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 Bates Motel / Capay Bed & Breakfast

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PostSubject: Bates Motel / Capay Bed & Breakfast   Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:16 am

Bates Motel / Capay Bed & Breakfast
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203 7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice


HPI receives an emergency call on the paranormal hotline. The call is from a frantic scared woman, she tells us that someone is after her and she feels she is being watched and she saw what looked like a full body apparition carrying a large kitchen knife. I immediately get the HPI Rapid Response Team together. We all meet at my house. Driving is NASCAR skilled driver Tracy ‘The Tre’ Lindstrom in her super charged turbo engine black Escalade SUV. Hopping into the HPI Emergency Response Vehicle is me (The Demon Warrior), Becky ‘Stinger’ Cardenas; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano, Jon ‘Fire Dragon’ Koyasako, Chris ‘High Pitch’ Singleton, Shari ‘Red Flare’ Aresta & Mark ‘High Tech’ Tatum. Driving like a bat out of Hell, with HPI car magnets on the side of each front doors of the vehicle, we make it to the Bates Motel. As we approach we hear screaming. We notice a large gothic mansion behind the motel. The screaming seems to be coming from the mansion. I have Jon scale the side of the wall and have him meet us on the 3rd floor of this mansion. My team equipped with ghost hunting gear take the front entrance. I kick down the door, armed with Taser X-12 stun guns that can paralyze a target from 88 feet, used for our Bigfoot expeditions, we check all rooms. Each room we clear, I yell ‘all clear!” and move to the next room. Everyone on the HPI Rapid Response Team is in direct communication with each other, we are all wearing Turtle Beach COD ear buds, the same communication devices that the Secret Service utilize. We spread out. Shari yells out: “Citizen down!”. We reach the room where Shari is at and find a lady laying on the floor, bleeding from the torso area. Standing over the wounded lady is Deanna 'Dagger' Bailey and Wendy 'Whirlwind' Maxam. I learn that Deanna and Wendy got the distress call before us. Both Wendy and Deanna are fatigued and appear to be terrified from their experiences. Wendy points towards the hallway. Mark looks where Wendy is pointing. Mark spots a full body apparition holding a large kitchen knife, it looks like a woman dressed as a man. Chris using his audio sound enhancer, yells at the entity: “who are you?” The entity replies: “Norman Bates” – classic Class A EVP. Becky fires her stun gun at the apparition with no effect. The apparition vanishes. All investigators pull out their laser grid devices and the laser grid surrounds the neighboring walls. Jon teams up with the rest of the team and yells: “this is more than residual, we have a serial killer ghost that has the methodology to kill!” Big Al theorizes we can neutralize the phantom killer by utilizing our Super Soaker 300 with holy water. I look at Big Al and tell him to retrieve the Super Soaker 300 from the vehicle ASAP, we will try to hold the phantom killer at bay….then all of a sudden, I feel a tongue lashing on my face and I wake up with Hi-Pee and Hannah (my 2 dogs) licking my face…I realize that this was all a bad dream! What the? It seemed so real! I will miss that adrenalin rush. Everyone, make sure to turn on the A&E Channel and watch the new TV series Bates Motel, see the trailer here:
Premiering March 18, 2013! Don’t miss it!
SPECIAL NOTE: I have seen and visited the movie prop Bates Motel at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Very impressive movie set.

Now to our real investigation, where the ghosts are benevolent. The Capay Bed & Breakfast.

March 10, Sunday: Time 11am to 4pm: Capay Bed & Breakfast. Built in 1898. Location: 15875 California Highway 16, Capay, CA Tel# 530 908-2843 // MY MESSAGE TO MY INVESTIGATORS: "HPI Investigators! In regard to the March 10, Sunday investigation at the haunted Capay Bed & Breakfast. Since the investigation is from 11am to 4pm, we can finish up the investigation and head down the road to Cache Creek Casino. If you guys want, we can stop over there for drinks, dancing or whatever and this is something not too many people know about, but Cache Creek Casino is actually haunted. Many guests have claimed that they have seen a full body apparition of an Indian. Of course, it would be hard for us to get any EVPs in a noisy casino. Oh well."

Elizabeth Campbell, the present owner of the Capay Bed and Breakfast gave us a walking tour of this fabulous place. She has owned the Capay Bed and Breakfast since 2001 to the present. She tells my team that the Russells in 1898 were the original owners. Then the Martins took over from the 30s, 40s into the 50s. The Kites owned this place from 1969 to 1978. Then the Mitchells took over from 1978 to 2001. Now Elizabeth Campbell is the proud owner of this quaint establishment. Elizabeth also tells my team that the Mitchells owned Design West.

The HPI Capay Discovery Team are: Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner; Becky Cardenas – Lead Investigator / Spanish Interpreter; Mark Tatum – Equipment Technician; Shari Aresta – who rode with me – Lead Investigator / EVP Queen; Wendy Maxam – Videographer; Chris Singleton / Audio Specialist; Jon Koyasako / Lead Investigator and Security.

Elizabeth during our walking tour tells us that arrowheads and old bottles are found near the creek area. The creek is now called Salt Creek, but at one time it was called the Brook Chimney Canyon Creek. Ms. Mitchell a previous owner had a spiritual experience in this establishment that brought her closer to God. I found out about this place, because a lady that wishes to remain anonymous told me in an email that when she stayed at the Capay Bed and Breakfast, she felt a warm touch on her shoulder. Her body during the touch felt tingly, but it was a good feeling. The lady definitely feels the place is haunted. I believe since this establishment has been here since 1898, there is a lot of residual energy and if there is an intelligent force, it’s very benevolent and protective of the owners and the clients that stay here. A notable that stayed here is David Hasselhoff of Knight Rider fame, he stayed here for 5 days.

Elizabeth tells us that she had an incredible experience, she encountered a huge bald eagle in the trees near the property. The experience took her breath away. For you readers, if you come up to Capay, you will be delighted by the home style furnishing, the original stove that operates by wood, this stove is 100 years old and purchased in 1902. A train back in the olden days would make stops near the Capay Bed and Breakfast. There are Hobbit stylish cottages out back, that were built in 2004. We have a nice swimming pool (that the Mitchells put in) and rotunda. The water tower is original, from the 1898. The surrounding area is breath taking, beautiful scenery with rolling hills. Out back you can see the Buressero House. Former President Ronald Reagan in the 80s had a program that allowed Mexican migrant workers to live on the farms, they would live in this Buressero House.

On the property is the original General Store, which is now a garage. Since I have a small team, I will allow the investigators to conduct freelance investigating. We have the Capay Bed and Breakfast to investigate, the cottages, the swimming pool area, the garage (formerly the General Store), the barn, the Buressero House, the rolling hills, the creek area, the meadow where the Miwok Indians lived and were known to have squirmishes with the settlers of this area. There is a lot of history in this area. We are equipped with walkie talkies. Home Base is the main lobby area of the Capay Bed and Breakfast. I will man the main lobby as my investigators explore the surrounding areas. In the home base area I am able to marvel at the grand piano from the early 1900s. As the investigation begins, we are getting K2 spikes in the home base area.

So far, no EVPs, no anomalies in our photographs. We are capturing the sounds of many frogs, crickets, birds tweeting. After 2 attempts in trying to capture anomalies in our photographs, EVPs, we were completely unsuccessful. I believe the place is haunted, because of the age of this establishment, definitely some residual haunting activity and the story from the client. If there are any ghosts at the Capay Bed and Breakfast, I would call it a 'Casper Haunting'. After the Capay Bed and Breakfast investigation, we conducted a impromptu investigation at Cache Creek Casino. There was no success in finding the Indian ghost in full head gear.

Big thank you to Becky Cardenas for supplying sodas, Mexican bread, Rockstars, turkey/cheese sandwiches, ham & cheese sandwiches to the crew. Becky Martinez and Mark Tatum created a large HPI Banner for our table at the Healing Arts Festival. Thank you to Elizabeth for the coffee.

April Asevedo!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 750
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Bates Motel / Capay Bed & Breakfast
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