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 Slide Into Demonic Darkness

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PostSubject: Slide Into Demonic Darkness   Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:41 pm

Slide Into Demonic Darkness
By Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

I wrote this article in 'real time', so you get a blow-by-blow as it happens.
Slide by Slave

"I ain't gone bite cha, I just want you to hang on" quoted by Slave.

The song above represents the feeling my investigators and I felt as we entered this apartment. We felt like we were sliding into darkness, demonic darkness. The intensity of the apartment was overwhelming with dread and despair. Emotions ran heavy. The occupant Deborah broke out in tears as she explained the emotional drama and terror she has experienced from the dark demonic force. A demonic force that has beat her, pushed her, scratched her and even raped her. With this darkness, her world came crumbling down, she loses her car, she falls into financial ruin. Her dog Oreo starts to act strangely. Her son is confused by the living nightmare that his mother faces. Deborah starts facing medical problems, unexpected illnesses. To live in this madness on a daily basis is becoming a burden that she can no longer tolerate. Deborah needs help and calls the Oakland Police Department for assistance. The Oakland Police Department does not have jurisdiction in the paranormal realm, but there is a team, a task force, a demonic extraction team that does have this jurisdiction. That team is HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International). The Oakland Police Department refers the case to HPI. It's time to go into warrior mode and battle a darkness that has now engulfed this family. Let's now see how this investigation began.

"They're on a mission from God" - The Blues Brothers.

At 1300 hours we all met at my house. Tracy Lindstrom piled a load of the investigators in her mini-van, they were me (Paul), Jon, Kara, Chris, Big Al. Following us in their truck were Becky and Mark. Road trip and utilizing walkie talkies in both vehicles going down to Oakland. On this night, we would be facing the 'Oakland Demon of Lyon Avenue'.

When arriving Deborah the occupant, explained to us the terror that she is experiencing. It appears that everything started happening 1 ˝ years ago. While living in her apartment, she noticed that the woman upstairs was mimicking everything that she was doing. Let me explain. Deborah could easily hear all of the noises from the upstairs apartment. If Deborah was washing dishes, the neighbor upstairs would wash dishes. If Deborah was pacing up and down on the living room floor, the neighbor would do the same thing. If she turned on the TV on a particular show, the neighbor would turn on the TV and have the same show on. This continued on a daily basis. There seemed to be no end to it. After being tormented by this neighbor, Deborah started noticing strange activity. A psychic once told Deborah that she could see something dark attached to her. Strange activity that started was the shaking of the bed.

Some history of Deborah, she worked at a hospice as a caretaker. I am not sure if this has any connection to the haunting of Deborah, but it may have some kind of connection. Deborah does feel that the neighbor that mimicked her movements is the connection to her demon possession. Kara discovered the connection to hospice and Tracy suggested she may have been cursed for some reason. The demon in Deborah’s life has become more intense. The demon not only shakes her bed, but has also scratched her and has physically hit her. Deborah has noticed that she is losing her hair. Special Note: Some paranormal cases have lead to the loss of hair by the experiencer. Paranormal investigators have complained about abnormal loss of hair. Tragedy and loss are also part of a presence of demonic forces. Deborah has suddenly lost her car and has found financial ruin that seemed to occur over night. One of the most horrific things that Deborah experienced was being physically raped by this dark force.

The areas that we have to cover are the upstairs and downstairs. Tonight Jon Koyasako and Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano are the leads. Jon has Becky and Tracy. Big Al has Kara and Mark. Floaters: Wendy and Chris. Quick roll call for the Oakland Demonic Extraction Force: Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator & Security; Becky Cardenas – Spanish Interpreter and Lead Investigator; Tracy Lindstrom – Driver & Photo Ops; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako – Spiritual Songtress; Mark Tatum – Equipment Technician; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner, Chris Singleton – Audio Specialist; Wendy Maxam – Videographer - Researcher.

Starting this night off, I conducted a hedge of protection prayer and Kara sang a spiritual song. Kara will be singing spiritual songs throughout this investigation, this should aggravate the demon. The demon may be female. Big Al’s team captured a Class A EVP of a woman in a full on conversation, but we are unable to understand exactly what she is saying. Mind you, I am writing this in real time, so Chris Singleton has not dissected the EVP yet. Okay, let’s jump ahead. Chris has now dissected the EVP. When the investigator says: “Let us know that you are here” The EVP female voice says: “How? Okay!”

Kara felt an intense heat emitting from Deborah. Mark did not get any unusual spikes on his K2 meter, no orbs and the only time the motion detector went off was when the dog Oreo ran past it. Jon captured a possible female voiced EVP and a possible male growling noise – inconclusive. Jon captured orb activity in one of the back bedrooms. Two photos of Tracy – there was white mist on her arm and mist in Deborah’s son’s closet. Tracy took a picture of what looks like a hot fire circle, but looking at it closely, it almost looks like a portal opening up. This photo of the possible portal was taken in Deborah’s son’s bedroom closet – possible Ground Zero? Some investigators saw orbs moving about with their naked eye. The best EVP captured was by Big Al’s group of a female talking. We are experiencing extreme cold spots throughout the apartment. Ever since we have been in this apartment, I have felt a pain on my left shoulder and it’s still hasn’t gone away, I have not mentioned it to my investigators yet, because I am unsure if this is natural or something of another nature. I will see after I leave this apartment, if the sharp pain to my left shoulder will go away. Special Note: After I gave Deborah a fully submerged in water baptism and conducted a Catholic house blessing the pain in my shoulder went away immediately.

Excitement on this 2nd go around. Big Al and Kara were seeing a strange bright light, possible portal opening on the closet door with the night vision goggles. They brought me up there to check it out for myself. As I looked in the night vision goggles, I could see this bright portal. It got small as I brought the night vision goggles down and got large as I moved the night vision goggles up. I had the investigators place a thick blanket on the windows, to stop any glare or light coming through the windows and the portal was still there. So, now it had me wondering. I had the closet doors open from the other side and now the portal was gone, as the night vision goggles were now looking at clothes, then when I moved the closet doors back to their original position, the portal was back. By moving my head in a circular motion, the portal was moving in a circular motion. I determined that somehow the night vision goggles was reflecting IR light onto the closet door, causing the portal effect. Debunked. We are getting intelligent flashlight communication. Even though we utilize many methods to prove or disprove paranormal activity, the only solid evidence that I feel we gathered at this investigation is the EVP of the female voice. Tracy is smelling a mint smell during the investigation and Becky confirms it.

During this round, I believe there may be two dark forces in this apartment. The female entity and a male entity. We captured several EVPs of what sounds like a man growling. Cold spots are more prevalent. Cold breezes come out of no where. The debunked portal is now playing tricks on us, because Tracy detects an energy vortex, something she can feel, she takes a picture near the closet and the vortex looking image appears in her photo, she takes a 2nd, 3rd photo and now the vortex image is gone. Investigators are feeling a dark presence near them, some are being touched. The presence or presences feel evil, more cold breezes come out of no where. You can see the cold air come out of one investigator's mouth. Oreo starts acting up, Deborah can't take it anymore. She asks for the baptism now. I immediately take her to the bathroom. Deborah prepares the water in her bathtub. As we prepare for the baptism, the investigators in the very next room hear strange sounds emitting from the bathroom. The sounds are scratching noises. The scratching noises become louder and louder. They sound like scratches from a big cat, a tiger scraping his claws against the bathroom door. While Deborah and I are in the bathroom, we don't hear these sounds, but the sounds of scratching are audibly dominant to my investigators in the next room. I go through the ritual of baptism and baptize Deborah, her whole body trembles and shakes. When Deborah rises from the water, she appeared to glow. Deborah transformed from a woman with a sad despairing face, to a woman with a smile from ear-to-ear. After the baptism, I started to bless the home. Deborah prayed with me and we covered all areas of her apartment. We took many approaches to help Deborah tonight. In the beginning of the investigation, I conducted a hedge-of-protection prayer with my group. Kara sang spiritual and gospel songs. The investigation, the baptism, the house blessing. Yes, we were in true warrior mode, we were not dealing with benevolent ghosts, we were dealing with malevolent demons. Demons who would seek out to destroy Deborah and my team. After the house blessing, the air in Deborah's house became light, it even seemed brighter in her apartment. There were hugs of joy from everyone. We all went through a traumatic ordeal this evening, but we came out of it unscathed. We at HPI do not turn away from any threat. We are aggressive soldiers of the occult, that are prepared to conduct battle on any entities that are a dire threat to the welfare of humankind. Mission accomplished, we will be in touch with Deborah and make sure the threat(s) will never return.

Special Thanks go to: Tracy Lindstrom for driving us to Oakland. We had our own Scooby Doo Mystery Machine! Thank you to the Mother of Concern of HPI Investigators, Becky Cardenas as she supplies us with: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, goldfish crackers, peanuts, a variety of chips, Pepsi and bottled water. Thank you to Tracy for the cookies!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Slide Into Demonic Darkness
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