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 Spider Demon of Winters

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PostSubject: Spider Demon of Winters   Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:56 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts aka The Demon Warrior
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

To see videos of this investigation, they will be posted at this link: MAXAMMYSTERIES - ALL HPI VIDEOS

Date of the Investigation: March 15, 2013, Friday Time to be there: 8pm Location: Winters, CA 95694. Case Manager: Teresa Williams - Activity: Teresa says: “Hi Paul, how are you? Well, this is not just a social hello, it is also regarding a woman in Winters, California. She has her elderly father and her young son living with her in a house that they bought a few years back, they did an add-on to the home, and when they did, they cut down a tree that the previous owner hung herself from. A lot of activity has occurred since. The young boy (approx. 6 years old) is frightened to death by a creature he says he can see, and says it resembles a spider and is the size of a dog, that crawls across the ceilings. The elderly man says that there is a hideous woman who comes to him and sits on his bed....he is too afraid to speak too often about her, and only likes to speak of her when out of the home. The woman, her name is Miranda, she has felt strange "blows in her ear" and hears words spoken to her from nowhere, and has seen mists shoot across the room. She now feels unsafe alone in the home, she fears it is trying to get at her son. Her son speaks to the creature at times now too, trying to tell him to do bad things. If it wasn't for the elder man acting as if the life was being sucked right from him as you look at him, and the fear you see in the boy, this would be something to schedule for an investigation. but due to the child, and the mental state the father seems to be slipping fast into, what could be a point of no return. another man that had stated there for a month, committed suicide in the home as well just a couple months back. it seems to be a death trap as she put it. and it sounds like it fits the situation. can you please call her? We did what we could. But I think it may need a blessing and a cleansing too. we couldn't get it to move on.
Her name is Miranda Telephone Number: 530-xxx-xxxx
Thanks and I still love your life! Teresa”

In regard to our case in Winters, there is an entity that resembles a spider. Many demonic cases throughout the world, there have been reports of demonic presences that resemble spiders. It has been said that people who have visitations from spider demons have usually walked off a righteous path, they then find themselves flying in a no-fly zone where danger exists. In that no-fly zone are spider webs, waiting to capture hapless victims that have fallen into sinful ways. Once the victim is enticed into the spider's web, a spider demon quickly comes out and begins to bind the victim with cords of guilt, shame and embarrassment. After the victim is tied down with such a burden, the demon effortlessly plunges his or her poisonous fangs into their lives and begins to suck the very life right out of them until they are dried up as a dead lifeless bug who was eaten alive by a real spider. In the spiritual world, demons prey on righteous people that have strayed as a real spider preys on its victims. When we go down the wrong path, we enter the no-fly zone, and are vulnerable to spiritual danger. Once the demons latch a hold of us, they do not want to let go... they will attempt to bind us up so tightly with guilt, shame and embarrassment, that we are unable to fight. Full demonic control the victim will hear soothing voices and whispers. Those voices and whispers will tell the victim to harm someone, to commit suicide. The demonic force wants to possess the victim’s soul. The demon wants family discord, self- destruction in the form of mutilation, household mayhem. Full demonic possession (attachment) can lead to incarceration, suicide or death by unnatural causes. Tonight we must be warriors and remember: 1 Peter 5:8, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." After this investigation, a fully submerged baptism is necessary and a strong house blessing. God be with us.


Sorry this is so late in the evening getting to you. The town is small and there was little available to me on-line as far as more recent records go. It was like trying to break into Fort Knox and I refused to give up without a fight!
The house itself was built in 1929. I would love to find out who the original owner was but would have to request a lookup from the local historical society.

I did find about 500 "Winters" newspaper articles from the CA digital archives. There were the typical fires associated with early pioneer days, floods, and an earthquake that destroyed much of the original settlers homes and a few of the lodges. But most of the articles were agricultural in nature, or society columns. Things such as a children's grades, lost letters at the post office, visiting preachers, and what young girls wore to a social made the news. The crime rate was rather low, as it is today. (Less than half the crime rate of the national average)

Most if the deaths were accidental in nature. The saddest were articles of young children being scalded to death, or drowning.
I did keep an eye out for suicide/murders. I found very little mentioning suicide, though a few were hinted at. It was as I expected. Back them, much like today, the topic was rather taboo. The facts were either omitted, or deaths declared accidental for various reasons, including religious and cultural beliefs.
I also looked up the suicide stats for Yolo county. Though there are quite a few attempts, actual death by suicide seems to average at about 15 per yr.

Here is a link with some interesting tidbits of early history.

The Winters area was first settled by a John Reid Wolfskill in 1842.
The area in which your client lives is part of the DP Edwards addition. He was the man whom the town was almost named after Edwards matched Theodore Winters land donation of 40 acres to form the town. The railroad investors asked Edwards if he would like the town named after him, but he declined the offer. The town was established in 1875 and named after Winters.

Edwards was a wealthy, well educated man. He was a prohibitionist and ran for office in 1898 as a non partisan, but lost. He owned many properties locally and in other counties, including a profitable ranch in Colusa Co. Some of his properties were rentals. I found one article where a 4 yr old was home alone and accidentally burned one of his properties down.

The towns namesake, Theodore Winters, was a nationally known race horse breeder. He bought thousands of acres in the area, including land from the Wolfskill family (first settlers). There was a lot of tragedy in his personal life. He was described in the local paper as a "capitalist" but lost much of his fortune later in life after trying his hand at politics.

If anyone is interested in early pioneer life, I found transcribed on rootsweb "The Winters Advocate" circa 1870's that the public can access.

Also here is a link to an e book on the early formation of Yolo county.
Sorry I could not dig up more from this distance.

HPI/PET Demonic Discovery Wetworks
HPI and PET Investigators Present: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano, Back-up Videographer & Lead Investigator; Jon Koyasako - Security - Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta - Lead Investigator - EVP Queen; Miranda Donahue - Occupant; Brooke Pittman - Scout; Tina Haralson - Scout; Wendy Maxam, Videographer - Researcher; Teresa Williams - Founder of P.E.T; Mike Berland - PET; Patty Zloczewski - PET; Chuck Waible - Scout; Ben Ammons - Scout; Justin Kleindienst - Scout; Tracy Lindstrom - Editor & Book Formatter of From the Files of HPI; Chris Singleton - Audio Specialist; Quinn Maheras - Scout. Special Note: P.E.T. stands for Paranormal Exploration Team - they are out of Woodland. There are two areas to cover. 1st area is living room, kitchen, side of house where the hanging tree used to be, bedroom. 2nd area is the backyard, TV room, bedroom, bathroom. Teresa's team is Team Applesauce. Jon's team is Team Prometheus. Floaters are Wendy & Chris.

HPI/PET Demonic Discovery Wetworks

Before this investigation started, we conducted a hedge of protection prayer. We conducted this prayer in the front yard. Miranda the owner of this house says that the woman entity is an old hag, with pointy teeth and black eyes, she will sit on the corner of the bed and stare at her father. If this entity sits on the chest of any of the occupants, it would be referred to as the Old Hag Syndrome, in which this demonic entity tries to suck the soul out of it's victim, to suck out the breath. From what I have been told, she has not done this. Eleanor Lattner visualizes this house as having high EMF readings, pipe leakage, gas leakage and she feels that these may attribute to the paranormal hauntings. Jon's team has Big Al, Shari, Miranda, Tracy, Quinn, Justin. Teresa's team has Brooke, Tina, Mike, Patty, Chuck and Ben. Jon’s has Team Prometheus and Teresa’s team is Team Applesauce.

On 3 recordings, Team Prometheus captured an EVP when they asked the entity what his name was, it sounded like the name Malphas. If the demon is Malphas, then we are dealing with the President of Hell and he is in command of 40 legions of demons, they are under his command. Tina is capturing all kinds of anomalies in her photographs, such as ectoplasm mist, strange white shapes. The shapes that she is capturing are in the house, there is no cigarette smoke causing these unusual shapes. As an experiment, I am having Tina and Tracy wander away from the teams and have them take pictures simultaneously together, to see if they can capture these strange anomalies on two cameras, proving that there is something actually at the location where both cameras are taking pictures at. Chris is dissecting the Malphas EVP, to see if the entity really said 'Malphas'. Orb photos are being captured. Tracy captures a shadow anomaly in her photograph. One of the investigators captures a 'get out' male hoarse voice EVP. Shari captures a swish, swish, swish sound EVP outside by the side of the house. Miranda tells us that once when she was in the bathroom, a dark mass came at her, it scared her to death. Teresa said that they obtained intelligent pendulum communication that indicates there are 2 female entities and 1 creature entity. The entity communicated that they are being held here and that they can't leave.

Tracy is now obtaining strange misty figures in her photo. Tina's camera died, so Tracy is now working with a new partner. In one of Tracy's photo, it looks like the distinct face of an old lady. Chris says that the entity is not saying 'Malphas', but it is a name that starts with an M. Chris thinks it is saying Miranda with a Spanish accent after he dissected the EVP. Investigators capture an EVP that says Vida. Jon captures a partial full body apparition of a shadow, a figure of a man. Cameras have been dying. K2 meters have been going off like crazy. Investigators have heard whispering in their ears. Footsteps have been heard at the side of the house. I gave Miranda, the occupant 3 sage rolls, 1 frankincense bottle, 1 Myrrh bottle. Miranda's father is in the 2nd floor room, so I cannot properly bless the home. I will set up a date and time to bless the home and possibly baptizing some of the members of the family. The third session is a impromptu séance, no EVPs are captured, because we cannot have the séance in the back room, close to where Miranda's father is sleeping. The back room is Ground Zero, the hot spot. Special Note: Miranda says that she, her family and friends have obtained bruises on their arms, shoulders, necks, legs from the entities.

With the strange anomalies in our photographs, the possible partial full body apparition photo and the EVPs, I truly believe there is a haunting in this home. I also believe a family member could have an attachment and if this is so, the house blessing would have not worked. I am going to keep in touch with the occupant and set up a date for the baptism of family members and a full-on house blessing. We conducted an End Hedge of Protection Prayer when the investigation was over.

Special Thanks: To Tina for the pizza. Big Al for the Burger King chicken strips and chocolate pie.


Ora White, Cajun Mystic. 3/13/2013 Wed, met at Starbucks, 2504 Somersville Road, Antioch and she told me the story of experiencing the presence of her deceased 3 year old grandson that drowned. A very touching story.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Spider Demon of Winters
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