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 Demon Warrior & Silhouette Discuss IDW & Dynamite!

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PostSubject: Demon Warrior & Silhouette Discuss IDW & Dynamite!   Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:17 am

The Demon Warrior and The Legendary Dark Silhouette Discuss IDW and Dynamite Crossovers
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503

Demon Warrior: Glad to see you Silhouette. Have you noticed the great crossovers coming from IDW and Dynamite lately?

Silhouette: Yes, just finished reading Mars Attacks: The Transformers by IDW. Right in the beginning itís Autobots vs. the Decepticons and Megatron is in a losing battle. Both groups are battle weary and then all of sudden itís Mars Attacks. The Martians are all over the place. The Decepticons make a truce with the Martians. There plan is to team up and go against the Autobots. The Martians are working their own agenda and deceive the Decepticons. Now itís up to the Decepticons to work with the Autobots and fight the Martians and defeat them. Mars Attacks is crossing over with everyone now. They have crossed over or will be crossing with: Popeye, KISS, Real Ghostbusters, The Transformers, Zombies vs. Robots, Opus, Miss Fury, Judge Dredd, Star Slammers, Chew, Madman, Spike, Strangers in Paradise, ROG-2000 and Cerebus!

Demon Warrior: IDW knows how to bring the Multiverse together. IDW also puts out John Byrneís The Highways. What other crossover do you want to talk about Silhouette?

Silhouette: How about Masks from Dynamite?

Demon Warrior: Wait a minute, I read that one. I love the Alex Ross artwork and itís written by the talented Chris Roberson. You have Green Hornet and Kato in the beginning meeting The Shadow. Green Hornet and Kato first think that The Shadow is a bad guy, but the Shadow only wants to help. Britt Reid, Margo Lane and Lamont Cranston meet in better circumstances and discuss the corrupt Justice Party that has swept the city and State elections. We come across the unjustly arrest of a Hispanic man who is from California and he wishes to promote his illustrations, one of those illustrations is that of Zorro. Will this Hispanic man become Zorro and assist Green Hornet, Kato and The Shadow in their quest to bring down the corrupt Justice Party? The New York Bureau of Investigation will bring injustice for all and itís up to the Masks to bring in their real justice! The New York Bureau of Investigation have more power than normal cops. At the end, the Masks get a new partner, itís The Spider!

Silhouette: Wow! That sounds like a great read. Donít forget Dynamite also has the Dresden Files, The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman and The Spider vs. The Empire State.

Demon Warrior: Donít I know it!

Silhouette: IDW has Star Trek the Next Generation Ė Doctor Who! The Doctor faces the Borg and Locutus. Thousands of lives are lost, but the Doctor knows the past is the past! The crew of Star Trek and The Doctor must face the Cybermen and the Borg, it canít get any worse than this. In this issue, you will learn that the Tardis is faster than the Enterprise and Data realizes that Tardis uses dimensional shifting to make the interior larger. This is one cool crossover and IDW also has the titles of: Locke and Key: Omega 1, My Little Pony and The Adventures of Augusta Wind!

Demon Warrior: Okay, I am hooked, I will definitely read that issue. How about Dark Shadows and Vampirella by Dynamite?

Silhouette: What? Are you talking Barnabas Collins and Vampirella, you have to be jesting!

Demon Warrior: Nope, itís true, Barnabas Collins of Collinport and Vampirella meet. They are both seeking the same thing. They both want to know what happened to Felicia Grantham. Things can only get worse, especially when Lady Bathory makes her appearance. Things get really enticing when Pantha and Quentin do some shapeshifting and get right in the action!

There is some good interaction between Vampirella and Barnabas, some great humor and chemistry between these two! A must read!

Silhouette: Yep, sounds great and remember Dynamite has these titles: Damsels, Battlefields, Warlord of Mars and not to forget The Boys!

Demon Warrior: Well, Silhouette I will tell you one more thing. A crossover I am enjoying now is Terminator and Robocop: Kill Human by Dynamite.

Silhouette: Tell me about it.

Demon Warrior: Well, just like the title says, a Terminator meets Robocop. Robocop wants to stop Skynet once and for all. There is superb action in this comic book. Robocop really has his fill in the last pages, he looks like a broken tin can.

Silhouette: Yep, Dynamite has these titles too: Silver Star and Flash Gordon! I am glad these stories are being told, there are strange happenings in our Multiverse and many things connect. Hell, we connect!

Demon Warrior: Yes, we have crossed over a few times now. Well, I better get homeÖÖI have demons to fight.

Silhouette: Sounds good, until next time. Itís time to shell out some justice to the bad guys, what I do best! Well, after I watch Tyler Perry in his latest movie Alex Cross!

Special Nostalgia: Before the Demon Warrior was the Demon Warrior, he was Jazma-Man. The Demon Warrior aka Jazma-Man is aka Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Demon Warrior & Silhouette Discuss IDW & Dynamite!
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