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 All Hell Breaks Out in Loma Rica

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PostSubject: All Hell Breaks Out in Loma Rica   Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:46 pm

All Hell Breaks Out in Loma Rica
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations


Pictures from Investigation:


Date to be there: July 6, 2013, Saturday Time to be there: 1900 Hours Location: Loma Rica, CA. Case Manager: Tracy 'Tre' Lindstrom. Activity: New family moved in and they are wondering why so many families have moved into this house, lived in it shortly and moved out so quick. What's up? HPI is welcome to spend the night! Bring sleeping bags!

Tracy 'Tre' Lindstrom - HPI Paranormal Intelligence Operative moved into a new home. Tre having dealt with the paranormal in our investigations, did not realize that the paranormal is going to get somewhat 'personal' with her. Not realizing it, Tre and her family moved into a 'haunted home'. Tonight, we set out to either validate the paranormal or attempt to find other natural explanations.

At 5pm, Donna Anderson shows up at my door and off to Loma Rica we go. We arrive, what a fabulous home, very spacious and beautiful. This should be a great investigation! Thank you Donna for the ten bucks in gas! Special Note: Louise bought me a blue t-shirt that reads: I Have Great Aim, Ask Your Girlfriend. Dear lord...Louise has a sense of humor. The humorous comradery that we have with each other, relieves us from the intense moments of any given investigation, this is one of those investigations.

When we arrived Craig was doing a BBQ, with hotdogs, cheeseburgers, hotlinks. Side dishes: potato salad, macaroni salad. There were 2 birthday cakes - strawberry cake and caramel cake. It is Craig's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Craig! Other goodies: watermelon, chips & onion/garlic dip, sodas.

Paranormal Intelligence Operatives (Roll Call): Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Shari Aresta - GM; Wendy Maxam - Videographer; Tracy 'Tre' Lindstrom - HPI Chronicler; Donna Arleth Anderson - Wiccan Cleanser / Psychic Medium; Brent George - Technician; Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator; Larry Baty - Technician; Scott Atkins - Technician; Jen Subbaraman - Metaphysical Cleanser; Lisa Gottschalk - Technician; Louise Cordova - Buddha Cleanser / Navajo Cleanser; Jon Koyasako - Lead Investigator & Security. Ivy Rubsam; Patrick Newton - Researcher; Craig Lindstrom - Scout; Kara Koyasako - Spiritual Songstress, Master of Coin, Lead Investigator. OCCUPANTS: Tre & Craig Lindstrom.

We have 3 areas to cover, the 1st floor, 2nd floor and outside perimeters. The leads tonight are Deanna, Jon K and Kara. Jon leads Team Something Cool with Jen, Ivy and Donna. Deanna has Team Tube Toppers and has on her team Lisa, Brent, Scott & Tre. Kara leads Team Southern Belles and has Patrick, Louise, Larry and Craig. Shari and Wendy are floaters.

Email Received from Tre: "Good morning, darling! Here's a list of what I can remember. I did it very quickly and mainly by memory. I'm sure I forgot a lot of things, but it's a good start. Smile I can't wait to see you!!! I hope you're having a wonderful morning!"

July 3rd- Saw a tall, elderly man and woman in door, went outside and smelled strong scent of roses. I believe they may be the original owners of the home. It was built in 1975. The woman used to have a VERY huge love of roses. She hired someone JUST to care for her roses.

July 2nd- Larry Baty saw a man walking around upstairs when no one was up there, captured a few evp's. One was the word "long", one was "no", and one was POSSIBLY in German. Unable to confirm.

June 25th- Shari captured the sound of a person walking around her as she slept, sounded like they were shuffling things around. Like they were picking things up and putting them back down.

June 13th- Jeff saw a man in the mudroom in an orange and white striped shirt, tan shorts, broad shoulders, balding, staring at him.
Also, Diego looked like someone punted him like a football in the ass.He looked around to see who did it, locked his eyes onto something and took off after it. He started snarling and growling at something, and chased it around the living room, barking and snarling like crazy. Keep in mind, Diego-Doggy is an old, extremely quiet, slow old doggy with arthritis. He's very mellow, and it isn't at all in his character to act this way. I searched the living room as he did this, and there wasn't so much as a gnat.

June 12th- Saw a shadow move slowly by our bedroom door, ran to hall, nothing there but I had a strange vibe.
Also, keys fell off the dresser for no reason.

June 10th- I was in a lot of pain, so I walked out, clutching my stomach, to let my mom know that I needed some help. She woke up when she heard me, and started to doze back off, when suddenly, she started smelling a strong scent of roses. It was just far enough out of her reach each time she lifted herself higher, and as soon as she was in an upright position and fully awake, the scent was gone. We went thru a huge list of possibilities for the scent, down to hair products and fabric softeners, and came up empty. There was absolutely no reason for that scent to be in the loft.

June 5th- Set my cigarettes behind my purse on the kitchen counter, tucked behind my purse so they were out of reach of the kids (I always do this as a force of habit), even tho they weren't home. I'd just gotten home, put it on the counter, walked thru the living room, and heard a thump. I walked back into the kitchen to find the cigarette case had fallen to the floor, even tho it was at least a foot from the edge, and tucked behind my purse.

Late May- Saw a figure of a very tall man in the loft upstairs

Ongoing- Quite often, we hear the sound of someone opening a door upstairs in the loft. My mom didn't really believe it until she experienced it while sitting right next to the closet door upstairs. She heard someone jiggling the handle to the door, and came downstairs to tell me immediately.

Ongoing- I often hear the sound of footsteps in the loft and in the living room. When I'm sitting outside and no one is home, after I've been outside working on the pc for an extended period of time, they must think I'm not home because then the sounds begin. It literally sounds like they're moving furniture around upstairs, and sometimes just footsteps and like someone is cleaning the house.

May- I'd just finished weed eating our back yard, it was late, and I walked into my room and hit my bed face first. I was exhausted. Suddenly, I felt what I thought was one of my kids balancing themselves on the flat bottoms of my tennis shoes. It felt like someone was leaning their belly on the bottoms of my shoes. I said in a stern voice to my husband "Who's pushing on my feet?!?!" He says "No one is". I said "Oh, come on, who the hell is pushing me?" He asked what I was talking about, and said no one was in the room, that the kids were already in bed. I flew around quickly to find no one there, and our door was even closed. That shocked me, because I would've bet my life one of my kids was doing that!

Also captured some other evp's, one in a female voice asking someone our whereabouts. The other was a male voice yelling at our dog, Diego-Doggy, to sit. He has a very deep, gravel sounding voice. He was yelling "SIT!" a few times. The funny thing is, Diego isn't trained to sit, nor would he if we asked him to. He seemed very irritated by our dog on the evp.

Several times in May- Diego would sit on the back of the sofa, looking up to the loft, growling and barking. If I didn't know any better, I would swear there was a "bad guy" up there messing with him. He NEVER acts like that, ever. He's very old and tired.

Late May- I was in my bedroom, and I heard some VERY strange sounds coming from the living room at bedtime. I swear, it sounded like an insane asylum in our living room. I could hear my mom snoring, and Diego howling and barking. Above them, I could hear several male and female voices howling along with Diego. It was actually a very ghoulish sound.... very creepy. As I got closer to my bedroom door, the sound got louder and louder, until I could hear all of the voices very clearly. It sounded like several people were messing with Diego, howling really loudly, and getting him to do the same. Maybe mocking him, but I really don't know. As soon as I opened my bedroom door, all of the sounds stopped, with the exception of Diego and my mom. I walked out into the living room, and Diego was going ballistic. He was again staring up to the loft, and circling the sofa, snarling, howling and barking. He's totally used to my mom's snoring, and it's never bothered him. Also, it obviously wasn't her that was howling unless she's possessed...LOL. He was obviously very shaken and angry. Again, not even close to being in his nature. When it's bedtime, Diego is always ready to sleep, and doesn't wake up in the night. He sleeps until he's ready to go out to go potty in the morning. Something was obviously upsetting him really badly. Had I heard those same noises next to me, it would disturb me, too! It was really scary sounding!! If I had to guess, I'd say it was at least 4-5 other howling voices besides Diego's howling.

July 4th- I was getting ready to fall asleep when suddenly my lamp jumped up and off the mini fridge for no reason. It made a fairly loud thump. I checked to see how heavy the lamp is, and what could've caused that, and the lamp is pretty heavy. It takes a little doing to lift up that lamp.

PHOTOS: I quite often capture pics of "something" dark in our living room while sitting outside on the deck. I'm not sure if my brain tried to matrix something or not, but one time, above the dark blob, it looked like a man's face. It was very light white with black eyes and black hair. It looked demonic, but again, I'm not sure if I tried to matrix it, because I've never gotten a 2nd opinion. It looked like a face to me, though.

EVP's- Long, no, Have you seen them lately, SIT! (several times)

KII readings: While Shari was here, we had some very odd KII hits. She had some intelligent answers, followed by some very strange activity. The meter would flash 15 times, followed by a 10 second break. It did this numerous times, over the span of approx. 30 mins or so. We checked for wiring, internet signals, etc. and came up empty. There was no reason for that to happen. We changed batteries and got the same results with two different KII meters.

On Shari and Larry's visit, we got intelligent responses, but rather than all red hits like before, this time it was consistently yellow.

I'm sure there's a ton of things I'm missing, however, I had to write this in like 20 mins and I'm going mostly by memory. I hope this helps. Smile

OH! I almost forgot... The history that I've "heard" is that the original owners lived here for approx 20 yrs before one passed, the other went to a rest home and passed. It's not known if anyone passed IN the residence. They aren't able to pronounce death on the scene, so it would've "legally" been by the on-duty physician at the hospital. That's one theory I have. The 2nd owners lived here for 8 years, the next 3, the next 2 yrs, and then the last owner purchased the home for his mother. She lived here maybe a month or so and refused to live here any longer. It isn't known why, but she just refused to live here, even in a FREE home. I have a feeling I know why! LOL!

Photos were taken of orbs following Diego the dog. Jon K captures a squeaky sounding EVP, during a silent EVP session. Jon K's team captures a Darth Vader sigh sound EVP. Donna feels that there is a family buried somewhere in the backyard and that someone was hung. 3 cats would constantly follow the investigators around. When the investigators would stop, the cats would stop. Donna feels residual energy near the backyard shed. Larry captured 2 clear EVPs. One says 'go home' and the other says 'get out'.

Investigators see a shadow figure move by the shed. Rope on tree starts swinging by itself, no wind. Gargling whisper sounding EVP captured. Another EVP a conversation is going on while the investigators are talking. The conversation voices could not be identified. An EVP considered as gibberish talking was captured. 3 cats constantly started following the investigators and when the investigators stopped walking, the cats would stop walking. Male deep voice EVP that says 'yeah' captured. We capture a 'growl' EVP. We capture a foot shuffling EVP. Scott who says he is a 'sensitive' felt a little boy presence. Most of the EVPs were male voices and only one EVP was identified as a female voice. EVP captured that says 'not made up'.

At the end of the night, we conducted a gathering of investigators that attempt to communicate with the entities in the home - not a true seance per se, while Kara's team heads outside to see if they can capture more EVPs. I called the entity out, asking the entity to move balls, tap on the walls, etc. Nothing happens. Then all of a sudden Kara's group runs inside and tells us that they hear a man in the distant woods yelling for help. We all rush outside to see if there was truly a man that needed help. The male voice yelling 'help' sounded inhuman to me and other investigators describe it as a man yelling for help that may be in excruciating pain. Some of the investigators armed with flashlights attempted to look for the man and 911 was called. When the police arrived and search lights hit the woods, no man could be seen. But, what made this very unusual are the following facts:
1. In the beginning of the night, Donna, our psychic medium felt very uncomfortable in these part of the woods. There was a whole lot of ground to cover, but in one area of the woods, she points out something creepy, perhaps a family is buried in this part of the woods, perhaps a hanging took place. She felt so uncomfortable, she requested 2 men investigators to walk with her to this section. This section is where the 'helps' were heard. The section of woods that the psychic points out and this being the section where the helps are heard, all coincide.
2. Patrick and Ivy state that the helps sounded like they were distant calls for help, then the helps sounded very close, and then they sounded far away again. There was NO rustling of bushes, so if someone is calling for help from a distance and then decides to move closer, there should have been sounds of bushes being moved. Other investigators confirm what Patrick and Ivy witnessed. If bushes are not being rustled as the calls go from the distance to a closer proximity, this leads me to think it was paranormal in nature.
3. Jon sees an apparition in the woods, from where the help calls were originating. I see a head pop out from an old gnarly tree, then afterwards Patrick sees the torso of a person from behind the same tree. When I investigate, there is no one behind the tree.
4. The help calls occurred during the time of the seance. I am asking the entity to make itself known. Perhaps the help calls were the way that the entity was letting us know that it was around. The help calls coincide with the time of the seance.
5. Before the help calls were heard, Louise states that they heard maniacal type of laughter. Why would anyone laugh, before crying out for help? Some of the investigators even heard a female yelling for help at one period of time.
6. If the help calls were paranormal in nature, could it be that the entity was trying to trick us into leaving the house and running into the woods, where we could injure ourselves? We announced that the police were on there way, so if there were pranksters out there, why didn't we hear them running off, before the police arrived? How come the police didn't see anyone in the woods from where the help calls were originating? If they were pranksters, where did they go? People have experienced ghostly entities crying for help in the past, case example 'South Carolina' in which hikers and campers have heard cries of help in the woods and found nothing. Other campers claimed after hearing the cries of help, they saw injured Civil War soldiers lying on the ground, when they approached the soldiers, they simply vanished. Could those cries of help been residual or could it have been a trickster type of ghost that was misleading us into doom, where we could have ran through the woods, trying to find this distressed person and wind up falling over a cliff side, falling and hitting our head on a rock. If it was a sincere cry for help, why couldn't they yell.."help, I'm over here?" Why did the help calls sound distant, and then sound closer? This appears to be 'trickery' on the entity's part, if it was truly paranormal. THIS WILL BE A CASE, THAT WILL STICK WITH ME FOR QUITE SOMETIME.

I conducted a Catholic blessing of the home. I pray that this family will not be tormented by paranormal activity. God bless.

Jen, Scott, Lisa, Louise, Shari spent the night. It was peaceful throughout the whole night. Perhaps the blessing helped?

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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All Hell Breaks Out in Loma Rica
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