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 Tina Webber, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Tina Webber, Paranormal Experiencer   Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:22 am

Interview with Tina Webber, Paranormal Experiencer
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations


Question: Tell me something personal about yourself. About your family, schools you went to, where you were born and raised. Hobbies? Recreational activities? TV shows you like? Movies you like? Books you like? Travels?

Answer: I was born in Sacramento, but moved to Nevada when I was 12 and lived there until I was 24. I love the movie The Song of Bernadette, in which I just loaned you. I dreamed about doing exorcisms. I enjoy paranormal TV shows. I love to play pool.

Question: Tina, you had an unusual UFO experience, can you tell me about it?

Answer: It happened on May 18, 1995, in my home in Sacramento. It started by stargazing. I noticed what appeared to be stars where color, green, red, blue. One night I dreamt about clouds shaped like Mickey Mouse, Pluto, etc… A few days after that I was sitting in my dining room feeding my daughter (she was in the highchair), and I was looking outside the window up at the sky. I noticed these small bits of clouds going in a straight up motion, and then turning into what looked like a football shaped thing. The end of the thing was open, the small bit of clouds went into the opening, and then the opening closed. This repeated several times. I was in awe. I put my daughter down for her nap and when out on the front porch. I looked up and the thing had moved way above my house. At this point it was as if I was looking at the bottom of it and it looked like a big foot without the toes. There was one light where the toes would have been and three lights at the heel of the foot shaped thing. The three lights at the heel were in a triangle shape and moving around in a circle. I was so amazed. I said to God, whatever this is thank you for letting me witness this. I was just amazed. I then asked within my mind ‘who are you?’ I then saw what looked like the letters D.C. I went into the house and pulled out the dictionary. I found D.C. It was Latin for It Da Capo, which means “from the beginning”. I was so amazed and so thankful that I got to experience this. I then went into the kitchen and started doing the dishes. While I did the dishes I looked out the window above the sink. For some reason I couldn’t quit looking at the sky. Just then the foot shaped object moved to the front of the house and I started seeing cloud shaped things from my life. I saw my brother and dad’s name (both died years ago). I saw what looked like a deer in some grass, I saw some bad things that I could relate to that I had done in my life.

I saw what looked like Jesus without the cross but his hands and feet were together as if he were on the cross. I saw a woman with a serpent tail. I was so frightened. I tried to wake my husband and he yelled at me to get away from the window. I started praying really hard, visualizing every prayer. I asked God to please forgive me for anything I ever did wrong and I was crying harder than I have ever before. I prayed over and over again. Our father who art in heaven…. Hail Mary full of grace.,.. Over and over again. All of a sudden this feeling from the bottom of my spine came up my back to my neck and peace just filled my soul. A feeling I have never felt before and have never felt since. So hard to explain. I kept seeing different things. As I lay in my bed with my daughter I had the curtains open. I saw a girl with a ponytail lying by a child. It was me.

I had my hair in a ponytail, lying on the bed with my daughter. One looked like an Ark with a Sphinx head in the middle of it. One looked like a children’s toy top. I saw a woman who looked like a Queen. I could see all the detail of their jewelry, clothing, facial features, etc… I really didn’t know what to do. I thought I was losing my mind. My husband and children didn’t see what I was seeing. A few days later, my two son’s room filled up with flies. I had to open the window to clear them all out. After this experience I started praying hard every night. I would see shimmering when I prayed. I needed help and didn’t know who to call. You just can’t look in the phone book and look up help for UFO stuff.

Tina's Depiction of the UFO - clouds surround the UFO and there is an opening in which the clouds that circle the outline of the UFO go into and vanish. So, most likely the UFOs are using cloud cover for camouflage.

Well, I had these Time Life books that I ordered months ago. So I looked and one happened to be on UFO stuff. I found Dr. Boylan in Sacramento and called and left him a message. He called me back the following Monday and said to write everything down that I saw. When my husband and I arrived at Dr. Boylan’s office I showed him what I had written down. He turned from his desk and opened a book that he retrieved from his bookcase behind his desk, opened to a page, and there on this page was the same foot shaped object that I had seen. I started crying uncontrollably. I knew now I wasn’t crazy.

Question: What happened after your UFO experience?

Answer: I invented many things and wrote many things. Something just opened up inside of me and I needed to get it out. It was the strangest thing. A lot of paranormal stuff. One night my daughter had a real high fever. I laid her on my stomach and asked God to please take away her fever. Within 30 minutes her fever was gone and I had one. I was sick for all the next day, but she was fine. Something I can’t explain.

I started having out of body experiences and each time I would see this dark figure in the corner of my room and see myself lying on my bed. For some reason I could not look at this dark figure. This happened several times. Shortly after this I was in the kitchen and my hand started burning and I noticed I had teeth marks on my hand. It had really small teeth. I thought it might have been my daughter. I thought maybe she bit me in her sleep the night before. But they didn’t match her teeth. It was smaller than her three year old teeth marks.

Question: The ghostly experiences continued, after your husband passed. Can you elaborate on this?

Answer: When I was watching my TV shows and I wasn’t listening to my husband he used to knock on my head and go “hello, hello, McFly are you there”, in a joking manner. In 2009, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and as he got worse he was on morphine until he passed. Two months after my husband passed away I dreamt he was outside of my house going “hello, hello”. I woke up to see if it came from the neighbor’s house, but it didn’t. The next night I dreamt him crying saying “please eat honey” and I told him. Please don’t worry about me, I love you. I know that was him, maybe waking up from his journey to the other side not knowing what was going on.

Question: Your mother had a UFO experience, can you tell us about that?
Answer: In the 1950’s while she and my dad lived in Washington State, they rented a house on the ocean. One night while my dad was out of town working, she awoke to this high pitched humming sound, at around 3:00 in the morning. She looked out the front window and saw a UFO flying eye level down the ocean line, then shoot straight up into the sky.


Here is a film clip from Shannon McCabe's 2013 Vampire Ball:

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Tina Webber, Paranormal Experiencer
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