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 The Parkin Murder Hauntings

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PostSubject: The Parkin Murder Hauntings   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:02 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

HPI Paranormal Hotline Report: The house that the Parkin murders took place, is extremely haunted. Former occupants report that the feeling of dread is overwhelming. Footsteps are constantly heard. Screams in the middle of the night will occur. Ghostly dead bodies are seen on the floor. Apparitions are seen walking through walls. HPI was scheduled to investigate a home that is 3 houses away from the murder home. This home is also haunted and the occupants felt the hauntings from the Parkin's former home was bleeding into their own home. For no apparent reason, the investigation was canceled with no explanation. To learn about the Parkin's murders, please read below.

Murder in California
Monday, Nov. 19, 1973
Walter and Joanne Parkin were one of the most popular young couples in the hamlet of Victor (pop. 275), a cluster of buildings along Route 12 about 40 miles south of Sacramento. Wally Parkin, 32, ran the local supermarket, giving credit to hard-up farm workers and even hiring some of the members of one family that could not pay its bills. When the Parkins began to build their new, redwood-paneled house, friends and neighbors just naturally pitched in on the job. That is the way life is in that part of the San Joaquin Valley.

On Tuesday night last week, as usual, the Parkins went bowling, leaving their two children, Lisa, 11, and Bob, 9, in the care of Debbie Earl, 18, a neighbor's daughter who had come over to baby-sit. Sometime during the evening, Debbie's parents, Richard, 38, and Wanda Earl, 37, and Brother Ricky, 15, came by to visit, along with her boy friend, Mark Lang, 20. When the Parkins came home, they were all still there —and so, the police were later to charge, were two uninvited men.

Carol Jenkins, a house guest of the Parkins, recalled that she arrived home at 3 a.m., found the house utterly quiet, and went to bed. It was barely daybreak when Carol was awakened by two friends of Mark Lang who were anxiously searching for him; his parents were worried because he had not come home the night before. Looking through the house, Carol walked into the main bedroom—and ran out screaming. Bob and Lisa Parkin were lying on the bed. Each had been shot through the head.

Hidden in the Closet. Later, one of the investigating deputy sheriffs cautiously pushed open the door of the walk-in closet of the bedroom and found a horrifying sight. Bunched on the floor were seven bodies—the two Parkins and the Earl couple, plus Debbie Earl, her boy friend and her brother. Their arms and legs were bound with nylon cord sometimes clinched with as many as six knots and they were gagged with knotted ties. Each had been shot in the neck or head with a small-caliber pistol. Some had taken longer to die than others. Debbie had been hit by four slugs, her father by five. In all, 25 bullets were recovered from the bodies, plus one from the pillow of Bob Parkin.

The manhunt quickly zeroed in on two men who were wanted for a double murder, in which similar techniques had been used, that had been committed in Arizona in October. One of the men was a 22-year-old drifter from The Bronx named Douglas Gretzler, and the other was Willie Steelman, 28, who lived near Victor. Steelman, who had once been briefly confined in a mental hospital, had a long record of scrapes with the law and had served time in prison for forgery.

After police released pictures of Steelman to the press, a hotel desk clerk in Sacramento recognized him when he and Gretzler checked in. Gretzler was arrested in the hotel by police armed with shotguns, and Steelman was later apprehended in a nearby building.

Gretzler and Steelman were charged with nine counts of first-degree murder. They also came under suspicion for a total of five slayings in Arizona, and police wanted to talk to them about four missing persons in the region.

The killings were only the latest in a grisly series of six mass murders that have taken the lives of 64 people in California during the past four years. The day after Gretzler and Steelman were arrested, Edmund Emil Kemper III, who stands 6 ft. 9 in. and weighs 280 Ibs., was sentenced to life imprisonment for his most recent murders. When he was 15, Kemper killed his grandparents but later was released from a California state mental hospital, whereupon he began murdering a series of student hitchhikers. He ended by killing his mother Kemper decapitated seven of his eight victims, including his mother.

September 15, 2013, Sunday: Met up with HPI Fan and Follower Ladonna Hemphill on K Street Mall. Ladonna tells me about her experience visiting a haunted house in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. The home was so haunted as soon as she walked in, entities kept following her and touching her all over. It scared her so much, she ran out of the house, never to return. She has a fascination for the paranormal, but has no desire of adventuring on a ghost hunt. We explored Old Sacramento, haunted Evangelines, haunted State Capitol (where the Mexican Cultural Center was having an event – with Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire playing in the background) and finally the Sutter Club, where I was introduced to Mr. Sidestep (invented fictional name – client does not want to be identified). Mr. Sidestep tells me that he is a former member of the Sutter Club and can attest that the Sutter Club is truly haunted. The Sutter Club is a secretive club in Sacramento and is for members only. The ghost that haunts the Sutter Club is known as the Wickety Man. The Wickety Man stands guard over a small gate inside the club and has been seen with a long black coat, with coat tails. He is usually balancing on a walking cane and has dark eye sockets – no eyes. Mr. Sidestep feels he can get me into the club through his connections. Mr. Sidestep says that he only wants me to investigate and that I am not allowed to bring my team, if this does come to fruition. This investigation is pending.

October 27th to October 31st - Penn & Teller: Bulls#it Show with Shannon McCabe and Paul Dale Roberts.
Went to Chichen Itza, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Cancun, Echa Balam.
Show: The Mayan Prophesy of 2012.
Renee Peel (Airline Stewardess) Alien Abductee
512 644-3556
Interview with: Kurt Peterson and his lovely wife at Chichen Itza bar on their thoughts of 2012.
Thank you to:
Director: David Wechter
Camera: Dave Babb
Audio: Robb & Israel Gonzalez
Local Prod: Rene Blanco
Sen Prod: Aaron Yampolski
Producer: Patti Duce
Driver: Victor
Hotel Mayaland and Bungalows
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles 6101 W. Century Blvd
The Westin Resort & Spa - Cancun, Room 1550
Alaska Air
Mexicano Air
Per Diem: $180.00 received.
Aaron takes Shannon & I, out to dinner at Sheraton, I had Filet Mignon, asparagus, french fries, mashed potatoes, cost of dinner $40.00.
Spent $60.00 Per Diem on tips.
Laptop lost at Terminal A. Security (Transportation Screening Administration) did not place laptop back into my bag. Made claim (19926). Laptop found and retrieved it on October 31st.
Bruce (Shannon's husband) drove Shannon and I, to Sacramento International Airport and picked us up on Oct 31st from airport, he drove my car.
The team that was part of Showtime, have been involved with shows like Cops, Apocalyptico (Mel Gibson), Viva La Bam, The Cave.
Shannon and I, were taken to the laser light show at Chichen Itza pyramids, we enjoyed a nice buffet lunch beforehand and were entertained by the local dancers.
Melody A. DelPriore & Tim West - Interviewed them in regard to what they thought about Mayan prophesy.
Gave Victor: 100 pesos tip for driving us to Cancun hotel from Chichen Itza.
Spent 120 pesos at Guacamole Grill at Cancun Airport.
Showtime purchases gifts for Paul: Mayan ashtray and Mayan sacrificial knife made of Jade. Mayan ashtray goes to Thuy Phan and Mayan sacrificial knife goes to Gina De La Rosa.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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The Parkin Murder Hauntings
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