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 Defcon 1 Paranormal Investigation

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PostSubject: Defcon 1 Paranormal Investigation   Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:27 am

Poj ntxoog Haunting at North Meadows
By Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503

Poj ntxoog definition: Ghost in Hmong culture.

Date: April 1, 2013, Monday – Caesar Chavez Day – April Fool’s Day – Day After Easter. Time: 1930 Hours. Location: Apartment C – Sacramento. Thai – the occupant tells me that her 2 ½ year old baby will ball up into a small ball and start crying for no apparent reason. Dishes fell into the sink – on their own. Thumping – walking sounds around the apartment when no one is around. Husband and wife are arguing constantly and there was no arguing before they moved into this apartment in December of 2012. The husband sometimes feels paralyzed and has no explanation for it. They need emergency attention. Classified under defense readiness condition as a Defcon 1. Reason for classification: I feel the baby is in danger.

Defcon 1 Rapid Response Tactical Task Force/HPI Paranormal Investigators/Poj ntxoog Extraction Force(Roll Call): Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner - Catholic Blesser - Baptist Baptizer;
Larry Baty; Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Security; Kara Koyasako – Spiritual Songstress; Mark Tatum – Equipment Technician; Wendy Maxam – Videographer; Becky Cardenas – Lead Investigator – Spanish Interpreter; Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen. Occupants: Seng Vang, Thai Xiong and their baby Simon.

Seng and Thai told us some interesting stories about the haunting activities in their apartment and some interesting facts about their culture. They talk about how one room stays constantly cold. How a cooking apron string raised up on its own and there was no draft in the room. They have an ‘eye’ – which is a mirror that looks like a dream catcher placed on their front door and on their wall – this ‘eye’ repels ghosts. This is from their culture – the Hmong culture. Another thing that they do is place a knife under their pillows, because ghosts are scared of copper, or any kind of metal. The knife under the pillow is used as a shield – again from the Hmong culture. Sing carries the skin of a monster (a creature from his country) – this is used for protection. Sing explains that the Hmong culture has scary funerals, they will sleep next to their dead.

Becky is lead tonight and leads Team Cardamom (Cardamom is a ghost repellent Hmong herb) with Jon and Larry. Shari is lead tonight and leads Mark and Kara, her team is called Team Simon (named after the baby of the apartment). We have two areas to cover, the 2 back bedrooms and the living room and kitchen. Special Note: The apartment complex was once the home of the 29th Street Crips, the apartment complex has a history of violence, drive-bys, assaults and murder.

Thai tells me that her mother-in-law and father-in law both had the same dream of a tall muscular black man walking around the apartment. Thai had a dream this very morning and saw the Hmong woman in the poster shape shift from a beautiful woman to a hideous dead looking female.

I took a picture in the living room and the first picture I took there was a lingering dark shadow, 2nd picture everything was back to normal. During the time I took the dark mass picture – an EVP was captured by Shari of 2 raspy growls. The EVP growls coincides with the time I took a picture of the dark mass. Special Note: The 2 ½ month old baby named Simon sees something at the location of the shadow that makes him cry. Jon’s group in the bedroom areas caught 2 EVPs, one of a whistle and one that sounds like whimpering. There have been temperature drops, some K2 hits, some flashlight possible communication and of course orbs in our photos. One of the things that I noticed in this apartment is that there is some strong negativity in this 2 bedroom dwelling.

Becky had a personal experience, she was touched on the head. Sing using my night vision goggles and saw a shadow at the area where I took the picture of the shadow. Capturing moving orbs on video. Captured another dark mass shadow in the living room. A misty photo by Becky in the living room was taken by Larry.

Conducted a séance in the main living room. During the séance I conducted my Catholic house blessing with Sing's father who is a Christian. Kara sang spiritual songs. No EVPs were captured and after the blessing, the air seemed clearer. I asked for God's angels to disperse the negative energy from this apartment.

I believe that the haunting of this apartment is non-intelligent. I believe this apartment has negative residual energy that is affecting the occupants. The EVPs I believe are residual, the black mass is an abundance of negative energy that lingers in this apartment. Everything experienced at this apartment is negative residual energy non-intelligent.

Special Thanks: To Becky for the Rockstars, Chili Cheese Fritos, cheese, salami, Doritos, fruit bowls. Thai for the bottled water and tea.


Date: April 1, 2013, Monday – Time: 1400 Hours. Location: Coffee Garden, 2904 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA. Melinda Woods who has traveled to Jamaica and her father was once stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany – US Army – Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and was a Provost Marshall at Fort Hood, Texas tells me 3 incredible paranormal experiences that she had.
Special Note: I went to a US Army school in Bremerhaven. I was once stationed at Fort Hood, Texas with 2nd AD Hell on Wheels – Patton’s Own and my father was once stationed in Schofield Barracks. Of course, I have been to Jamaica, so we had many connections. Here is her story.
1. When Melinda was 4 years old, she was in her crib. On the dresser drawer, there was a mirror. In the mirror she saw a man in sandals that looked like Jesus Christ. This apparition was hold a candle. The entity told Melinda that he was going to burn her hair, she started crying and her brother and sister came into the room, turned on the light and the entity was gone. Classification: Demonic.
2. When Melinda moved to Oahu, Hawaii – Schofield Barracks, she encountered an M.I.B. The MIB came to her door and when she saw him, she thought he looked like Dracula. He stepped in and looked into another room. He peeked around the corner and placed his finger to his lips and indicated ‘shhhhhhhhh’. He was thin, had black hair, very white skin, black eyes, hair slicked back, wearing a black suit. Melinda was 6 years old at the time. This stranger stepped back outside and vanished. Classification: UFO.
3. When Melinda was 28 years old, or 29 years old, she lived at Riverside Villa apartments. On one particular day, her whole apartment was engulfed with flies, she immediately picked up a rag to chase the flies out of her apartment and to kill them. In just a few minutes all of the flies were gone and she had no explanation for their disappearance.
While at the Coffee Garden, I met the lovely Janine Mapurunga / Mapurunga Photography • Life. Documented / - I will be conducting an interview with Janine in the future. Let me tell you something about Janine: Janine’s professional photography career began in the year 2000. She specializes in documentary photography, an approach that she applies to socially focused projects as well as weddings and portraiture commissions. Besides the west coast, her work has taken her throughout the United States and as far as Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Sri Lanka. Her teaching career began in 2004. WATCH FOR HER UPCOMING INTERVIEW!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Defcon 1 Paranormal Investigation
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