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 The 1950s Ghostly Thugs of Stockton

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PostSubject: The 1950s Ghostly Thugs of Stockton   Sun May 05, 2013 7:51 pm

The 1950s Ghostly Thugs of Stockton
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503

Do you want to see the videos of this investigation? The upcoming videos will be at this location!

Shari Aresta Stockton Video:

Jon Koyasako's Photos from Stockton


Date of Investigation: May 4, 2013, Saturday Time of Investigation: 2100 Hours. Location to be at: Stockton, CA Case Manager: Lizzy Silva. Activity: Email I received: "I would like to see about conducting an investigation at the request of my mother. She told me the kids are afraid at times about being alone in certain parts of the house. They see shadows and full body apparitions. Most recently my mom's husband was lying on the couch watching TV and suddenly got up to a male figure dressed all in white outside in front of his driveway door, but as he approached to investigate the figure was gone. Kids see also a female who is mean and scares them in their sleep and one of the kids was unable to breathe or move before and was very frightened to death and felt the breath of a dark shadow might have held her down as she slept. Other stuff has happened like chairs are thrown across the floor, they sound like they are falling or moving and making loud banging sounds, mom's cell phone screen on her cell phone turns on suddenly at a certain time at night for no reason (her screen wall paper is that of her father who passed away recently a few months ago) please give me a call ASAP xxxxxx she would love an investigation. PS: I have taken pics of the home before last year on my mom's birthday and all pics have orbs:)" Special Note: Shari had everyone sign release forms for our start for the TV pilot 'Abnormal Paranormal'. 7pm - starting point for Tre, Melissa, Shari, Deanna was at my house, then we convoyed to Stockton. Tre drove Melissa and me to the home in Stockton and rode back with Deanna & Shari - with Deanna driving.

HPI Paranormal Investigators/Stockton Spirit Extraction Team (Roll Call): Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Wendy Maxam – Videographer; Lizzy Silva – Psychic; Josh Brown – Scout; Simon Brown – Scout; Geneva Brown – Scout; Deanna Bailey – Lead Investigator – Orb Princess; Kara Koyasako – Spiritual Songstress; Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Orb King – Security; Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen; Brent George; Larry Baty; Nancy Garcia – Intuitive Coach; Patti Dixon – Scout; Maria Gomez – Occupant; Tracy ‘Tre’ Lindstrom – EMT (Emergency Medical Technician); Melissa Quinn Maheras – Medical Assistant; Donna Vicario – Occupant.

We have 3 areas to cover, the backyard, the living room/kitchen and the back bedrooms. The 3 leads are Deanna, Shari and Jon. Deanna has Josh, Simon, Geneva, Kara on her team. Shari has Brent, Larry, Nancy & Patti on her team. Jon has Tre, Melissa, Lizzy and Donna on her team. Jon leads Team Spirit. Shari leads Team Perky. Deanna leads Team Feelgood.

Nancy, out Intuitive Coach did a walk through and this is what she picked up on: In the master bedroom the grandmother, Maria’s sister and Maria’s father hang out at. This bedroom is very protected by these 3 entities. The baby’s room is much protected also. The father wanders around the house and in front of the house. There is nothing felt in the 2nd bedroom. From one bedroom to the garage, there is a group of 1950s thugs that hangs out in this area. The 3 family members keep the thugs away. The thugs are also known to walk on the roof and hang out in front of the garage. The energy that the thugs display is smoking cigars, playing the pool tables and drinking. The thugs produce negative energy and are a nuisance to the family. There is a leader to the thugs and he leads 12 thugs. The negative energy is so intense that Nancy’s breath is taken away. The leader of the thugs wears all white and usually hangs out by the garage. Maria (the occupant) validates that her husband once saw a full body apparition all in white at the garage area. Nancy believes that the thugs followed Maria from place to place. The previous home had a vortex. Maria again validates that her previous home had entities. Lizzy Silva is a psychic and obtained her unique abilities from her mother Maria, so the thugs are probably attracted to Maria, because they feel they can communicate with her.

Jon did not get any EVPs, too much noise from Cinco de Mayo. Shadow anomalies caught on film. One of the strangest anomalies was captured on 2 cameras, a strange green squiggly line, other photos of the same area are normal, but 2 cameras simultaneously at the same time caught the green squiggly line. Deanna was touched then about 4 other investigators were touched. Some of the investigators felt a spider web or cobweb sensation when being touched. The spirit box said names of Rosie, Julio and Simon. Nancy picked up on the name of the 50s thugs, they told her in English that their name is the Rafters and in Spanish it would be: Costaneros. Maria says that one of her ex-boyfriend’s was in a gang called the Costaneros. Maria validates Nancy’s claim. Most incredible!

Nancy picks up on the name Tomas, as being the leader of the Rafters. Jon captures a possible EVP of a train - debunked, as there is train tracks nearby. Spirit box captures the word: 'vaminos'. Shari is in the backyard and captures a distinct male voice EVP that says: "Look Around".

I conducted a Catholic blessing of the house. I was very touched when Maria (Lizzy's mother) at the final segment of the cleansing, broke down and cried in my arms. She felt spiritually safe after the cleansing. While I conducted my blessing, Nancy Garcia conducted her own blessing. Nancy calls it a Universal Love/Universal Law Cleansing.

If you ask me if this place is haunted, I am going to have to say: 'yes'. I am going to dismiss the orb shots - unless we can show intelligent movement in the orbs, then I don't consider orb pictures as proof of the paranormal. If there is a face in the orb and no recognition of that face by the occupants, I will dismiss the face in the orb. EVIDENCE ONE: All of our recordings have not been analyzed, but Shari did capture an EVP in which the entity says: "look around". EVIDENCE TWO: Nancy comes up with the 1950s gang name 'The Rafters' and Maria (the occupant) confirms that one of her ex-boyfriends was affiliated with a gang called The Rafters. This is validation from the occupant on what Nancy was able to pick up on. EVIDENCE THREE: 2 cameras capture the very odd - 'high strangeness' green moving squiggly lines. This tells me that both cameras are picking up the very same phenomenon in the very same area, with the very SAME COLOR! POSSIBLE EVIDENCE FOUR: Tre may have captured a half body apparition - torso, shoulders and head, this needs to be analyzed further. Photo depicting possible ectoplasm, needs to be analyzed further. Strange shadow anomalies captured - more analysis needed. Designer orbs captured with faces - are there any recognition to these faces - analysis needed. FINAL ASSESSMENT: HAUNTED BY BENEVOLENT AND MAEVOLENT ENTITIES. Special Note: I think we would have captured many EVPs, except for the fact that 3 neighbors were celebrating Cinco de Mayo and their music was blasting at super high decibels. Sigh.

Maria provided the investigators 2 large pizzas and bottled water/sodas. Shari Aresta provided chocolate chip cookies. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Paul Dale Roberts Goes Over a Full Line of Comics at A1 Comics!
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The Demon Warrior is Seen Outside of A1 Comics on Free Comic Book Day 2013! Video by Big Al!

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The 1950s Ghostly Thugs of Stockton
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