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 To Catch a Predator...I Mean Ghost!

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PostSubject: To Catch a Predator...I Mean Ghost!   Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:02 am

Directors Log
Virginia City Investigation
Sept. 21st-22nd, year of our Lord
Author: Denise DeMattei

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Director DD, Tech Director LH and Lead Investigator RB undertook the ghost hunt of a lifetime, Virginia City, NV. We were joined by Paul Dale Roberts owner of HPI (Demonologist, Author and noted Raconteur), Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator (HPI) and the amazing dudes from Carson Valley Paranormal, Cory Baird and Scott Atkins. Much love to Corey since he helped schlep our paranormal equipment, numerous ice chests (don't ask) and my luggage which contained many wardrobe changes.

We immediately set up base camp at the Silver Queen Hotel, room #11, which was famously investigated twice by the Ghost Adventurers. The room is haunted by the forlorn spirit of "Rosie" a lady of the evening who took her own life in the claw foot bathtub which is still in the room. Tech Director LH and myself set out "trigger objects" on the bed that I brought in hopes of enticing Rosie to communicate with us. We lovingly arranged a beautiful corset that was part of the DD Lingerie Collection and antique jewelry that I thought she would have worn in that time period. Some of the team members (who shall remain nameless) were intrigued by the corset....hmmmm.

In the meantime Cory was setting up a web cam to video any activity that was caught while we were out investigating. Paul was setting up his laptop and was already chronicling the investigation. I then decided to sit in the bathtub while declaring "Zack Bagans was here." I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last woman to state that.

Paul secured entrance to the Washoe Club that evening and all were anxious to investigate one of the "Holy Grail" sites of paranormal investigating. After about 45 minutes of hunting, LH, Deanna and myself decided to lock Cory in the crypt to conduct an EVP session where they stored bodies until spring when the ground was thawed enough for burial. Pro that he was, he eagerly jumped right in. I felt bad since this was akin to locking your baby brother in the closet and leaving him there. Unfortunately, no disembodied voices were captured and we finally took pity and let him out. Many orbs were caught on film and I had a personal experience in the crypt. I was alone with LH and suddenly a male voice breathed heavily into my left ear and I was engulfed in a cold spot that momentarily left me stunned (most men ask for a date first). I whispered to LH to come over and check the temperature. Unbeknownst to me, I captured a picture of a purple snaking anomaly which was not visible to the naked eye. In addition, I caught numerous orbs throughout the club.

After dinner, we headed back to base camp at the Silver Queen Hotel and reviewed our evidence to date and conducted an EVP session with Rosie in room #11. She did not communicate with us verbally, however she did manifest herself by showing many orbs throughout the room. I think that she appreciated the sexy corset I brought for her.

Before we departed for Piper's Opera House, we were inundated by about 10 junior ghost hunter girls. Apparently they were here for a birthday/ghost hunting expedition and had the room right next door to our base camp. They were under the false impression that we were famous (OK, Paul is) but the rest of us didn't have the heart to tell them that we weren't on TV every week. Needless to say, they were impressed by our equipment and my many wardrobe changes.

Piper's Opera House is right across the street from our base camp, however some team members, who shall remain nameless (Scott, Deanna) felt the need to leave 20 minutes early - Hmmmmm.
When we entered the facility I immediately felt that we were not wanted there....and I was correct. The first thing that went wrong was my digital camera (which was fully charged). It immediately indicated that the battery was not only low but was "spent". I was able to get one pic before it shut down, luckily I caught an orb over the luxury boxes. Score DD 1, Spirits 0. The team conducted "quick and dirty" EVP sessions and caught numerous displeased spirits......especially when 3-C Tech Director LH was playing the piano. Apparently those SOB's don't know talent when they hear it! The grand finale of the opera house investigation occurred when HPI Owner Paul Dale Roberts suggested that he and I (3-C Director DD) perform an impromptu and riveting re-inactment of the show "To Catch A Predator". I am not kidding.....Paul was the host, Chris Hansen and I was the unfortunate predator. We went onstage and Paul asked me if I wanted any sweet tea and asked if I brought "protection". I did not break character due to my years of training as an actress.....other team members did not possess my level of professionalism and broke out in unrestrained laughter. We carried on until I was arrested and taken off stage, thus the Paranormal Players acting troupe was born. Please book now for your holiday parties. The spirits did not communicate at all during this performance, perhaps they were mesmerized by our acting skills (or lack there of).

We went back to base camp and tried again to contact Rosie, she yet again manifested herself as an orb. We bid Paul adieu and tucked him in to Rosie's bed, hoping that he would have a visitor. It was the investigation of a lifetime......Sweet Dreams!

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To Catch a Predator...I Mean Ghost!
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