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 The Ouija Board Hauntings of Tammie Floyd Yost

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PostSubject: The Ouija Board Hauntings of Tammie Floyd Yost   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:12 pm

By Shari Aresta, General Manager of HPI
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Date of Interview: July 31, 2013, Wednesday Time of Interview: 10 am. Contact Person: Tammie Yost
Address: Georgia.

Tammie Yost contacted HPI to share her story. I called her and asked her to please share it with us. Tammie began her story by telling me when she was about 11 years old she lived in Alabama with her mom, sister, step-father and two younger siblings. One day the she and her sister were all playing and they found a witch board (Ouija board) and you could ask it questions and it answers and stuff. So, we started asking it questions: Three weeks after playing with it, the board began to change and the answers started becoming demanding of us and the planchette would move faster and faster as it answered questions. It also started asking us questions. It was answering our questions and when we would not respond it was as if it got mad, and the planchette would shoot across the room by itself. That really scared us, we separated it from the board it came with. When we went back into the room it was together again. They played with it again upstairs in her sisterís bedroom which was wooden. They kept hearing scratching noises on the wood floor, kind of like when a cat plays with a wad of paper balled up and the cat hits it across the floor. They cleared everything off the floor to see what was making the noise. They decided they were going to try to catch whatever was making the noise they took the lamp into the middle of the bed with them and sat on the bed. Each time they heard the noise they would turn on the lamp and search the room finding nothing. The scratching noise continued for a good two hours. It scared them so they decided to separate it again and they broke the board all up and burned it in the fireplace inside the house, they buried the in the planchette in the front yard of the house.

After that things kind of calmed down but then the poltergeist type activity started happening. Things would move in the house. One time it was around 11pm, Tammie decided to go into the kitchen and do the dishes, Tammie heard a noise and turned around real quick to see what it was. She grabbed a towel and dried her hands. Her sister Amanda who was three or four years old at the time, was standing in the doorway. She said Amanda go back to bed. ďAmandaĒ just stood there and then she turned around with her little night gown on,( looking as solid as a live human) and she could see her long blonde hair flowing down her back. When Amanda walked out of the kitchen doorway Tammie decided to follow her. She was going to beat her back to her bedroom and scare her. As you walk through the kitchen thereís a little entrance area and a big living room. You could go to the left or the right, you can go to two different ways to go through the living room to get back to the bedrooms. Her sister went the long way back to her room. (The same way that you could go upstairs were the Ouija activity had happened) Tammie took the short cut. When entering her sisterís room she noticed her sister was in bed sound asleep. Tammie thought well thatís strange, and didn't think any more about it. (This was the first apparition she saw there) She went back into the kitchen to do the dishes and something pushes her up against the kitchen sink and would not let her go. It felt like an eternity but she said it only lasted about 30 seconds, enough to scare the living daylights out of her. She told everyone in the house about it and they laughed at her and told her it wasn't true and it was just her imagination. We were little country girls so we couldn't accurately explain what was going on correctly so people would believe us. The land the house was on went through a lot of things. The Turkey Town Treaty was signed not far from the property. And there were many battles between the Cherokee and the Chickasaw tribes in the area. She also said they found old pottery on the land, They would always camp out in the woods One night they decided they were going to camp out with their cousin Cathy and try to scare her. There was a road by the house that went back into our property and there was a river that had a ferry that they could take to cross over in the late 1800's. Of course the ferry is no longer there. In Tammieís words she kept telling me her story about how her and her sister were planning to scare their cousin.

So here we are playing in the back of the woods, and I bend down to tie my shoes and pick up a rock Iím going to throw in the bushes and do this three times. I was going to walk back to where the sound of the rock came from and act like something got me, to scare Cathy. I bent over to tie my shoe again and get the third rock and saw someone or something standing in front of me that looked like a full body apparition of a confederate soldier...they saw him too. I ran so fast back to the house I beat them both to the porch. Another time there was a picture on the wall with no frame, and we had nailed it to the wall and we asked would you make it fall? We were all looking at it and it fell to the floor. We looked at it and it had been torn from the wall. I went upstairs and started brushing my hair, (and this one I told to my father) I heard a noise and I thought my sister was in the room and I turned around and saw this head, White in consistency and bald, no body. It was just staring at me. I would not go back into my bedroom for two months. I slept downstairs, The people that have live there now and in the past tell me they have a lock on that same bedroom door that the scratching noises were coming from and where we played with the Ouija board, every morning the lock is unlocked. I donít know if it was the Ouija board or the land or what but something was there. I moved from there and went to live with my dad and little brother after the incident of the head. I believe that whatever it was followed me to my fatherís house in Georgia because my bedroom window would open and close by itself frequently. I decided to visit my mother back in Alabama and slept in my brotherís room. One night I saw a dark shadow come out of the wall and go back into the wall. I was so scared I couldn't scream.

When I got older I moved to Kentucky, to begin my career as a family therapist because of my profession and can't tell people what's been going on in my life due to the fact that I did not want to sound as if I was insane. I joined a paranormal group to try to find some answers. We investigated a famous country singerís museum. While in this museum I wore a cross around my neck. I had the cross blessed, it was made of pure silver. They had a vault in there and none of the group would go in there. I agreed to go inside and sit alone with the door closed. I had my digital camera and each picture I took came out upside down. I was very careful to make sure that the camera was held correctly. Also, during the investigation I could smell cigar smoke when there was no cause for this. I was the only one in the room.
When I left the vault I walked over to a place on the wall. I decided to try to get another evp. There was a monument dedicated to a coal miner, I said thank you for your service here, I recieved an evp that said "Your Welcome". We then went into the library and I was told there was a little girl ghost in there so I asked, What kind of books do you like? I got an evp that said "Kittens" There were many things that happened to our group during the investigation. It was so hot up there it was unreal. Another investigator asked if myself and another investigator had said anything, we said NO... clear as a bell we had a evp that said "Outside" At approximately that same moment two other investigators were outside and one was physically attacked. One of the saw horses flung forward and hit him in the back of the legs. After we got home I no longer could wear my necklace. Every time I put it on I would get a rash around my neck and a cross mark on my skin. I cleaned it and soaked it in alcohol, jewelry cleaner, it didnít matter, it still burned me or made a rash on me, So I gave it away.


Here is when it gets creepy. My sonís friend spent the night and he is a big boy. Six foot four inches tall. and large in stature. He stayed in our spare bedroom and stated that all night long he heard scratching on the wall and something whispering in his ear over and over again. He left the room and he slept on the couch continuing to hear all kinds of noises and would never come back to the house again. One day at my house we hear noises, my mother and I were home alone and we heard three loud knocks on my sonís bedroom door as we walked by and a male voice call my sons name out. Nothing was in the room, it was broad day light. Things kept getting progressively worse. I'd be in bed and something would grab my ankle and the bed would also shake at times. I would feel ďitĒ sit on the bed beside me. I started hearing a buzzing sound when I would lay down as well. We moved again.

We moved into a new house in a new state, I found three little mounds of dirt on the property. The Historical Society said thereís only three things that it could be. One being a Cherokee grave site. We get half our stuff moved into the house and we did not have our phone lines or alarms on the house yet. I received a call on my cell phone from the sheriff and he said míam, your alarm on your house is going off. The sheriff, as well as the alarm company were both perplexed as was I due to the fact that we had no alarm or telephone service.
Within a week of living there, my husband and I were laying in the bed. We still did not have telephone service, we were discussing how we were going to decorate the house and all of the sudden an old fashioned telephone began to ring beside my husbandís side of the bed. My husband flew out of bed and looked at me and his face was white as a ghost. Then it was quiet for a while until my sonís fiancť Brittany moved in with us. She was pregnant and we took her in because of her medical condition. She was only 20 years old. A day after she had the baby she died of a rare disease. I have since have raising my granddaughter with my son. Now we are experiencing stuff again. I had a plant on the shelf in the living room from her funeral, and the plant keeps falling on the floor. I fixed it up with stuff in front of it so it wouldn't fall off, and it flew off again. Now my cousin came to stay with us two weeks after Britney passed away. Britney didn't like anything on top of the bathroom countertops. My cousin put her makeup bag on the counter and the next morning she went into the bathroom and found her makeup bag on the floor. The interesting part is that the makeup bag was unzipped and nothing had fallen out. There are toys that go off upstairs in the babyís room. We have seen orange orbs come from the outside of the house and come into my bedroom. I have a photo of this, in the photo you can see my cat looking at the orange glowing object. I also have a photo of what looks like a face in a tree outside the house. When we baptized the baby we always told the baby her mom is with her. When she was being baptized she lifted her hand and pointed up at the sky and was smiling as the priest talked about her mother. We have never pointed up to show her that her mother was in Heaven. I have started being touched again and having that little buzzing noise in my ears. I hear people call my name when no one is in the house an my husband has also heard his name called. I saw an orange light outside like someone was smoking, I went outside to see who was out there and no one was out there. I came back into the house and this orange thing came into the house behind me and disappeared. When my son was a baby I also saw a woman standing over my son looking at him over the crib. I figured it was his great great grandmother looking after him. I have smelled the perfume my mother used to wear all the time and she passed away last year. Could using the Ouija board have caused all this, or is it something else. I need help to get rid of all the craziness in my home. It seems like I have been followed from house to house and town to town ever since using the Ouija board. Do you think there is truth to what people say about using a Ouija board? I think Britney is with us now, but before that and now we still having the other activity. HPI is always welcome to come and investigate my home.


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The Ouija Board Hauntings of Tammie Floyd Yost
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