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 The Impromptu Hunt

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PostSubject: The Impromptu Hunt   Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:24 am

The Impromptu Hunt
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Investigations/Advice


March 23, 2013, Saturday: This Saturday and Sunday, certain HPI Investigators were supposed to be working on a TV Pilot for A&E at the Valentine Construction Company in Manteca. Mike Simas - Pitcher called me Friday night to cancel, there has been a death in the family. Prayers go out to Mike and his family, but unfortunately I have investigators that were prepared to do this TV pilot and now we are left with nothing to do. Well, not so, Case Manager Tracy 'Tre' Lindstrom has a ghost hunt going on and we are supposed to meet at 7pm at: 1100 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA. My day didn't turn out boring, because Telly 'Leatherface' Blackwood invited me to the Off-the-Hook video shoot at Surf X-treme on Laguna Blvd in Elk Grove. Please see their website at:

When I arrived I met up with John Nittler - Director of Operations and Kathi Tovar - General Manager of Surf X-treme. I look at their gigantic pool for surfing and I am told that thousands of gallons of water jet stream through this monstrosity. The water is traveling at 30 mph, 1000 gallons a minute. The place is kept at 84 degrees and the water is warm! I watch as Off-the-Hook crew: Leatherface, MJ Broadway aka Executioner, Brandon Blackwood, Rance and Turd fall and tumble through the water and watch other guests surf smoothly through the radical waves! What an amazing spectacular contraption that produces indoor surfing! When you walk into the surfing room, it feels like Summer heat. What fun and only $21.95 an hour to surf, it's well worth it! I learn that this is 1 in 3 facilities in California, the other two being at Fresno and San Dimas and there are a total of 9 facilities in all of the United States. This is a million and 1/2 dollar machine that when assembled, you can't disassemble or reassemble anywhere else. Not only can you surf, but they have a 2400 square foot trampoline. There are CPR certified life guards standing ready for the surfers and are ready to give pointers to surfing. It's best to use the Boogie Board first, when you start out surfing. Feel how the water works. If you get tired of surfing, which I doubt, there is that trampoline I mentioned, along with paintball and a wave machine! Chelsia Barone a surfer tells me that she loves this surfing machine and can't get enough of it! Before you surf, of course you sign a waiver...just in case. But, it is very safe, so I doubt anything bad would befall anyone surfing. Another surfer that was having a blast was Danielle Silva, owner of Lovies & Littles - Custom Embroidery - Blankets and More. If you are interested in what she has to offer, email her at This was a great time to spend my morning. But, the morning hadn't ended when I got contacted by MPTF (Modesto Paranormal Task Force) - Paranormal Investigator Tracey DeSbiens. Her team was staying at the Quality Inn - 3796 Northgate Blvd in Sacramento and are headed up to Redding. Tracey wanted to stay behind and investigate tonight with HPI and learn how we conduct investigations. Picked up Tracey, then we had breakfast at Carl's Jr, coffee at Starbucks and she is preparing for the investigation tonight!

The investigation starts now! 1900 Hours. Location: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church & The Bridge Community Church, Folsom, CA.
Folsom Rapid Response Team (HPI Paranormal Investigators) Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner - Godfather of the Paranormal; Rachel Gatejen - Scout; Becky Cardenas - Lead Investigator, Spanish Interpreter; Mark Tatum - Equipment Technician; Shari Aresta - Lead Investigator - EVP Queen; Connie Ricca - Folsom Resident/Scout; Jon Koyasako - Lead Investigator - Security; Wendy Maxam - Researcher - Videographer; Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator - Orb Princess; Alaceo Rosatano - Lead Investigator - Back-up Videographer; Melissa Quinn Maheras - Scout; Tracey DeSbiens - Intern for MPTF (Modesto Paranormal Task Force).

A Folsom resident named Tom Grunwaldt in his motorized wheelchair came over to check us out and he produces a book called 'Ghost Hunters Guide to California Gold Rush Country and lo and behold, I am mentioned in this book and HPI is mentioned and there is a story that talks about my 2007 investigation at this very same cemetery we are investigating this night. Tom tried to follow us around in his motorized wheelchair and gets jammed up at one of the grave sites and it took 3 to 4 investigators to move his wheelchair and get him back on the right path, so he could go home. We struggled for a good 30 minutes trying to get him out of the rut and back on the normal path to go home. As we investigated, we captured a possible EVP of a female entity saying 'I had children a few years ago'. Inconclusive, because it could have been a female investigator that said that. We captured many orbs and designer orbs while at this cemetery.

We finally captured a Class A EVP that says 'Charles'. What is odd is that the divining or witching rods controlled by Rachel Gatejen lead her to a gravesite that read: Charles Henry Powell Illinois - CPL US Army - World War I, Sept 29, 1895 to Jan 22 1955, we took a photo and captured about 3 orbs and then just a few minutes later, we capture the 'Charles' EVP. Special Note: We have the witching rods lead us to where the entity is and then we start snapping pictures to see if there are any anomalies in our photographs and then attempt to get EVPs to prove that the witching rods lead us to the actual entity. Later we captured a whispering 'yes' EVP. Mark Tatum took a photo of 3 white crosses that are not actually there and in his second photo, you do not see the 3 white crosses. Very odd.

Tracey 'The Tre' Lindstrom - Case Manager had a raffle contest in which winners won lucky bamboo shoots and the grand prize winner won a living bouquet of tulips. Tracey brought a ton of candy for us and Becky Cardenas had sodas, energy drinks (Rockstars), cheese, crackers, chips and salami for our hungry investigators! I missed the sťance session and had to take Tracey of Modesto back to her waiting colleagues at Motel 6 on Howe Avenue. Thank you for joining us Tracey, your always welcomed back!

With the two undeniable EVPs and the strange cross photo that Mark took, this place does seem to harbor paranormal activity, but I am surprised that we did not gather more evidence. When former HPI paranormal investigator Cherie Vincent would visit this cemetery, she would get a dozen or so EVPs, but like she always told me, the entities knew her, welcomed her and even would call her by name.


Jessica Marie Menchavez!

Full Body Apparition (far left) caught by Jon Koyasako

March 22, 2013, Friday: For the last 4 weeks, I have been seeing people who are there for one minute and gone the next. Case example at a store near Franklin Blvd and Broadway, I saw a man in a trench coat, shoddy, unshaven, unkempt approaching my vehicle from the back, I could see him in my rear view mirror. I looked down for one second and looked back up at my rear view mirror and he was gone. I jumped out of my car and looked all around and he was nowhere to be seen, there was no way he could have disappeared like that. The 2nd time around - I was walking my dogs - a black Pekinese 'Princess Hannah' and my Corky ' Hi-Pee off Frye Creek and I see a man with glasses, large build, shorts. This guy stares at me and is pacing me from across the street. I look down for a minute at my dogs and look back up and he is gone. The 3rd high strangeness sighting, I am again walking the dogs and I am near Frye Creek and Lake Pleasant - right behind me is a man in dark clothes, short in stature, dark hair, he is 25 feet behind me, I stopped to look at him and worried that Hi-Pee would go after him, he stops in his tracks and stares at me. I start to collar Hi-Pee and look back up and he is gone, vanished. The first thing out of my mouth is WTF? How can that be? This happened yesterday and this morning - driving down Moonlight Way - stocky man in dark clothes is walking on the side of the street, I look down at the time, look back up and he is gone. Am I losing my mind or am I really seeing this? I am totally baffled right now.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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The Impromptu Hunt
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