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 Geeta Galaway, Demonologist

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PostSubject: Geeta Galaway, Demonologist   Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:46 pm

Interview with Geeta Galaway, Demonologist
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice

Question: Tell us something personal about yourself. Your family life, schools you went to, your travels, your recreational activities, your hobbies. How about your favorite song, movies, TV shows and books?

Answer: I love to learn new things; because of this I have many interests. I love to sing, write, create henna tattoos and create art out of pretty much anything. I am very interested in different cultures, travel, philosophy, theoretical physics (I love M theory and string theory) and psychology. I am always asking :Why?; and always trying to understand things. The World and the Universe is a fascinating place! I have traveled to most of the United States and Quebec, Canada and I have lived in many cities in Florida and California. My favorite TV show is Xena; Warrior Princess. I really see a lot of myself in Lucy Lawless・s character. My favorite musical artist is Tori Amos. I am also in the process of writing two books on the subject of spirituality.

Question: What made you interested in the paranormal? Have you ever had any paranormal experiences and if you have, can you tell us something about them?

Answer: I have had too many paranormal experiences to tell them all here! Honestly I can・t even pin point any certain part of my life to where I became interested in the paranormal. I can・t remember a time when I wasn・t interested. I can tell you my first paranormal experience though. I was twelve years old. At the time I had many friends who would come to my house in the middle of the night to sneak out. Heh. One night as I lay in bed I was waiting to fall asleep and outside of my window there was a street lamp that would shine through my window. The light would shine through to my open door to my bedroom. I was staring at it when suddenly a shadow of a head appeared. It seemed to be about four feet tall. I glanced to the window and saw nothing there. I looked back at the door and the shadow was still there. I looked again but closer out of the window and still saw no one outside. I looked back at the door, and as I looked I saw the shadow move a little to the left and then to the right and then moved out of the light and was gone. I ran to the window and tried to find out what caused the shadow. I opened my window and called out to see if any of my friends were out there. I thought maybe they were playing a prank on me. I never found out exactly what it was. I lived in the country and people didn・t normally walk around in my five acre yard.

Question: Do you have a paranormal group that you belong to, if you do, can you tell us about the group?

Answer: I am not currently associated with any certain paranormal group.

Question: What are some of the most interesting cases you have been involved in?

Answer: I feel emotional when you ask me this question. I have been involved with many exorcisms. Working with demons can be very dangerous. Every one of them is a deeply personal experience. Many cases involved people I knew and loved. I can tell you about my first exorcism. I was 19 years old. I had a close friend from school become possessed. It was very sad. She lost her child and she was put on many different medications. They said nothing seemed to be helping. I asked if I could try something and they gave me permission to come over and try and remove the entity. I did what I could and left. A week later I called and found she was back to normal. She had her daughter back and was off the medications. I went to visit her a few months later and she was still fine. It・s now been 18 years and she hasn・t had any signs of possession since. I still talk to her today.

Question: How do you go about conducting an extraction of a demonic entity?

Answer: To remove a demonic entity from a home I usually smudge the home with sage and bless it. I used to just smudge it but recently I discovered that it usually :sticks; better if I bless the home at the same time. I believe anyone can ward off negative entities with sage. However my theory is that whoever is removing the demon must have no doubt about what they believe. Strong self-confidence in who they are and in God is what I believe makes the best exorcist.

Question: If people want to contact you, how would they go about doing this?

Answer: Just search for me in Google! I am very easy to find on Facebook. Just search for Geeta Galaway. Feel free to add me and leave me a message. I check my Facebook regularly.

Question: Fun question. If you have 6 dinner guests, 3 fictional, 3 historical, who would they be and why?

Answer: Three fictionalK Xena, The alien from the movie Paul, and the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Three historicalK. Buddha, Jesus and Einstein. Can you imagine the conversation! Haha! Maybe the Mad Hatter can host the party? LOL

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. Are there any words of wisdom you wish to relate to your readers?

Answer: Love is the highest vibration. The higher you vibrate the closer to God you will become. Hate is the lowest vibration. Whatever you are vibrating at is what you attract. Negative emotions pull in negative entities. Love, learn, grow, and be happy.


March 17, 2013: Sunday: Speaking Engagement. Healing Arts Festival - Location to be at: Hilton Sacramento Arden West, 2200 Harvard Street, Arden West & I-80 Sacramento, CA - HPI will have two tables. Lori Schulz - Radio Personality for The Dirt (KMYC) will be there, Staci Butler V Editor of the HPI Chronicles. Attending the tables with all of our ghost hunting equipment are: Becky Cardenas V Lead Investigator/Spanish Interpreter; Jon Koyasako V Security / Lead Investigator; Mark Tatum V Equipment Technician; Lisa Steele V Psychic; Wendy Maxam V Videographer; Chris Singleton V Audio Specialist.

Sharon Sampsel V HPI Psychic Investigator is the person in charge of the Healing Arts Festival. She did a wonderful job in getting this event together. The spectacular people that I was able to network with were: Nancy Louise Garcia V Intuitive Coach, she can be reached at: She has the ability to: Identify V she can identify your concerns and where they originated from. Heal V she can heal the trauma that you have incurred in your life with her several healing techniques V Strategy V she will put together a strategy to make your desires manifest into reality in your present and future. Other very unique people that I met were: Cynthia Ortiz; Monica Marie Pleinis V Healer for Hospice; Patricia Rivas V Note: Sharon Sampsel and Patricia Rivas have a radio show called: 2 Psychic Chicks; Mary Mieth V Awaken the Light Within V; Andrea Young V Brian White of Royal Oil Manufacturing; Earthquake Mary V Keeper of Secrets V Reader and Healer of the Soul V (916) 285-0353; Edward Carrion V Readings by Edward; Angela Vancea V 916 942-9665; Ben Ammons.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Geeta Galaway, Demonologist
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