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 Baseballs, Raccoons and Apparitions

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PostSubject: Baseballs, Raccoons and Apparitions   Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:46 pm

Baseballs, Raccoons, and Apparitions
By Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

I would like to first give a great big thank You to Scott Atkins (HPI Investigator) and Cory Baird (HPI Scout) for all their hard work and dedication.

We started the investigation by capturing the entire home with photos as well as strategically placing video cameras up to record the events. The photos were carefully gone through and it was determined that there was no conclusive evidence found in any of our photos. We did several EVP sessions throughout the home and we were able to obtain intelligent knocking/tapping sounds heard in the living room area, specifically found to be coming from the candy machine. We determined it as ‘intelligent’ because when we asked the spirit to tap on a wall or an object, it would do so repeatedly as we prompted it to do so. We used a well placed baseball in the same corner of the living room where the knocking was heard to see if the spirit would make the ball move.

The spirit continued the knocking but did not move the ball. During a particular EVP session in one of the bedrooms, cold spots were felt but no hard evidence was captured. We decided to take a short break so that we could go over the video that had been recording the entire time and upon closer examination, we came across a full body apparition! We reviewed the video many times as well and tried a multitude of ways to debunk what we saw and we were completely unable to re-create the full body apparition that was captured.

We were all of course very excited and pumped up at the fact that we had captured something so significant and while we were discussing what had just happened, we heard what we assumed to be one of Scott’s cats eating in the kitchen. Scott jokingly mentioned that maybe it was a raccoon so we all got up and sure enough, there was a raccoon in the house eating the cats’ food! The raccoon ran out the cat door and stopped to stare at all of us as we were looking at it and then it ran off. I think it sensed there was a newbie in the area, meaning me, and wanted to “initiate” me. LOL

After everything settled down, we tried to gather more evidence but we were unsuccessful. We came to the conclusion that one of the spirit(s) is very possibly a child that is attached to one of the children in the Atkins’ home based on eye witness accounts and the events that occurred throughout the night.


Annyd Limdea originally contacted HPI via the paranormal hotline. I had him email me his paranormal issues. This is his original email from July 2012. On February 2013, he gave me an email update.

Annyd Limdea's Own Words (July 2012):
Hello Paul, I apologize for just now getting back to you, I to have had a busy weekend. I will tell you my story then you decide whether it is me that needs a cleansing or my home. When I was 18yrs of age me and some friends were out drinking, I fell down and was rushed to the hospital where I had an outer body experience. I can see them working on me but I was moving towards this light that was so peaceful, then all of a sudden I stopped and I was pushed real quickly back into my body and my eyes opened. I learned I was not breathing for 54 seconds during that time, I had that kind of experience. As time went on, I met my first wife.

We would sit up at night and both of us would hear a growling type of voice calling my name. Come to find out my ex-wife was into tarot cards and reading them for my ex. One night me and my ex were in a trailer next to her grandma's house and we fell asleep, then all of a sudden the trailer shook back and forth, I got up and opened the door and there were these little shadow figures about 4ft tall, I began swinging and hitting them, then this big ugly man type, wearing a cloak came around the trailer and said " I want You" I said " you can't have me" right then I swung and he swung at the same time, alarm across the street went off and I opened my eyes, a very strange nightmare I thought. Yet I remembered his finger nail caught my left eye, I had a red mark and a crease on my left eye. After that it began and I would have these oppression feeling when I would fall asleep, something heavy and dark that was over me. I can see everything around me but I couldn't move or talk. I would force myself to hit my ex to wake me up. After that my dad passed away. One day I got a phone call that my niece had this Ouija board game that was active. Me and my brothers and sisters went over to her place with my mom. I sat down with 2 of my sisters and one brother to play this board.

My niece said it was a girl’s spirit who was murdered. A pound using this board the little thing you touched was moving all by itself on the board and when we asked questions it answered them to the tee. We were trying to talk to my dad. My sister asked the entity was his name was, it spelled out Robert Lee, but not the last name. My mom stuck her finger and asked it to answer your daughter it spelled out **** I will see you in hell. Later my daughter was born, when she was 3yrs of age she would sit at the edge of the bed and talk to something. I worked grave yard at the time. My ex asked my daughter who are you talking to, she said " the monkey man". She told me about it. Then my daughter one night came screaming and crying yelling that the monkey man is being mean to me. I got mad rebuked it and told it to get out of my house. The oppression dreams got worse. In 1996, I gave my heart to the Lord and the oppression dreams went away. I had twin boys in 95 then divorced in 96. When I left the church in 2000 while I was living in this home in San Leandro, I started to have like something at night that would walk down the hall way at night. Then it got to the point where it would sit on my bed when I would be sleeping because I would feel the blankets tighten up.

I would close my bed room door at night. The kids would come every other weekend. I would do movie night. One night my daughter and me were sitting in the front room, she began to scream and cry saying there was this ugly girl in the hall way. I jumped up because I thought someone was in the house, no one was there. I would hear knocks in my closet at night. Drawers would be open in the morning when I got up. My pit bull would run to my closet during the day and growl at it. One night both of my sons fell asleep in the front room. I covered them up. My son Nikko was sleeping on the automatic chair when he woke up by something sitting at his feet, when he looked he said it was a girl she got up and walked into the hall way. He didn't tell me until 3 months later. I never seen it. But felt it when I was alone at night. My daughter Reanna who was 14 now was playing with her cousin who was 4 at the time she was bouncing him on her knee, he stopped dead in his tracks, grinned at her and said "Monkey Man". I remarried in 2005, I moved out of that home and moved to Livermore for a few months then to Elk Grove in 2006. I was misdiagnosed in 2007 and put on medications that messed me up, I was away from the church. In 2009, I started to have those oppression dreams again. Come to find out my daughter was having the same dreams at her home.

Me and my wife had the same dream the same night of oppression. In 2010, I had a meeting with a pastor in Livermore, the night before I stayed at a friend’s houses. I told my friend when I got there, there is something in here and it does not want me here. That night I was attacked by this dark being, it pulled me off the couch. I started swinging like I always do. That morning I met with the pastor and told him what had happened he told me you have a higher calling and this thing doesn't want you to reach it, and that I'm not crazy and it’s going to be hard for me because I only know how to fight physical, but not spiritual. My grandson was born. My daughters oppression dreams stopped when she was 6mo pregnant. One night I went to sleep and I was being choked in my sleep. I woke up gasping for air and felt like someone had literately choked me. My wife was scared. Then I had this dream I was at my grandpa's house and I was in the garage trying to get to the door and there was this black mass coming up my legs. My grandfather opened the door because I was hitting it, and yet he has been deceased since 1996 and I nevered dreamed of him. After that my daughter started to have strange things happen at night in her apartment, she would have her brothers come and stay the night. It got to the point that this thing would play with my grandson. I went back to church. I still attend. One night I had this dream there was this lady with red eyes I jumped on her and rebuked her, but out of the corner of my eye I can see a little girl walk back into my home. I moved from there. The more I read my bible and prayed the harder it became to focus. And the cold chills would be around me. Like it would get really cold around me, I can feel it.

I got choked a few more times. We moved to the other side of Elk Grove. then I began to have more night mares. And when I would shower that cold air would be around me in the shower. Then I had this dream I was sitting on the couch, my wife and her friend was on my left, I seen this orb like thing pass by them and stopped about 5ft in front of me, I asked them did you see that? Then I looked back at this orb that turned into a mist, then all of a sudden it transformed into this girl with black eyes and sharp teeth and she charged me, it scared the crap out of me, that I screamed in my dream which woke my wife up and I was shaking. Got choked 2 more times. Moved to another home where I'm at right now. When I pray with my candles, I still I get this really cold air around me. I have seen black shadows in my door way at night pass by. The strangest thing is 3 nights a week I wake up exactly at 3:37 am, I find it odd that on a digital clock it reads the name LEE upside down and backwards. So is it possible that this spirit is attached to me? Strangest thing I was up by Placerville at this thing my wife does, I was looking at this book on a table the DaVinci Code, and this man sparked a conversation out of no where and was talking about the Roman Empire and his rights and he owns this and that, then he said just like you from the tribe of Daniel, like your name, I nevered told this man my name nor did I have a name tag on, and he walked away. The place was Jamestown.

I really need to know what the heck is going on, because I wrote down the name Annelis, when I was in like a weird trance. I believe so much in My Lord Jesus Christ, I try to rebuke and remind myself who I am. I don't know what the heck this thing is, but I do know it is real. Any suggestions, I tried fasting, prayer, reading. Let me know please I'm open to anything at this point. Thank You...........Dan

Annyd Limdea

February 2013: Thank you Paul Dale. The baptism and home cleaning work. I no longer feel problems. Thank you for coming to my house and taking the time to baptize me and my family. Our home is now peaceful.

Amber Rosalez

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Baseballs, Raccoons and Apparitions
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