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 Denise Talks Hercules

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PostSubject: Denise Talks Hercules   Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:59 pm

Denise Talks Hercules
Written by Denise DeMattei
Distributed By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Directors Log
Denise DeMattei/Director 3-CPI
Hercules Investigation
Evidence Review
November 2, 2013

I accompanied members of HPI to Hercules, CA to investigate a possible demonic haunting. Paul graciously drove his bevy of paranormal babes in his ghostmobile.

Roll Call:
Paul Dale Roberts-Director
Wendy Maxam- Videographer/Researcher
Tina Webber/Investigator in Training
Randi Villanueva/Investigator in Training

Brent George/Lead Investigator
Amy Kneppel/South Pacific Cleanser
Jen Subbaraman/Investigator

In the way over we were entertained by a young man (on the speaker phone) who has been continuously calling Paul seeking help in finding out how he could "Time Travel". I suggested that he first purchase a DeLorean.....I don't think my advice was appreciated or followed.

When we arrived we were greeted by Fred, the occupant who had been experiencing apparitions, biting and shadow people. He showed us where the "hot spots" were.

Evidence captured:
Downstairs bedroom - I caught an orb reminiscent of an orb I photographed in the School House in Virginia City. It was a blue orb contained in a white orb. A secondary orb was also captured. The Ovilus III said "Paul" then "200". We didn't know if it was referring to his weight, IQ or the amount of cigarettes he smoked during the investigation. Wendy, Tina, Jen and I were present.

Upstairs secondary bedroom - During the final leg of the investigation, I caught numerous orbs. Brent felt (and heard) his ID Tag being tapped. Jen noticed some rapid temperature fluctuations on the Mel-Meter. Brent, Jen and I were present.

The car ride home was non-stop party music and hilarity (none of which will be or should be shared). Thank to Paul and the other team member for allowing me to participate and making me feel welcome. Here's to future shenanigans!


All right. First, please excuse the typos...there is something wrong with the keyboard and it has issues with not capitalizing when I press "Shift" and will not type letters and such. It does it often enough that on a long posting or letter or article, well it is too much of a pain in the butt to go and correct, so on informal things I just let them go for the most is in no way a mark of my lack of intelligence. I have plenty of other things for that.

Anyway, originally I wrote you asking if that theatre you investigated was the one on 24th street...the old converted grade school. I think it is Sierra 2, but it has been quite some time since I was involved in theatre in Sacramento and can't remember. Before I became a Fireman/Paramedic, I worked in theatre as a stagehand. I have since been forced into retirement due to an injury and have been glad to have retained my IATSE card and status, but back then I not only ran my own theatre for awhile, but I freelanced all over town. One of the places I was hired to do a show at, to design and build the set for was at the aforementioned theatre.

I have always been very sensitive to haunted places and always have trusted my feelings, and the minute I walked into that place, I knew something was there. However, I had a job to do so I got to it.

At that point I had been working in theatre for a good 10 years and in all that time I had never damaged any equipment or tool and have always been really careful as to where I placed them. Well, at one point, I was about center stage, working alone, when I heard a large "BANG" that sounded like something had fallen. I went to investigate and found that my Skill Saw...a fairly large one if you are familiar with their worm-drive contractor saws, had fallen off the stage onto the floor in the "pit". The only thing wrong with that is that I had placed the saw at least 6 feet away from the edge. There were no cords hanging down, no one else was in the building etc. There was no reason at all for that saw to not only fall off the apron, but even less reason for it to have traveled somewhere around 6 feet to do it. It also should be noted that there was no sound of it sliding across the floor or bumping into anything or any other sound other than that of it hitting the ground.

Several things such as that continued to happen until finally, while I was cutting a piece of wood, the cable suddenly became cut by the blade. Again, you would have to understand the dynamics of carpentry and the way a cable lays while cutting a board, but the short explanation is that there was absolutely no way at all that the cable could have "accidentally" made it under the board and lay flat enough to have been cut by the blade.

That was the last straw and I called up a friend of mine who also worked in theatre and asked her if there was anyone living in that space. She told me that she had heard there was and wanted to know why. I told her of all that had happened, the saw falling, tools missing and moved, set pieces that I had put up the night before and secured having been unscrewed and laid on the deck the next morning and then finally the chance of my getting electrocuted and the two of us decided that whatever it was living there did not like me one bit and thus I was forced to quit. It was only the second gig I ever walked out on, with the first being because I found out I was not going to get paid. That is how bad it risk my rep by leaving or staying and possibly getting hurt or worse. Therefore I found it interesting while looking up info to have stumbled across a page that looked as if someone had investigated that space.

Growing up, I became aware of something in my house. There were times when I would wake up at night and be terrified to open my eyes because I just KNEW that there was something or someone standing next to my bed, hearing voices in my ear calling my name, seeing shadows etc. Our house was not a joyful one to begin with, but one thing itself has made it to where to this day, I do not go back there.

When I was about 15 or 16, I was awaken out of sleep to being shaken violently in my bed. I felt two incredibly strong hands on my shoulders and the most horrible demonic sounding, low, guttural rasping breathing voice loudly in my ears and I was being shaken so hard that I was being bounced off the bed. I was absolutely terrified, for when it first woke me up, I was expecting to see my older brother over me doing it, but when I opened my eyes and saw nothing, I became terrified. The only thing I could think to do was to begin praying. I began saying The Lord's Prayer out loud over and over again until finally it stopped. I was sweating and could barely breathe and so scared I could not even move. I never told anyone in my family, not my mom or either of my brothers and only recently told anyone else about that. No, I did not dream it, as I was awake for quite some time afterwards. I turned on my light and just sat there in my room praying over and over again.

When I was at City College in Sacramento, I worked as the Student Stagehand. The main venue was the old Auditorium that was built by WPA crews back in the `30's. That place housed at least one ghost. I do not now remember her name, but I actually saw her one night after a gig. I was laying on the apron of the stage with my legs hanging over the edge at the knee, arms crossed across my chest and was looking up into the Fly Cage above the stage. I closed my eyes for a minute while I waited for the lobby to clear out, then opened them for a second and up in the catwalk, looking over the rail was a woman in a dress leaning on her forearms looking right down at me. Not believing my eyes, I closed them quickly, opened them a few seconds later and she was gone. You could occasionally hear her walking across the stage when you were sitting in the House, but she allegedly lived in the attic space over the house. She never bothered anyone during shows, but certain people could always feel her. As long as you respected her, there was no problems. However, one night, I was working in the Art Court Theater, the black box, when one of the students wanted a tour of the Auditorium. I obliged and was giving her a tour, and we went up into the attic. There not being a show that night or anything else scheduled, I guess she got pissed off at being disturbed, because I was struck with a huge feeling of anger. Not my own, but the way you feel when you know someone is really angry at you, almost like I was getting yelled at, but could not hear anything. The hair on my arms and back of my neck were standing straight up, goose bumps all over to the point I showed this person, telling her we needed to get the hell out of there NOW as she was pissed off. Apologizing profusely, we climbed down the ladder/stairs and left. To this day I can feel that feeling and I tell you, it was NOT pretty.

I could go on with my experiences in various theaters...the best being the old Reno Little Theater...however the tore that old place down, (used to have the fame of being the oldest theater West of the Mississippi) and put up a parking lot for Circus Circus, but that might take a bit too long to read.

What I will tell you about is the house I live in now.

I live in Roseville, across the field from the Wal-Mart. We moved into this house in the Summer 2005. From the minute we moved in here, I hated this place, but we had to move out of the last house on a momentís notice as the landlord decided to move back in, and had two weeks to find a place. Ever since moving into this house, absolutely nothing has gone right, up to and including my wife basically abandoning us, refusing now to even believe me or my daughters about anything that has gone on.

The things here range the entire gamut, however the biggest stuff seems to have started in earnest over the last year. I have always seen shadows out of the corner of my eye, and up until March the most disturbing thing was having a woman say or yell my name in my ear when I was in bed or in my recliner.

I was sitting with my youngest one day and asked her what she thought of this house. She said she hated it. She said she has heard things and seen things that scare her. I asked her like what kinds of things and she said she would think she saw someone in the room, but then there was nothing there, would hear her name called and no one had called her and even said she saw a face out of the corner of her eye, in I think her room, that she said looked see-thru "like on TV".

My middle daughter, who actually saw a full body apparition at her friendís house, refuses to go upstairs or remain upstairs alone. She has no problem with any other part of the house, and I can even leave the two of them alone in the mornings when I take their older sister to school with no problem, but she is absolutely terrified of being upstairs alone here. She says she has heard her name get called while she was in the kitchen, but no one had called her...always all of us hear a female voice, but that is all.

My eldest daughter has heard voices, one of them a young child's laugh. She thought it was my youngest laughing, only to find out that she was alone in the house, no TV's on or radios or anything else. She has seen shadows out of the corner of her eye and is convinced there are two entities living here...a woman and a young girl.

Now for me. I have not really discussed ANY of these things with them, as since their mother left I have absolutely no money with which to move and were they to know that this place is indeed haunted, they would panic and things would just plain not be good. However, my eldest who is 17 is aware and we have experienced some things together and so forth. It is the two youngest that we do not discuss this with. They are 9 and 10.

I have had my name called repeatedly. One night, while I was reading in bed, it was so loud that I thought it was my wife who was in bed next to me. However, she had her back turned to me and was asleep, completely unable to have done so. The name in the ear happens quite often, though not for the last few weeks.

One night, after my wife had left, the three girls and myself were in my room, the two youngest do not sleep in their rooms as they are too "freaked out" to do so and sleep in my room with me, when we heard a loud "bang" out of the kitchen. Thinking the cat had knocked something over, I didn't think too much about it as I went downstairs to investigate. What I found was the salt shaker laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. However, it is normally on top of the oven. In order for it to have landed where it did, it would have had to have been thrown pretty decently off of the top of the oven. I tried repeatedly to figure out how it happened, and to just knock it off the top left it falling right below where it was onto the stove. Nothing I did could make it travel the distance it traveled. Plus, were it to have fallen, it would have made a loud metallic sound as it hit the stove. There was only one bang, which was the shaker hitting the wood floor. As for where the animals were, both cats were actually in the room with us at the time and our Golden Retriever had been in the bed with me. There is only one way that salt shaker could have ended up on the floor, and that would be someone actually picking it up and either throwing it, or walking a good 5-6 feet and dropping it.

At least three times, the two little ones were in my room with me and my eldest in her room with her door closed when the front door would sound like it closed hard. No one had gone out, no one had opened it, no one was there. The upstairs bathroom door would slam itself closed. Keys would be misplaced only to show up in a very obvious place that had been looked at several times.

One of the weirdest things that happened, happened back in September. Our Golden Retriever had gone into heat and I was looking for the business card of the person who was going to allow us to "pimp" her out to. I was laying in my bed watching TV and decided to go and give them a call. I knew the card had been downstairs on the table next to my chair and I went to get it, only to find it gone. We then spent about an hour looking for it. I tore up the entire house looking for it, including my room and bed...I mean I tore the blankets off the bed and everything. (this is a key point). We could not find it anywhere.

Finally, I gave up, figuring that it must not be meant to be. I went upstairs and there, on my bed, right where I normally sit/lay while watching TV, clear as day was the card face up looking at me. I tell you, there was NO WAY that could have happened. It showed up there out of the blue.

One night, I was in the living room sitting on the couch watching TV. I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye coming through the every way from the living room into the family/TV room where I was. Turning, I looked and there she was. She was a good 5'11" or so, brown short, curly/wavy hair...sort of like the style they wore in the 30's, this face with really defined cheek bones...really pretty, smiling at me, walking towards me. However, from the shoulders down was black/shadowy. that smile still haunts my thoughts, as I saw that most of all. I looked away as I stood up and she was gone. I would be lying if I said I did not freak out. I called a friend of mine and told him what I had seen and that I wanted out of this house, as it had got to be too much...but of course he thought I was nuts. I also called my estranged wife with the same results. However, she made the comment that I had seen these things before and didn't bother me, but I told her that the ones I saw were in other places, not in my own house.

I calmed down, of course, but am always expecting to see her at any moment and tend to have the lights on downstairs at night when I am there alone.

About two weeks ago, I was lying in bed, watching TV when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a child about my daughters' age come running up the stairs and turn towards the girl's rooms. However, no one had come up and what I saw was see-thru.

There is the sound of footsteps on the stairs almost daily, with one night having them so loud that I thought someone was coming up, and when that person should have reached the one there.

One night, shortly after having seen "her", my estranged wife was over while I was trying to convince her that no, I was not nuts, and explaining the sounds of footsteps upstairs and on the landing/hallway towards the girls room when they began. What they sound like is my 10 year old when she gets out of bed. She is not a light walker. The two girls were upstairs in my room asleep, like usual, when there was a "thump" and then the footsteps from my room towards the girl's rooms. I quickly ran upstairs in order to see if it was my daughter having got up and walking around, only to find the two of them sound asleep...not having even moved from the last time I saw them and nothing else. I went back downstairs and the sounds continued. Yet she still thinks I'm nuts. Oh well. How you can doubt that which you hear and see yourself like that I will never know.

Just three days ago, I was in the kitchen with my youngest when she thought her sister was walking into the kitchen as well, while we cooked together. She turned only to see that her sister was still on the computer and nothing was there.

Well...those storied ought to tide you two over for now.

The girls and I have been interested in going on a hunt ourselves, and they wanted to go to the cemetery here in town, but it is closed at dusk...and to be honest, I really don't think it is such a good idea to do that with them at their age, though I could be wrong.

I have thought about doing an EVP session here using my computer, but have decided that since we cannot afford to move, I really am not sure I want to find out that they have bad things to say.

I had tried telling them that they were not wanted here, that they needed to move along as they were not helping things here, that they had actually caused more problems and such. It became quiet for about a month, only to have things start up again. This house does not feel happy. I have never felt "at home" since moving in, and since moving in, like I said, nothing good has happened up to and including the separation and upcoming divorce. Their mother has almost nothing to do with the girls and all of it basically happened out of the blue, destroying a 15 year relationship.

I do not know if something has attached itself to me, if something has followed me around, but there is another story I could tell about my "interaction" with a Chameleon back about 20 years ago who actually has my class ring that she stole...but that, again, is yet another tale.

If you have made it this far, don't think I am a whack-a-do, and can trust that a Disabled Retired Fireman/Paramedic would not be playing games, I would be willing to answer any questions you have. However, you are the first person I have told this stuff to, other than the apparition night where I told two people about that...and I am hoping I can trust you. I know, huge step.

Let me know.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Denise Talks Hercules
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