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 Jealousy Becomes the Ghost

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PostSubject: Jealousy Becomes the Ghost   Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:53 pm

Jealousy Becomes the Ghost
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503

This will be my last investigation Stateside, before I head over to Guatemala to investigate the Spirits of Tikal. Special Note: Josh Gates and Destination Truth have investigated the Spirits of Tikal, see video here:

I have layovers in Houston, Texas; Panama City - Panama; San Jose - Costa Rica. I will be crossing the borders in Belize and El Salvador. One of the things that is making me nervous is the fact that there is a huge drug traffic that goes from Bolivia - South America, through Guatemala - Central America, into Mexico and into Texas and the United States. There is high rate of murders in Guatemala and there are many cartels. Some of those cartels are: Guatemala Branch Cartel; Juárez Cartel; La Linea Cartel; Colima Cartel; Guadalajara Cartel; La Familia Michoacana Cartel; Knights Templar Cartel; La Resistencia; Los Negros; Beltrán-Leyva Cartel; Savage Lobo Cartel.

Special Note: I will be on Sacramento to Houston Copa 2360; Houston (IAH) to Panama City (Tocumen International) Copa 1932; Panama City (PTY) to San Jose (SJO) Copa 391; San Jose (SJO) to Guatemala City (GUA) Copa 391. Going Home: Guatemala City (GUA) to Panama City Copa 497; Panama City to Houston (Copa 1931); Houston to Sacramento Copa 1915.

It's amazing the ties that these gangs have. Take for example the Savage Lobo Cartel is connected to the Columbia Cartels. Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning. Cocaine is harvested in Columbia by the Columbian cartels and transported to a Guatemala cartel, such as Savage Lobo Cartel. Savage Lobo Cartel delivers the cocaine into Mexico to various Mexican cartels and the Mexican Mafia. The Mexican Mafia distributes the Cocaine, which has been transformed into crack to organizations like The Outlaws Motorcycle Gang, The Crips, The Bloods to the Hell's Angels; a more refined cut-up cocaine is delivered to the Gambino Family, etc. All of this is of course monitored by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency); I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) and international law enforcement agencies like Interpol.

It looks like I will be in midst of this drug trafficking nightmare and all I want to do is chase a few ghosts. Damn! Like Tony Montana says: "say hello to my little friend", I will be saying the same thing, only I will be holding a digital recorder...sigh. Well, let me get my mind off this trip and concentrate on the investigation at hand.

See below for the initial information:

Date to be there: June 7, 2013, Friday Time to be there: 7pm. Contact Person: Pete Ochoa - Activity and History: Wife died of cancer, sensing activity in home. When 2 female roommates moved in, the activity started. Jealousy? Footsteps heard, shadows seen. Address to be at: Elk Grove, CA 95624 - Case Manager: Lucy Lopez

June 7, 2013, Friday: Before we started this investigation, Lisa Gottschalk and Louise Cordova came over to my house and brought back my computer tower. Lisa managed to take off the FBI Moneypack Virus off my computer and now I am back in business. Riding with me to the investigation are Lisa and Louise. Thank you Lisa for taking this nasty bug off my computer, now my computer runs faster than ever!

HPI Paranormal Intelligence Operatives/ The HPI Cartel (Roll Call): Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen; Lisa Gottschalk – Technician; Louise Cordova – Buddha Cleanser; Michelle Fontana – Border Girl - Choctaw Native Indian Cleanser; Lucy Lopez – Scout; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Lead Investigator – Back-Up Videographer; John Pete Ochoa – Occupant; Jennifer White – Scout; Jinnae Johnson – Scout; Sergio Rodarte – Scout/Observer; Tracey Moua – Scout/Observer; Courtney James – Scout; Wendy Maxam – Videographer; Kara Koyasako – Spiritual Songstress; Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Security; Pamela Fox; Jeri Smith – Professional Photographer; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner.

Tonight we have two areas to cover, the back yard and the inside of the house. Shari will lead tonight, with her group Team Sicilian. On her team is Lisa, Louise, Jinnae and Kara.
Big Al leads Team Neopolitan – on her team is Michelle, Pam, Jon, Courtney. Wendy is a floater.

John Pete Ochoa – Occupant believes that his wife Christina Ochoa is haunting his home. Christina died of breast cancer. He explains that the activity he has experienced are: 1. something touching his hair; 2. felt breathing on his face; 3. has heard audible voices; 4. doors have opened and closed on their own; 5. heard things falling and nothing has fell; 6. seen shadows darting here and there. Special Note: Thank you John for serving Cervichi and tortillas to my hungry investigators/scouts.

In the backyard, they heard some strange squeaks. Big Al’s group may have captured some Class B EVPs – one that said ‘hi’ and the other that says ‘no’. Jon may have seen a shadow in the bathroom. Big Al may have captured a Class A EVP in the bedroom that sounds like a male voice saying ‘huh?’ Right now, things are still leveling off towards inconclusive. Other investigators voices may have contaminated the so-called EVPs. We are not capturing any female voiced EVPs. So, I can only wonder if Christina Ochoa is still here?

Special Note: As I was looking at the photos of the late Christina Ochoa on the occupant’s television set, I recognized Christina, she used to work at Department of Health Services and she attended my mother’s funeral with her husband John. Christina placed an item in my mother’s coffin, it was some kind of religious relic and she asked my permission if she could do it and I told her she could. What a small world we live in.

I learned that a 3 year old boy next door drowned in his pool, we attempted to communicate with him via EVP, with no success. John at some point of time did see a little boy spirit in his hallway. When Kara asked how many entities are in the house, we captured an EVP that says ‘four’. When Big Al and Michelle asked ‘are these your remains?’, they heard audibly with their ears ‘yeah’ and captured a Class A EVP that said ‘yeah’.

We captured a couple of designer orb photos, one seemed to have a face. At the 3rd round investigation – we captured a Class A EVP, that was a woman’s voice saying ‘what’s that?’ when Big Al asked her what she placed in my mother’s coffin. That would be an intelligent response. With the EVPs that we captured, there was some contamination. I’m still on the fence with this investigation and waiting for more analytical proof that the EVPs were not contaminated by the voices of other investigators. No Catholic blessing was conducted, because I feel if Christina Ochoa is still in the house, she has a message to convey to John. Atheuth Paris – Remote Viewer and Psychic will assist John and see if there is a message.


As you may know, Jeri Smith is one of my HPI Investigators and she runs a dating site called West Coast Singles. Her site is getting very popular and I believe it will take the nation by storm! She is converting the site to or - so, if you want to check out West Coast Singles...and if you are single and looking for a date. Meet some of the classy men and women on this site. Go to this location: Tell Jeri, I sent ya! Special Note: June 6, 2013 Thursday: Jeri Smith came to Starbucks - Laguna Blvd/Franklin - Elk Grove, CA to meet me and she was very enthusiastic about her very cool site!

Thank you DFW folks: Jennifer White, Tracey Mouanoutoua, Lucy Rodarte, Jinnae Looney for attending the Elk Grove investigation - being great observers, participants and HPI Scouts! Your support was appreciated!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Jealousy Becomes the Ghost
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