can they contact you?

Answer: There was no one else there, when the UFO beamed it's light on James Norton, just me and James. The beam burned my shoulder. This incident, scared the hell out o me. If anyone wishes to contact me about this incident, my cell is 256-310-7102


Wise Kraft Report:
Hey my roommate reported to me that last Thursday at approximately 10:30pm he saw a tall approximately 7ft black male entity with a long trench coat, a small head, slightly pointed ears, his eyes were black with with no white pupils. It walked past without acknowledgment, carrying a box of unknown tools and a two liter jug. He said it had a dark presence and the moment was terrifying. The encounter occurred at 6th and U. (Sacramento, CA) There was only one witness to the event, a friend, my roommate was walking with at the time. Just wanted to let you know cause it was close to my house and maybe there is more reports I haven't heard of around here other than the Mothman sighting back in august of 2011.

2/10/2013: My dad - Paul Marceau Roberts and his wife Cindy Anderson/Roberts are now on a Royal Caribbean Cruise, they left from Florida and their destination areas are: Haiti, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Bobby Garmon, W01 US Army, Witness to Death by UFO
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