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 The Secrets of Mount Shasta Book Review

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PostSubject: The Secrets of Mount Shasta Book Review   Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:46 am

The Secrets of Mount Shasta and A Dweller on Two Planets
Publisher: Global Communications
Channeled by Phylos, from the Soul of Atlantis
Edited, Modernized an Abridged by Sean Casteel
New Material by Nick Redfern Timothy Green, Paul Dale Roberts
Contact Information: and Email:
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203 7503

Comments: Are you ready for this? 462 pages of exciting and intriguing material on Mount Shasta! Timothy Green Beckley talks in the beginning on how he got hooked on a book channeled by Phylos and basically how it opened his mind to the wonderments of the universe. Timothy is credited with bringing to light many mysteries of our world. As you have The Most Interesting Man of the World in which you see in Dos Equis beer commercials, you have in this book The Most Interesting Man of the Paranormal – Timothy Green Beckley. Timothy will keep you fully intrigued in this book, where you will find yourself turning off the TV, so you can consume this book in its entirety! Timothy invites another intriguing author and researcher for this book. You will find Nick Redfern – Paranormal Adventurer Extraordinaire dashing his thoughts on the mysterious and mystical Mount Shasta. Nick talks about the history of this mountain, starting off with the Klamath tribe. You will learn about the tale of Llao, the deity of the underworld going up against Skell, the Klamath’s god of the skies. Nick not only talks about the Lemurians that dwell underneath Mount Shasta, but he talks about other places in California that are known for their high strangeness, such as Death Valley. I often wonder if all of these places are some way connected? Are there various portals that connect to all of these high strangeness areas from Mount Shasta to Death Valley to maybe Sedona? Perhaps, we will learn one day when the ancient gods return. In this book you get one incredible story after another about the mythical creature known as Bigfoot. Mount Shasta has so many legendary stories that engulf this region of the world from UFOs, to Bigfoot, the appearance of the immortal Count Saint Germaine to the Lemurians and more! You will even learn about a Kenneth Arnold connection. The connection of the Cascade Range to Mount Rainier where Kenneth saw his ‘flying saucers’. The Secrets of Mount Shasta is a book of mind boggling proportions. It has astonishing stories that have a foundation of realism. Timothy Green is relentless in his quest to find the truth about this mountain, his bloodhound detective abilities in the unknown, will one day give us the Big Reveal.
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The Secrets of Mount Shasta Book Review
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