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 The House No One Wants to Live In: Volcanoville

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PostSubject: The House No One Wants to Live In: Volcanoville   Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:23 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203-7503

April 12, 2013, Friday Time: 2100 Hours - All Night Investigation - Lockdown! Radio Personality - Case Manager - Real Estate Agent Lori Schulz is taking us to a very haunted home in Volcanoville, a home that no one wants to live in!

HPI Investigators/HPI Paranormal Skip Tracers (Roll Call): Deanna Bailey – Lead Investigator – Orb Princess; Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner; Wendy Maxam – Videographer; Kara Koyasako – Spiritual Songstress; Jon Koyasako – Security – Lead Investigator; Jon Rubsam – Psychic Medium; Ivy Rubsam – Patrick Newton – Researcher; Scott Atkins; Larry Baty; Staci Butler – Twitter Account Manager – Editor & Book Formatter – HPI Chronicles – Senior Lead Investigator – Parapsychologist; Becky Cardenas – Spanish Interpreter – Lead Investigator; Mark Tatum – Equipment Technician; Nancy Louise Garcia – Intuitive Psychic; Sandra Yanet Soto; Jeff Strunk; Lori Schulz – The Dirt Radio Personality; Chris Singleton – Audio Specialist; Brent George; Randy Klemp; Kate Klemp.

Bonnie – Lori Schulz’s sister told me that on the 2nd bedroom window, there would always be an evil face in the trees. Bonnie once saw the shadow of a man walking from one room into another room, it frightened her to no end. Jon Rubsam and Nancy, our psychics picked up on Lori’s son Tim who hangs out with Lori’s deceased grandfather Roland. The psychics picked up on the name Lee also. The psychics feel that the entity outside was never human, he is sort of a Peeping Tom. What is so odd is that Jon and Nancy have never met Bonnie, but were accurately describing the story that Bonnie told me. The psychics also picked up on a man in the bathroom area. Nancy picks up on some children spirits and she picks up on a vortex in this home. Tonight the leads are Staci, Deanna and Jon Koyasako. Staci leads Team Tiger Lilly and on her team are: Jon Rubsam, Scott, Becky, Sandra and Chris. Jon leads Team Tiberius and on his team are Ivy, Larry, Nancy, Lori & Jeff. Deanna leads Team Toothless and on her team are Shari, Kara, Patrick, Mark and Brent. We have 3 areas to cover, the 1st floor, 2nd floor and the garage, shed and storage area that are outside.

We are already picking up huge designer orbs, strange shadow anomalies in our photos. Investigators have felt dizzy going up on the 2nd floor. Investigators are getting flashlight communication, ton of orb shots, ton of designer orb shots. They are getting static and white noise on their recorders. Jon and Nancy are picking up on a dark force in the house, Jon describes this entity as a sick minded person. 3 investigators felt a cold breeze go through them. Chris felt something grab his hand and Jon takes a picture and there is a mist clinging to his hand. Jon also captures a photo of what looks like a partial apparition. One of the investigators felt a hand on his chest. Deanna sees a dark shadow figure. Sandra hears a smirking noise at her left ear. Special Note: Kara spent the night at this home with Jon and had a vision of events happening in this house. She dreamed that the elderly woman has Alzheimer’s and her husband had to lock her up in the room, so she would not wander off in the woods and get lost. Kara does not feel that there is anything negative in the home.

The Rem-Pod starts off slowly and then escalates dramatically. Some investigators feel heaviness in some of the rooms. Lori was touched on her neck. Some investigators saw moving orbs with their own eyes. Nancy was touched on the arm. Shari captures an EVP of a woman saying ‘b***h’. Larry captures a ‘I am’ EVP and a man talking over Nancy’s talking EVP. While I was with Kara, I captured a click, click, click EVP and then another EVP that says ‘I am cold’ – a deep male voice.

More orb photos, some unintelligible EVPs are captured. I definitely believe that this place has paranormal activity. Jon picks up on 2 Indian spirits in the surrounding woods. With the Class A EVP of the male entity saying “I am cold’ and the other EVPs, I would have to say there is a haunting at this location. EVPs are the strongest evidence to build a case of paranormal activity. Even though we have tons of strange anomalies in our photos, I will rely heavily on the EVPs. Special Note: Just in – some photos of the anomalies appear to have intelligent movement. When Kara felt a cold spot, a picture was taken and she is practically engulfed in a shadow. When one investigator tells the orb to appear on their head, we have a photo that shows an orb on their head. This orb on the investigator’s head would be deemed as a spiritual containment field (SCF). Special Note: Many of the investigators spent the full night at this haunted location.


Date: April 11, 2013, Thursday. Time: 1800 Hours. Location of Meeting: Starbucks, 6021 Stanford Ranch Road, Rocklin, CA
Michelle tells me that every time she talks on SKYPE with her daughter, she gets strange sounding interference. She talks to her daughter in Mexico from Rocklin. A medium told Michelle that she feels the spirit is angry. One day when the medium was talking with Michelle, she knew Michelle was sitting on the bed and told her that the entity is sitting next to her on the bed, this was during the day. Michelle feels the entity may be her former fiancée who died a tragic death by slipping on a ladder and his arm went through a plate of glass, rupturing an essential artery, in which he bled to death. Paranormal Investigators from the International Institute for Psychical Research IIPI (England) heard the name Elizabeth (EVP). Michelle's daughter's name is Elizabeth. Michelle's daughter once saw the shadow of a figure sitting on the couch.

UFOs are interested in the history of mankind, our progress and they definitely take notice when we conduct nuclear detonation tests. UFO activity has been around since the birth of this world and that is a bold statement for me to make, but I truly believe it and also believe that extraterrestrials monitored and assisted with the creation of Earth. It appears that ancient texts from around the world, including our own Bible point to the fact that extraterrestrials were involved with the creation of Earth. With that thought, it would seem reasonable that extraterrestrials would be interested in the history and progress of our world, or should I say ‘their’ world?

Some of the greatest UFO or alien interactions with historical events are with icons such as Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Columbus and George Washington. UFOs have been seen with the pandemic known as The Black Death, the Vietnam War and of course WWII. The UFOs that were seen frequently by airmen in WWII were called Foo Fighters. So now that tensions are rising between North Korea and South Korea, along with dire threats of nuclear attacks on the United States, the reports of UFO activity is increasing in North Korea and South Korea.

If North Korea's leader Kim Jong- Un, loses his head and deploys a nuclear warhead to South Korea, Guam or Hawaii, there will be some strong retaliation and North Korea would probably be blown off the map. I wonder if the UFOs that are now being spotted in North Korea would shut down North Korea’s missile silos to prevent a war? UFOs have shut down nuclear silos before in Russia and America, so I would imagine they would do the same thing in North Korea, well, I hope they do. There has now been a major UFO sighting at Wonsan, North Korea on March 21, 2013. The cigar shaped UFO does a 360 maneuver. I can only hope that UFOs are here to help us. My fingers are crossed!

After Saturday night’s investigation of my place on La Riviera, I have to say that things got pretty quiet. I think we tired out the energy there. I have had no further incidents – until last night, that is. I was putting together a bit of gear for our 4/12 investigation around 9 p.m. when I heard a loud crash from the front office. Several boxes and items had inexplicably tumbled out of the front office closet and knocked the closet door off its tracks. The contents of the closet have been in there for over a year without any such incident, and were not stacked in such a way that they could fall without some help.

I shook my head, cleaned it up, and fixed the closet door. As soon as I left the room from cleaning it up, I heard another crash from the front office. Returning to the office, I found all of my archery equipment (two single bows and a compound bow with a quiver full of arrows) in the middle of the floor. It had all fallen over from where it was leaning against the wall. The archery equipment hasn’t been touched in over 6 months.

I picked up the bows and put them back where they belonged, and went and sat down on the couch to watch some TV. As soon as I sat down, I heard ANOTHER loud bang from the front office. I was pretty much willing to go ahead and admit to myself that I was experiencing poltergeist activity at this point. This one took a while longer to figure out. Eventually I realized what had happened this third time –a blue jay had flown into the front office window and was dead on the ground outside. Luckily, it didn’t break the window. This, admittedly, could have been a coincidence.

This time a half hour passed before anything else happened. Around 10:15 I heard two solid thumps from the front office – it sounded like someone banging a fist against the wall. I inspected the room again, but found nothing out of place.

I went to the kitchen to fix a snack. I stopped in my tracks and yelled, “Oh come on!!!” On the cutting board in the kitchen was a small stack of coins, stacked in a cone from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top – a quarter, a nickel, two pennies, and a dime. I know I did not put those coins there – I never put money on the cutting board where I prepare food, and I certainly never stack coins like that. I have a particular place on the smaller desk in the front office where I always put my change.

I forgot about by snack and decided to go to bed. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep, but finally did. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to feel hands running over my calves (this is actually a fairly common occurrence – hands on me while sleeping or something sitting beside me.

You tell me – I have no idea why they acted out like this all of a sudden. Oddly enough, I really didn’t feel threatened, but it was super obvious they were trying to get my attention! The front office disturbances stopped after I found the coins.
Brent L. George

Hi Paul! I have a referral here and I would like to see if you would be interested in helping this lady. She is kind of hard to get a hold of because she does not want to talk in front of anyone. There seems to be some cross-communication issues between us....and to be honest, our team is just strapped right now! The distance makes it difficult for as well. Let me know if you are interested. I am sending her information to assist you. If you have an questions feel free to call me.

Anna Hill
Founder, Angels of Light Paranormal Society Marysville, California

Pre-Investigation Hx Form
Address of investigation site: La Riviera Dr Sacramento Ca Name of witness(es): Mary Ockrhill Primary Contact Person: Mary. Activity: Male entity haunts apartment and the prior occupants were into black magic (rumor). Special Note: If HPI takes this case, Anna Hill is considered as the case manager for this case.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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The House No One Wants to Live In: Volcanoville
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