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 Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine

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PostSubject: Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine   Sat May 11, 2013 11:07 pm

Interview with Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: 916 203-7503

See My Previous Interview with Jeani Here:

Question: Hi Jeani, it’s been a long time since we did an interview. There have been so many changes in your life, and your writing since the last time we talked. Can you tell me some of the new things you have been doing?

Answer: Well, there is a lot of good news, in fact. The Horror Zine ezine receives over 30,000 hits a month at, but recently, The Horror Zine has also begun producing a print version of the ezine. We title the print magazine (stayed up all night thinking of this) The Horror Zine Magazine! Haha.

We have also added staff: Dean Wild is Assistant Editor; Christian A. Larsen is Media Director; and Bruce Memblatt is Kindle Coordinator.

Question: You have been going full throttle on The Horror Zine, can you tell your readers about this fantastic publication?

Answer: The Horror Zine is a monthly ezine that accepts submissions of fiction, poetry and art. We are a “4theluv” market, which means we offer exposure. What makes us different from other ezines is that we not only publish relative unknowns, but we also publish professional writers that are best sellers. Therefore, the lesser-known writers have an opportunity to be in the same publication as famous authors, which is great for a resume.

Question: What motivated you to create The Horror Zine?

Answer: I love this question! I also write short stories (and novels), and I used to submit my fiction to online magazines. But when the economy crashed in 2008, online ezines started folding. When even The Harrow went on hiatus, I figured someone needed to step in to add new ezines to counter the ezines that were rapidly folding.

Then I thought, “Why not me?” So I took a website class, Adobe Dreamweaver, and got to work. What is funny is that I named it The Horror Zine, thinking that those would be keywords on Google which would make people accidentally stumble across my zine and therefore discover it.

I had no idea that the success of The Horror Zine would be so great that I could have named it anything I wanted! It is not an accidental discovery; readers actively seek it out.

The success and popularity of The Horror Zine is beyond anything I could have imagined, and it is all because of the amazing talents that the contributors possess.

Question: Rumor has it that your publication won some awards, can you please tell us about it?

Answer: Since you said “rumor has it,” I feel I should tell you some delicious gossip. But yes, The Horror Zine has been recognized by the Preditors and Editors Critters Workshop and also by The British Fantasy Society. You can see the awards on our “About” Page.

Question: The Horror Zine was recognized by Fangoria! That is amazing, please tell us all about that.

Answer: Actually Fangoria has reviewed two of our books: WHAT FEARS BECOME and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE. For FRIGHTS, they did a write-up in their October 2012 print issue and said wonderful things about it.

Question: How many books have you written now and can you tell us something about your books?

Answer: I have personally written PESTILENCE: A MEDIEVAL TALE OF PLAGUE which came out (published by The Horror Zine Books) in 2012. This is historical fiction about a real-life apocalypse of bubonic plague in 1348 England that wiped out ¾ of the world’s population.

This year, I have written another full-length novel of historical fiction titled ACCUSED: A TALE OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS. Witches! Ergot! Chase scenes! Hangings! And the weirdest court trials you could imagine. This book has it all, and is based upon real events in 1692 Salem,

And then of course there are The Horror Zine books. Coming out this month is SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE. It contains a Foreword from Joe R. Lansdale, and includes an all-star cast, such as Bentley Little, Simon Clark, Yvonne Navarro, Earl Hamner, Melanie Tem, Elizabeth Massie, Scott Nicholson, Ronald Malfi, Lisa Morton, and many others.

Question: Where can your readers purchase your books?

Answer: Everything ever sold in the world can be found on Amazon.

Question: How can people submit to The Horror Zine?

Answer: Go to and click on “Submit” to find our Submissions Guidelines. If you are a short story writer, a poet, or an artist, we want to hear from you. The Horror Zine is not just horror; we like mystery, suspense, thriller, monster fiction, and speculative “Twilight Zone” stuff. We do not accept any serial killers, gore for gore’s sake, abuse of women or children, anything Satanic, and no erotica. And the artwork does not have to be dark; we also want beauty.

Come check us out! I’d love to hear from you at

Question: Okay, time for a couple of fun questions. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 fictional and 3 real, who would they be and why?

Answer: Well, this is a fun question! Probably beef heart, chicken livers, and tripe would be on the menu. Just kidding! I like horror, not horrible!

Fictional characters…anyone from the HBO series Six Feet Under, Larry Underwood from Stephen King’s THE STAND, and Mr. Spock, either one of the Spocks, I love them both! Smart is sexy.

Real people…Elvira, who created the “horror babe” image, Ellen Datlow, Editor Extraordinaire who is my idol and is who I want to be when I grow up, and probably either Bentley Little or Joe R. Lansdale or Earl Hamner, can I make it five and have them all?

Question: If you were stranded on an island and you could bring only 3 items, what would those items be?

Answer: Water, food, and Zachary Quinto.

Question: What movies, TV shows, books do you like? What is your favorite song?

Answer: I just got a Roku box so I get Netflix. I have so many to choose from, that I cannot answer the TV or movie question. But song…I liked Gotye and the classic rock group Head East….if you don’t know about Head East, think “Never Been Any Reason.” So you can see I like slow songs and hard classic rock.

Question: Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Follow your dream. It sounds corny and over-stated, I know. But if you have talent, and you have desire and ambition, you can do it, whatever it is you want to do. Push the limit, and if you believe in yourself, others will be convinced because of your drive and energy. And talent.

Added Note: Thank you soooo much Jeani, for my autographed book: PESTILENCE: A MEDIEVAL TALE OF PLAGUE; can’t wait to read it!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine
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