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 Dark Forces of the Pentagrams: Santa Rosa

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PostSubject: Dark Forces of the Pentagrams: Santa Rosa   Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:21 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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American Woman - Guess Who
For the long trek from Citrus Heights/Elk Grove to Santa Rosa, one of the songs we jammed on - heading over to Santa Rosa is American Woman by the Guess Who. Enjoy!

Santa Rosa Investigation #1 Video:

Santa Rosa Investigation #2 Video: This is not the EVP

Santa Rosa Investigation #3 Video - The Actual EVP!

Date to be there: August 31, 2013, Saturday Time to be there: 1700 Hours. Address to be at: Santa Rosa, CA 95403. The occupants moved and the activity has followed them to the new house. House blessing is required. Contact Person: Amanda / Activity Described in Email: "Hi, my name is Amanda and I live in Sonoma, Ca. My husband, myself, and our 2 boys, ages 7 and 2, moved into the house that we are currently living in, in July 2011. Since about 6 months or so after we moved in (around the time we found a pentagram outside in out shed that was from an old cabinet door that had been in the house and moved outside before we moved in) we have been having weird, creepy things happening in the house, far too many to list all in this first message, but I'll list a few. After finding this pentagram out in the shed, my husband and I went through the house with a black light and found more of them and other symbols throughout the house, mostly in our bedroom and our children's bedroom. Our front door has been opening by itself as well as our children's bedroom door. Lately at night we have been having loud sounds of doors slamming shut, but none of them have been shut. Both of our children are with their grandparents for a few weeks and since they have left, toys in their room have been going off in the middle of the night, one of the toy boxes will be in on area when we go to bed and there has been sounds of something dragging across the floor, and when my husband and I go into the room, the toy box is not where it was before. Last night around 2am our new puppy started barking in our bedroom and growling towards our bedroom closet and I sat up to see what he was barking about and there was a black shadow of a person standing right in front of the closet door. Our puppy will not go back into our bedroom. Lately at night I feel unsettled and uncomfortable, like I am being watch and that there is someone there but I cannot see anyone. These are just to name a few. If at all possible I would like to see if I could talk to someone and go more into detail and depth with everything that has been happening. Special Note: The occupants moved out of the house in Sonoma (where this incident took place. They now live in a new home in Santa Rosa, the activity continues.

HPI Intelligence Operatives/HPI Santa Rosa Search & Discovery Splinter Cell Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Amanda – Occupant; Faith Davis – Wiccan Sensitive; Doug Ackerman – Sensitive; Kira Ackerman – Sensitive; Matthew Gerren - Occupant.

At 2pm Faith, Doug and Kira showed up at my door. Loaded up Doug’s Mercedes Benz with ghost hunting equipment and headed over to Santa Rosa. When we arrived I had Doug and Kira do a walk through and Doug felt cold spots in one of the bedrooms, the temperature dropped dramatically. Faith felt there was something peeking from the cabinet areas, watching us. Kira also started feeling cold spots. When asking the entity if he is here, he distinctly says ‘yes’ (EVP #1). When trying to get EVPs in the back bedroom, Faith, Amanda and I heard small tapping sounds on the wall. Amanda captured an EVP, that says “I don’t care”. Faith says that drips of water appeared in the bathroom and the trail of water went into the kitchen, no one admits to dropping this water. Kira felt something brush up against her arm. When I first arrived in the house, my pen exploded in my hand, ink was sprayed on the floor and all over both of my hands. I don't know if I just had a faulty pen or perhaps something of a paranormal nature did not want me to record the events of this night.

Matthew Garren says he had paranormal activity happening to him most of his life. Matthew will now tell you his experiences in his own words: “Around the time I was in high school I had a paranormal experience at my mother’s house, I was asleep and I had the urge to wake up and look at my window and I was startled to see a face and it almost looked like a pig with tusks and had a really nasty smile; its eyes were darker than the night that enveloped it. My window stands 12 feet above the ground with nothing to stand on and its face was sitting at the top of the window and with that being said it was at least 13 feet tall or not touching the ground.” Credit: Kira typed this for Matthew.

Faith, Doug and Amanda were in one of the children’s bedrooms and they obtained 3 EVPs. Faith heard a high pitch noise coming from the closet, she could hear it distinctly with her right ear and she picked up the high pitched noise on her recorder. (EVP #2) The third EVP was when Faith asked: “if you are in this room? She gets a tap on the wall EVP. (EVP #3) The fourth EVP Doug asked if the entity was protecting Joseph and the entity clearly says ‘yes’ – male voice. (EVP #4) It sounded like the same male entity that produced my EVP.

Whatever the dark forces that this family experienced in the other home is not happening here. The entity or entities seem benevolent. With the Class A EVPs of the same male voice saying yes - one time for me and one time for Doug, the strange water that appeared out of nowhere that went from the bathroom and into the kitchen and everyone denying that they made this water trail. With the strange tappings on the wall - that occurred two times with witnesses, I definitely feel something is here, but from what this family is telling me, it's not the same entities that were in the other home. There were no dark forces of the pentagrams here in this home. I think Amanda the occupant has psychic abilities. She has dreams of prophesy that come true. I believe that whatever house that she moves into, she has entities following her. Amanda has a unique health issue. This health issue will remain confidential. Many past cases of the paranormal, people with this health issue, become psychic. Amanda is that perfect candidate. She is a light house beacon attracting entities into her home. Amanda had me conduct a Catholic blessing of her home. I may have chased these entitie(s) away, but I feel that Amanda will bring home more ghostly strays in the future. It's something that she will have to deal with her whole life.

Special Note: Thank you Doug for driving. Thank you Faith for the bean burritos. Thank you Amanda for the sodas. My contribution: $5.00 toll bridge fare. Leaving Santa Rosa, we got lost and we found ourselves in beautiful Sausalito!


Gina de la Rosa, Debbie Noriega-Tillage and I – are related. We are related via Princess Hannah – a black Pekingese. Princess Hannah used to belong to Gina de la Rosa and her family. Princess Hannah gave birth to 4 puppies. One of those puppies was adopted by Debbie Noriega-Tillage. Pictured below is the male Pekingese that Debbie adopted, his name is Melo. Always remember, our pets are our family. I am now the proud owner of Princess Hannah. To learn more about the Pekingese (also known as the Lion-Dog, Pekingese Lion-Dog, Pelchie Dog, or Peke) is an ancient breed of toy dog, originating in China. They are called Lion-Dogs due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions. (The ****zu is also known as a Lion-Dog in Chinese). The breed was favored by royalty of the Chinese Imperial court as both a lap dog and companion dog, and its name refers to the city of Peking in Beijing where the Forbidden City resides. The breed has several characteristics and health issues related to its unique appearance. Because of its desirable characteristics, the Pekingese has been part of the development of designer crossbreeds, such as the Peke-a-tese (crossed with Maltese). The Pekingese, originating from Western China, were proud companions of the Chinese Buddhist Monks. These dogs are also found to be owned by Chinese princes.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Dark Forces of the Pentagrams: Santa Rosa
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