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 Hanging Lady: Josepha of Downieville

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PostSubject: Hanging Lady: Josepha of Downieville   Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:02 am

Hanging Lady: Josepha of Downieville
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Parnormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations



People can be so cruel, the wicked games that people will be involved in. Josefa Segovia faced those wicked games on that fateful day in Downieville. This song is dedicated to Josefa Segovia:
Chris Isaak Wicked Game

Hanging Lady: Josefa 'Juanita' Segovia
James O'Neill
Mine Shaft Woman Ghost
Puppy Slayer
Downieville River Inn Phantom Cat
The Price Tag Ghost
The Two Mean Cowboys
The Drowned Girl
The Polka Dot Dress Lady
Pearl Street Specter

MEETING SPOT FOR EVERYONE: Downieville River Inn 121 River St. Downieville, CA
If you have questions, call me at: 916 203 7503. Paul.

QUESTION: ARE JOSEPHA AND JUANITA, ONE AND THE SAME PERSON? THE STORY IS PRACTICALLY THE SAME. Answer: Josepha and Juanita are one and the same person. Her legend has variable stories, but it comes to one conclusion, she was lynched by a gang of thugs.

THE WORST CRIME IN DOWNIEVILLE: One particularly infamous crime was when a Mexican woman named Josefa Segovia was lynched by a mob in Downieville. She was accused of killing a white man who had attempted to assault her after breaking into her home. It remains the only lynching of a pregnant female in California history. It is said, that Josefa's ghost haunts the town. The lynching consisted of a severe beating by several men and then she was hung. Below is more information about Downieville! Turlock Phantom League T.P.L. said that they captured many orb photos, that look like a big orb and attached with it, is a smaller orb. Note: This kind of orb is called a Mother/Baby Orb. How funny that Josefa was pregnant. Could this Mother/Baby Orb be the actual S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Field) of Josepha and her unborn fetus? GHOST IDENTIFIED: JOSEFA 'JUANITA' SEGOVIA.

Lisa Steele Psychic Says in Regard to Downieville:
The story I was told about the woman that was hung in Downieville was that she was a servant that allegedly killed a man by putting shards of glass in his food because she wanted to steal his gold. The town pinned the crime on her and told her that her punishment would be death by hanging. She was told to dress in her best attire and was hung on the bridge.

Gallows Plaque Reads: 'Sierra County Sheriff's Gallows November 27, 1885. 20 Year Old James O'Neill killed a man on August 7, 1884. He murdered Webber Lake Dairyman John Woodward. Executed by Sheriff Samuel C. Stewart. Facebook friend says that he talked to a few people in Downieville and some claim that they have seen the ghost of James O'Neill. The ghost is seen with horrific rope burns on his neck. GHOST IDENTIFIED: JAMES O'NEILL.

Juanita before she died says: "I would do the same again if I was so provoked."

Prostitutes in Downieville were known as 'soiled doves'.

Mark Twain frequented St. Charles Place. James Beckworth - Trapper who was known to have freed slaves via the Underground Railroad and was known to have several Indian wives, visited Downieville many times.

August 10, Saturday: 2pm. Case Manager: Jon Koyasako. Activity Level-Message from Jon: "Paul here is some info on Downieville. The Downieville Chamber of Commerce. (530)289-3507. Pretty much the whole town is haunted, the two biggest spots are Downieville River Inn. This is a certified haunted inn, it's in the book "Haunted California." Room #1 is supposedly haunted by one of the boarders from when the inn was a boarding house. Reports of water turning on and off by itself. Reports of someone getting into bed with them, or laying on top of them. Also their is paranormal activity in the basement laundry. The ghost is a woman ghost and one of the stories is she was the wife of the owner who either fell or was pushed down a mine shaft. GHOST IDENTIFIED: MINE SHAFT WOMAN GHOST. The other location is the Jersey Bridge. 24 yr. old Juanita was executed by a lynch mob July 5th 1851. Juanita was hanged from the bridge for murdering a popular local man, whose amorous advances she had resisted. Later her skull was stolen from her grave and used as an initiation at a men's club in Sierra City. Today Juanita's ghost appears out of a fog in the southeast corner of structure and walks towards bystanders as if trying to tell them something. The location of her grave is unknown due to the cemetery being moved several times by miners digging for gold. (A steel bridge has replaced the original wood bridge. On a small building at the end of the bridge is a plaque dedicated to her memory.) This is just one of several stories. Sacramento Haunts actually does a ghost tour there. There is also nearby the town of Sierra City. The Sierra City hotel is said to be haunted. An apparition appears in the second story window. There are also a lot of mines in the area. You can also Google Downieville Ca. and also the hanging of Juanita. Information provided by Case Manager Jon Koyasako.

A woman ghost has been seen carrying a puppy. She was known to kill puppies for no reason. GHOST IDENTIFIED: PUPPY SLAYER.

The Downieville Museum was once a gambling and opium den.

Joseph Zumwalt arrived in Downieville in 1850 and brought with him The Secrets of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E. Clampus Vitus. He would have secret meetings with his new selected Downville order. There has been several fires in Downieville.

There is a Fire Watch Tower at Sierra Butte and the question is: why are there so many teddy bears and stuffed animals on top of this tower? Has there been suicides from this tower?

Rebecca B - Employee of Downieville River Inn. "I felt someone sitting on the bed, sometimes it feels like a ghost cat jumped on the bed. GHOST IDENTIFIED: DOWNIEVILLE RIVER INN PHANTOM CAT. I once felt a hand rub my arm. I have taken many orb photos throughout the Inn. Once there was a man that saw a woman apparition in the mirror and the woman ghost says to him: "My dress is worth $100.00!" Then she vanished. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE PRICE TAG GHOST. Another time a man claimed he saw two ghostly mean looking cowboys that stared him down and then vanished. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE TWO MEAN COWBOYS. Another story about Juanita is that there was a group of hombres that were drinking, they were looking for more alcohol and decided to break down Juanita's door. They looked for some of the alcohol and tried to gang rape Juanita. Juanita fought back their advances. The next morning the leader of this gang went back to Juanita's home to apologize. Juanita stabs him and kills him. The man she stabbed was a very large man, so they dug a big hole for him and when they buried him, they threw in Juanita's corpse over his dead body and buried them both together."

Terra Mihelic Interview: "I like to beat box with my mouth. (Terra demonstrates and does a great job of it!) One day I was beat boxing in Room 3 and some unknown thing beat box right back at me, in my face, I felt the 'pah pah, pah' in my face! Some people see a young girl apparition and they believe it was a young girl that was rough housing with her cousin by the river and drowned. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE DROWNED GIRL. Rooms 1 and 3 of the Downieville River Inn are known to be haunted."

Jenny Varn - Bartender of St. Charles Place Cocktails. "I was helping a girlfriend clean up late at night when the bar was closed. My friend was sitting at the end of the bar, when all of a sudden the dust pan flew off the table. I once saw an apparition walk across the hallway in this bar."

Brandon Riley - Citizen of Downieville and Guide for us. Brandon took us to the underground town of Downieville. Downieville was built over old Downieville, similar to the tunnels of Old Sacramento. Brandon tells us that a tourist once saw a woman in a polka dot dress inside Major William Downey's house. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE POLKA DOT DRESSED LADY. Deanna, Jon, Wendy and me, followed Brandon to the secret entry to the underground world of Downieville. Because of the blackberry thickets and I was in shorts, I did not follow Brandon inside the underground complex. Our HPI explorers were Wendy and Jon. Deanna stayed behind to keep me company. You will see the video of Wendy and Jon's exploration of the underground!

Savannah Burr - Citizen: "At my uncle's house, the kids would sleep upstairs and they would hear water faucets turn on by themselves and when they got up to investigate, the water would turn off. Even the showers would turn on by themselves. This happened on Pearl Street. GHOST IDENTIFIED: PEARL STREET SPECTER. Then on River Street a gas leak occurred, killing the home owner and now people see weird shapes around that house. Could it be the former owner?"

Downieville Exploratory Commandos (Roll Call): Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Lead Investigator - Wing Man to Paul - Back-up Videographer; Wendy Maxam - Researcher - Videographer - Technician; Jon Koyasako - Security - Lead Investigator - Downieville Guide; Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako - Spiritual Songstress - Lead Investigator - Downieville Guide; Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner - Leader.

Big Al got a 'hi' EVP and a 'hey' EVP in the Inn. It was a soft female voice and Big Al was by himself when he obtained the EVPs. No EVPs were captured in the Inn basement. There is a possible EVP which sounds like conversation over Kara's voice, this will be analyzed later. Orb pictures captured. At the gallows, we captured a possible residual EVP, that sounds like the trap door opening - a big drop sound. Big Al captures the EVP and Deanna identifies the EVP. No EVPs captured at the bridge where Juanita was possibly hanged. In one of my photos, you will see a odd shadow by this large doll.

Special Note: When leaving Downieville we saw the motorcycle club called the Booze Fighters on the road. A co-worker told me that only 3 type of people visit small towns like this. They are: 1. Bikers, 2. Ghosthunters and 3. Tourists. At a gas station in Nevada City, Deanna and Kara were coming out of the woman's bathroom and a homeless man with a dog tried to go into the bathroom with them. Kara tells the man, that he can't go into the woman's bathroom. The homeless man snatched the bathroom key from Kara and cussed her out and went into the woman's bathroom anyway. Deanna and Kara high tailed it out of there after telling the manager of what happened.


Amy Kneppel Talks About Her Paranormal Experience:
In 1963 in the city of Oakland on the day my father was buried he appeared to me. A bright light appeared in the corner of my room and as the light descended, my father appeared to me, he looked normal and peaceful. My father, now in spirit form made eye contact with me. He gently took the blankets on my bed and covered me. My father never appeared to me again. I truly feel that he was trying to say goodbye to me for the final time.

Special Note: Amy Kneppel loves to cook and bake. She loves traveling to Hawaii. She maintains her Hawaiian spirit in the main land by taking Hawaiian dancing lessons. Amy has 14 grandchildren that keep her very, very busy. Amy can be contacted through: Date of this Interview: August 9, 2013. Time of Meeting: 19:30 Hours. Location: Starbucks - 8240 Calvine Road, Sacramento, CA

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

Wendy Maxam drove Deanna, Jon, Kara and me to Downieville. I gave Wendy $20.00 in gas. Deanna gave Wendy $20.00 in gas. Jon and Kara provide animal cookies, creme cookies, tuna sandwiches, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, chips, ham sandwiches. I provide an ice chest of Cherry Cokes and AMP Energy Drinks.
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Hanging Lady: Josepha of Downieville
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