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 The Larry Baty Story

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PostSubject: The Larry Baty Story   Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:40 am


Everyone has a story, after I wrote my biography; I'd look at my social friends and wonder what their stories were. Iím here with Larry Baty and listening to just a few of his heartfelt stories about his past. Itís funny how we think we know people we hang out with and see often, but don't see the pain that is behind their smiles.
I will hand the recorder over to Larry now and he will tell some of his story to me so I will put it in this article. This is what he wrote:

"I remember when I was about 16 years old and my mother was always depressed, one night my brother and her got into an argument and she pulled a gun out and shot a bullet into the wall. My brother took off after that and my mom went into the back yard and put the gun up to her head and I was standing a foot away from her crying and pleaded with her not to pull the trigger. She did pull the trigger and everything happened so fast, somehow I managed to get my hand between the gun and my momís head and it pinched my skin in between my finger and my thumb and I pulled the gun down and I took it apart and I handed her back the gun and I kept just the bullets and the chamber and she beat me while I was on the ground and I saved her life that way.

Then about five years later, trials and tribulations happened and she was going through a divorce and my step father shot and killed her in a fit of rage going through the divorce. That was so devastating to my sister, my brother and me. My sister ended up really going overboard doing drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd. My brother ended up going to prison. It took him until he was 40 years old to realize that wasn't the life he wanted. Myself, I moved away from Illinois three months after she was killed to go see where she grew up, in Sacramento California. I ended up staying in Sacramento for 23 years and got married and had two children, a son and a daughter. I moved on with my life and when my marriage ended I had some confrontations with the law because the police force was coaxed to go after me because my wife was having an affair with the police chief and I had a police officer arrest me 6 times on false charges and they wrote false police reports on me. One officer didnít get away with it because on the day they were accusing me of being somewhere I had a solid alibi as to where I was. I finally got audio and video proof of what the Chief and his police buddies were doing to me and the Chief was forced to resign his position at the police department.

After that he hired some guys to beat me up. I was hospitalized for three weeks and put into a nursing home for five more weeks. During this time I lost everything I owned because of that arrest and beating I got. After two years of no work and trying to get over my injuries, I finally went back into the work force with four hundred resumes and two job interviews. I got a job and worked that for a year and started my own company becoming my own boss. I have picked myself up and moved on. I now make enough money to survive.

Thank you so much Larry for sharing your story with us. It isn't easy to talk about painful things that go on in your life. As the years pass it gets a little easier to bear. Their are many more stories Larry has hidden away in his mind but he was kind enough to share these few with us. I find it so remarkable how people can hide their tragedy's in life and move on with a smile. Larry is a very caring and a wonderful man; he travels back and forth from his home town of Illinois to California to be his Uncle's caretaker. He has a huge heart and has spent his whole life helping others. My hat goes off to you Larry Baty.

Interview Conducted By: Shari Aresta, HPI Paranormal Investigations
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
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The Larry Baty Story
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