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 Little Girl Ghost that Haunts Shawnda

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PostSubject: Little Girl Ghost that Haunts Shawnda   Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:18 am

Little Girl Ghost that Haunts Shawnda
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Who is this little girl ghost? Where did she come from? How did she die? Why does she haunt Shawnda's family? Who are you?
Who Are You? The Who.


HPI CSI Team Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner; Nila Brown, Nicole Cartwright, Jon Koyasako - Security - Lead Investigator - Orb King; Wendy Maxam - Researcher - Videographer; Becky Cardenas - Lead Investigator - Spanish Interpreter; Mark Tatum - Equipment Technician; Jason Knittle; Tory Leonard; Seth Mason; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta - Lead Investigator - EVP Queen; Chris Singleton - Audio Specialist. Special Note: Jason Knittle, Tory Leonard, Seth Mason are with JT Paranormal -

Tonight we have two teams. Big Al is leading Nila, Mark, Tory, Shari. Big Al's team is called Team Hershey. Becky is leading Nicole, Jon, Jason and Seth, her team is called Hershey's Heroes.
We have the 2nd floor and 1st floor to investigate. Special Note: Hersey is the occupant's big black lab.

Occupant has heard that something dire happened on the stairwell. What ever happened at the stairwell, she was told a person could have possibly hit the brick wall below the stairwell. A candle holder fell off the cabinet and almost hit Hershey. EVPs that the occupant captured are the little girl ghost saying the name 'Hershey'. EVPs of a little girl giggling and saying 'mommy, mommy'. One EVP is of a little girl singing. EVP of little girl saying 'Hershey, it's my turn'. Occupant has felt something tugging on her shirt. Occupant says that a bongo drum was thrown at her. Nila, a former tenant of this townhouse heard footsteps constantly. The present occupant has played around with a Ouija Board. After she played with it, she received an EVP that says 'close the gate'. Big Al during the initial briefing felt his shirt tugged on.

Paul Dale Roberts & Christell Bechtold, Pro Photographer

Date of Investigation: March 8, Friday
Time of Investigation: 7pm or 1900 Hours
Location: Sacramento, CA 95821
Contact Person: Shawnda
Case Manager: Maryanne Porter of SCGH. Thank you Maryanne!
This is what Maryanne says:
"Hey Paul, so here is what she wrote me Feb 22nd regarding her place in detail": "We moved in here 7 months ago. At first there were a lot of things falling off of one specific wall and we suspected a residual haunting. We had a medium friend of ours do a reading and she said a woman was shoved down the stairs by her husband and died (the stairs are along the wall the items were falling off of). Our dog kept getting into trouble when we were gone so one day we set up a camera to see what he does when we're gone. For the first couple of hours he was just doing his thing (getting into garbage and stuff) but then a little girl's voice called out his name "Hershey" in the video we could see him look up the stairs, then he took off up the stairs and came down with a wallet that had been put away in a dresser drawer. Then for 15 minutes there is giggling. Unfortunately I can't show you the video because our computer malfunctioned and it was lost. Since then we have attempted to contact her and she won't interact with us. However, we have objects thrown at us on a regular basis, and can hear movement in the upstairs bedroom when there's no one up there. Items fall in the bathroom consistently, and just two days ago a package of caramel pieces from the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet was falling around as if being batted around by a cat, but all animals were in the living room with my husband and I. We were sitting on the couch when a package began to rustle in the kitchen, then we heard it fall, the plastic rustled again and it fell again with continued rustling. My husband ran in there and found the package that had been played with on the floor. We have conducted EVPs and have a really good EVP that sounds like an adult male and a adult female and possibly something dark. To top it all off, a woman showed up at my door a couple of weeks ago asking me about the ghosts. She then explained that she lived here before us and partially left because she couldn't take it anymore. She then gave me a picture she took and she believes it is a picture of the little girl. I can't tell if its a reflection or a full bodied apparition in the picture (I'll send it to you, the assumed apparition was circled in photo shop). Another big experience is my hand drum fell off of the wall and would have hit me in the head if I hadn't ducked. My husband said he watched the drum lift upwards off of the nail and fly at my head. He's always the first one to debunk what happens, but he was white as a sheet when that happened. I no longer hang the drum there, needless to say. I'm going to start recording as often as possible again and I'm working on transferring our EVPs to the computer. (END) Shawnda Christianson

I lived in this townhouse for 7 months. There is a little girl that talks to my dog. When I had the webcam on, we could hear the little girl calling my dog to run up the stairs. We have actually caught EVPs of the little girl. We get stuff thrown at us and stuff falls off our wall. I believe the little girl has jumped on our bed, because our bed will feel like it's being jumped on, this usually occurs at 7am in the morning.

And a little bit about us, I (Maryanne Porter) founded Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters in 2009, our primary goal is researching the unusual historical provinance of Santa Cruz county from fact, legend, folklore and the paranormal. We utilize 12 on-call paranormal investigators from our area stemming in from professional backgrounds such as police officers, military veterans, crime journalists, librarian, videographers just to name a few.

We also utilize over 25 psychics on our private site, from around the world to assist in remote viewing of specific cases via a photograph.

Some of our cases have involved recent homicides where activity was reported, the reportedly haunted Rispin Mansion, with the city Mayor of Capitola, which has been vacant for the last 60 years, and is owned by the city. The city of the dead in Colma California where the dead out weigh the living by a 100 thousand to 1, the infamous Brookdale Lodge and that is only a few of our adventures.

Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters also owns Santa Cruz Haunted Tours, in which we offer paranormal / historical tours to the general public which includes a ride in 1987 decomissioned hearse from New York City.

S.C.G.H initial goal is to document the unusual history of Santa Cruz County, stemming from fact, folklore, legend, myth and the paranormal. Enjoy our adventures and share yours, become a free member to attain new story updates..

Becky's group already captured two clear Class A EVPs, one says 'ugly' and the other one sounds like a giggle. Shari captures the little girl saying 'huh, huh' when she asked the little girl if she liked candy. Many orb photos are being captured. In the second session we are going to get the little girl to move a large ball and we will attempt to have the little girl identify herself. Special Note: Orbs are inconclusive, unless we can show that the orb is moving with intelligence, if we can determine intelligent movement, then I can deem the orb as a Spiritual Containment Field. Designer orbs are orbs with intricate designs and sometimes a nucleus. When magnifying the designer orb, sometimes we can make out faces. If the occupant can identify the face as a deceased friend or relative, this would give the designer orb validation as a Spiritual Containment Field. The neighbor's Chiguaguas are looking at this town house front door and barking like crazy. Do they see something, that I can't see?

We capture an EVP that says 'Nicole'. Another EVP is a male entity saying 'no'. Another EVP is where the little girl is agreeing by saying 'huh, huh'. I believe Shari asked her if she likes candy. Tracy 'Tre' Lindstrom that is watching this case via HPI International on Facebook, had us conduct an experiment by playing fart noises via a Droid app. Several sounds of farting noises were made and no responses from the little girl. Tre is asking us to sing children's songs, we are doing that in the third session.

Big Al sings Frere Jacques song and the girl 'giggled', captured the EVP - Class A. Big Al is asking the little girl to push the ball and he captures a 'sigh' EVP and a 'yeah' EVP. Big Al sings Frere Jacques 2nd time around and we get an EVP of a little girl moaning. Captured two EVPs in which the little girl sounds like she is crying. Becky played ABC song on her app and we captured a raspy male voice that interrupted the song. Flashlight communication, indicates a girl named Elizabeth, age 8 - inconclusive on the flashlight communication.


Michelle Roxanne Allen aka Cheyenne - Videos by JT Paranormal
Email JT Paranormal at:

Shari Aresta for her homemade chocolate cookies. Becky Cardenas for the salami, assortment of candy, cheese, Rockstars, Ritz crackers. Shawnda for the coffee.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Little Girl Ghost that Haunts Shawnda
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