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 Bruce Lee Tribute Review

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PostSubject: Bruce Lee Tribute Review   Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:39 am

Name: Bruce Lee Tribute
Publisher: Bluewater Comics
Writer: Chris Canibano
Penciler: Joon Han
Overviewed: Paul Dale Roberts, President – Jazma Online!
Comments: I love the way this story starts off. It starts off in the future, in the year 2040. There is now a Bruce Lee Museum. As you can see Bruce Lee’s legacy lives on forever. The museum visitors interact with Bruce Lee via holograms. As Bruce Lee’s story unfolds, there is so much to his story that I did not realize. I am also connected to Bruce Lee through my uncle Jose Causing, who is a former Gung Fu instructor in the 12th degree. His gray Cadillac El Dorado even has the license plate: ‘Gung Fu’. My uncle attended the Second Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Oakland, CA and went to Bruce Lee’s funeral at Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, WA. This is all mentioned in the Bruce Lee tribute, the very same things my uncle would tell me. In this well-drawn comic book, I learn that Bruce Lee’s father is Li Hoi Cheun. Bruce was initially named Sai Fon (a girl’s name) and it was changed to Jun Fan (a boy’s name) and later he was nicknamed Bruce. His first appearance in movies was a 1941 film called Golden Gate Girl, in which he was only 3 months old and he played a baby girl. Bruce in his younger years was involved with street gangs and even started his own street gang called The Tigers of Junction Street. Bruce trained under the legendary Yip Man – Wing Chun Master. Bruce’s students were many celebrities, some of them you may know, they were Steve McQueen, Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Chuck Norris. In this story, you will follow Bruce’s acting career and how he was turned down for the TV show Kung Fu, but played Kato in the Green Hornet TV series. This comic book is presented well and makes nice for your collection of comic books. You will be in awe of the detailed artwork! Bluewater Comics once again delivers! Standing ovation!
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Bruce Lee Tribute Review
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