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 Debbie Como - Spiritual Shaman & Lisa Robinson - Intuitive & Astral Projector

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PostSubject: Debbie Como - Spiritual Shaman & Lisa Robinson - Intuitive & Astral Projector   Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:03 am

Interview with Debbie Como – Spiritual Shaman; Lisa Robinson – Intuitive and Astral Projector.
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Interview Date: July 30, 2013
Interview Time: 1900 Hours
Location: Starbucks, 1429 Broadway, Sacramento, CA

Question: Debbie and Lisa can you tell us something personal about yourself? Your hobbies, recreational activities, family life, travels, movies you like, TV shows you like, books you like, etc.

Debbie: By trade I am a dog groomer, 35 yrs in the pet industry, my hobbies? Lol pick one… I love art I paint and draw, I do bead work, make jewelry, animals of course are tops of my interest list. I have a wonderful husband Adam and my 10 yr old son Dylan, and my 19 yr old daughter Jessica. Just discovered the wonderful world of river rafting! Yes I'm hooked! I'll go anywhere, especially the ocean, I feel so tied to the waters. I have been mostly up and down the Eastern seaboard as I used to drive trucks, I love New England, and however I was born and raised and a native of Brooklyn, NY. And I lived in Pennsylvania for 3 yrs, talk about activity! My fav movies of course are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, I'm a Trekkie and I love anything Sci Fi. I’m a devout sci fi channel watcher from Ghost Hunters, Ghostly Encounters, Dead Files, etc. I love watching Ghost Whisperer and Game of Thrones. Pretty much anything to do with medieval times and paranormal I'll watch it. I have lots of herbal medicine books I love my herbal recipes. I have books from Native American shamanism and spirits to Wicca books of all kinds. I feel a connection to the earth thru my native bound spirit I'm very white, but red hearted!

Lisa: Pretty diverse, from owning small businesses, I have 1 grown son Jason that is 34 in a few days! I love anything out doors, have floated a lot, been on the water as much as possible. Not much TV when I do I am searching for spiritual knowledge (read many books, Carlos Castaneda (author of Don Quixote). I meditate and do yoga as much as possible. I love to whale watch.

Question: Debbie, how old was you when you had your first paranormal experience?

Answer: 12

Question: Lisa, how old was you when you had your first paranormal experience?

Answer: 13.

Question: Debbie, please list your most significant paranormal experiences.

Answer: "At 12, I remember playing with a group of friends tossing a ball, the ball rolled towards the corner I chased it and as I got closer, it seemed as if the voices of my friends just went away. It felt slow and surreal, I looked up, and there it was a spinning object with many colored lights just hovering, silent! I then looked back to my friends and yelled “Hey, look up!”, and it darted to the right and was gone…. No one else saw it but me, of course they thought I was crazy and telling lies, but I know what I saw….. Then as I got older I would feel things, like knowing when I wasn’t alone in a room, we lived up the street that dead ended on both sides by two different cemeteries, a Jewish cemetery and a Lutheran, that had a small Chinese section. We would ride bikes in there as kids but I never liked being in there at sun down. When I was about 10, I was sleeping in my grandmother's room, I woke up and right next to me on her dresser were two women, standing perfectly still. I reached up to touch them, my hand went thru her leg! She never moved, I always thought they were guardians of some sort. Years later when I became pregnant with my daughter, the native dreams started, I knew when they were happening because the spotted bird would come, it would lift me above the clouds and I would be standing before a table with elders, one night I saw a winged native man in my dream he beckoned me to a hill top where a silver haired woman waited, she walked to me chanting, touched my pregnant belly and I woke up. When I lived in North Carolina, my neighbor came to get me saying she thought she had a spirit in her house; I went over and stood in her living room. Suddenly my back got cold and it moved to my front I knew something was there, we asked her to show us she was there and a plant moved on the window, then the spirit passed right through me, it was the strangest feeling ever. In Pennsylvania I have run into Civil War soldiers and spirits at railroad crossings, the Henryville house was right up my road, and the 4 hanged maids always watched us out the window. It’s been knocked down since."

Question: Lisa, please list your most significant paranormal experiences.

Answer: When I was 13, a friend and I found a house that was old and falling apart literally, When I entered the entrance (no door) I heard a voice from a female child saying “you are finally here…..I looked forward and she was behind this old chair, The old house was like the people just got up and walked out. I told her I would not hurt her and tried to get her to tell me her name. As soon as I asked her I heard another sound from the chair… but it was a big black snake about 5 feet long….. I left the house, and when I went back the house was all knocked down, I know of no one that has been there for years??

Question: How can people contact you after reading your interview?




In 1974, I was temporary stationed at Merrill Barracks in Germany. Merrell Barracks was known as the former headquarters for Adolph Hitler. Merrill Barracks is a complex structure with hidden passages underneath its concrete domain. During the time I was at Merrill Barracks, I heard many ghostly stories. I never witnessed a ghost at Merrill Barracks, but I do remember the fascinating stories. One of the jobs I had at Merrill Barracks was the job of being a security guard, patrolling Merrill Barrack’s compound. I remember getting stopped late at night by my own security police friends when I was off-duty, because I was sneaking a German girl into the compound. But, on one night, the security police told me that they saw a hideous looking woman in a long black cloak come out of the shadows. This woman ghost was sighted 3 times that I know about and she was called the Merrill Barracks Harridan. One security guard after seeing the Merrill Barracks Harridan ran into the fence with his jeep. A former Colonel once told me that there is a secret tunnel that goes from Merrill Barracks to the Dukes & Dykes (former open Nazi field, where all of the Nazi soldiers would stand in formation), in this tunnel is a little black creature wearing a red jumpsuit. The Colonel says that the few soldiers that encountered this creature, believe it’s a troll. The soldiers call him the Gute Nacht Troll. One soldier says that he was attacked by the troll and it left 3 claw marks on his back. If anyone investigates Merrill Barracks, I would immensely enjoy reading the report.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Debbie Como - Spiritual Shaman & Lisa Robinson - Intuitive & Astral Projector
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