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 Cowboy Benjamin the Modesto Phantom

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PostSubject: Cowboy Benjamin the Modesto Phantom   Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:25 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations


Date to be there: Jan 3, 2013, Friday // Time to be there: 2100 Hours // First Echelon Scout Richard Rivas does it again. Richard found us this investigation, which sounds very interesting. Address to be at: Modesto, CA Contact person: Lupe // Activity: House is 56 years old. Lupe’s parents used to own the house and complained about the paranormal activity of the home. Orange carton seen hovering one feet in the air from the kitchen counter and slams down on the counter. Entity jumps off bed and stomps into the kitchen. Occupant and others hear the entity shuffle around the house. Lupe has seen ‘Cowboy Apparition’ twice, her girlfriend has seen the Cowboy Apparition once. The Cowboy Apparition is described as 36 years old; brownish blondish hair; looks very real, wears jeans and plaid shirt. Ranches used to be on the property where the house is now located. A lady apparition is seen walking to the bathroom and vanishes. Once this lady apparition said to the occupant: “defend yourself from serpent tongues!” All apparitions are seen wearing 1900s garb. Neighbor Margaret has seen Cowboy Apparition and says this apparition goes from one house to another. IT APPEARS WE WILL BE INVESTIGATING TWO HOMES. Occupant wants validation and possible cleansing. She does not feel threatened by the ghosts. Classification: Residual?

Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Security; Angel Kesti; Brent George – Lead Investigator – Technician; Amy Kneppel – Spanish Interpreter – Metaphysical Cleanser; Rudy Marty - HPI Scout; Stephanie Marty - HPI Scout; Shari Aresta – HPI General Manager; Larry Baty – Monitor & Technician; Monique Apodaca-Scott – Spiritual Counselor – Spiritual Cleanser – Sensitive; Wendy Maxam – Researcher – Technician – Videographer; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner – Leader. Occupants: Jesse (Jesus) Perez, Jr.; Shira Harris; Lupe Perez; Manuel Perez Sr. Special Note: Shari and Larry had to leave, Shari’s daughter went into labor.

Jon leads Team DRN-0167 (Dorian) [Dorian is a reference to the TV show ‘Almost Human’] and has Angel Kesti on his team. Brent leads Team Alaska and has Amy on his team.
Special Note: Shari and Larry came together in Larry’s vehicle. Brent brought Angel and Jon in his vehicle. The Rusty Anomaly was driven by me and I brought Monique, Amy and Wendy to this Modesto location.

Lupe and her family explain that the main apparition Henry (this is what the family called the entity, we later learn the entity is named Benjamin via EVP), is very protective of the women of the house. Lupe at times can feel Henry watching her. When Henry is around, the dog Chuy the Chihuahua will go crazy. The family has heard shuffling of feet, or the shuffling of what sounds like boots. They feel that the entity hides in the attic. Monique did a walk-through of the house and she felt that the home is very enchanting and magical. Monique picks up on some strange energy from a homemade style doll that she discovered in the bedroom. Lupe says that a gun in a mason jar was discovered buried in the backyard. The house was built in 1942 and Lupe does not know who the previous occupants were. The family has seen moving shadows in the house. When guests have been in the house, they get scared of the paranormal activity that they witness in this home. Shira says that on one Summer day, she saw the apparition known as Henry and the entity just stared at her. Lupe sees Henry like a real life cowboy, while her girlfriend sees Henry only as a mist. I think that Lupe has a stronger psychic persona than her friend and is able to see Henry more clearly. Jesse says that on one particular night, he was lying on the bed and the bed started shaking and he could hear boot stomping in the house. During the initial briefing, received a phone call from Telly ‘Face’ Blackwood - Film Maker and Phil D'Asaro - Film Maker who both witnessed an orange sphere that hovered and then darted away at incredible speed. To see that video, stop here:

Angel using dowsing rods captured the name Benjamin Ziv and while she was doing this, the K2 meter was going off. The dowsing rods provided information that Benjamin was the only entity in the house and there is a man and girl entity in the backyard. Benjamin states that the other man was hung in the backyard and the little girl died of smallpox. Benjamin says he was shot and that he worked the cattle ranch. INCONCLUSIVE - DOWSING RODS ARE ONLY USED AS A TOOL AND WE COULD NOT DETERMINE VIA AN EVP THAT THE ENTITY IS ACTUALLY NAMED BENJAMIN. Amy says when she picked up the homemade doll, she felt an energy zap. HOLY CRAP!! Brent just captured an EVP in the backyard and the entity says that his name is BEN, this now confirms that what Angel picked up on with the dowsing rods is legit! That puts a whole new light on this case! Orbs are being captured by the paranormal intelligence operatives and Jon captures a designer orb that has a distinct human face in it, the occupant Lupe did not recognize the face. Brent captures a series of photos of one particular orb that moves from the living room and into the kitchen. The photos depict what looks like the same orb. Monique picked up on the fact that there is an urn in the house and the occupant verifies that there is indeed an urn in the home.

More orb photos captured. Monique witnesses movement in the bushes and there is no wind. Monique picks up odd energy readings from the backyard shed and the occupant says later that the shed is from the original barnyard that was once on this property. The occupants have seen moving shadows at the shed. What is unique about this home is that it's near a pecan grove and there are bats that fly around the home. During the evidence briefing Brent felt a cold spot go across his arm, later ear phone set falls off the couch on its own accord. Amy captures two EVPs, one that says 'si', when a question was asked. When she asks.."do you want to play?", the entity says 'no'. The 'si' EVP was captured in the backyard and the 'no' EVP was captured in the bedroom.

Yes, I believe this home is haunted by benevolent entities and Benjamin is a protective entity that watches over the family. There is no reason to bless this home, especially when the entities are benevolent. With Brent's EVP confirming that the entity is Ben or Benjamin, it confirms what Angel intel gathering captured using dowsing rods. Amy's 2 EVPs. Monique picks up on the urn, the odd doll and the shed having strange energy, which was later confirmed by the occupants and Jon's unusual face-in-the-orb that looks exactly like a man's face with distinct features - eyes, nose, mouth and hair, leaves me with only one conclusion, that there is something haunting this home.

Thank you to Amy for bringing chicken biscuit crackers, cheese, Rockstar energy drinks, Starbucks iced coffee, pizza bites. Thank you to Lupe for providing homemade cookies, tamales and coffee.



Jan 2 2014..Tonight was a weird night... me and my husband and 2 children were outside at 10:00pm and we were looking at the sky with the telescope and we saw something really crazy! It looked like the little dipper at first, but then I looked around and saw that it was not, because I saw it in a different part of the sky. there were objects (UFOS) in a triangle formation then they changed into a square and then in a straight line. Some took off and came back. I could see flashes of lights shooting from that area I could see them through the telescope, we were trippen out !!! Because they kept changing shapes and we could see them through the telescope, and with our naked eye, they seemed to be going around each other in a circle . . . and then I saw a V in the sky and they were also moving into different shapes, they seemed to be closer to us.. I could see them better then the others ..I had the cold chills all over my body from head to children were so scared they were crying and begging to go in the house and I didn't want to stop looking I was glued to the sky...for about a hour, I looked and they were not stars ...I believe they were UFOs in the sky over Vacaville, CA... Jan 1 2014. last night was also weird I have surveillance cameras around our house and my husband saw something that kept going around my house ..and it kept our cameras beeping all night long he even got out of bed and went outside ..they were bugging him all night until the sun came up!.. he kept seeing something run by the camera..I believe they were aliens..I have been followed by them all my life... be safe were not alone in this world... Marissa Reyna

Malia Buford Schild says: Those light happen often. I see them from time to time on my drive home to Stockton from Sacramento. I thought it was a helicopter at first but there was 4 in the same position about a mile apart from each other. I've seen them along I5 about 3 times in the last year. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one to see them now.

January 1, 2014 2am: To let everyone know, I did not drink anything on this night/early morning, nor did my roommate Monique Apodaca-Scott. Arrived home at 11pm. I wanted to get home before midnight, to beat the check points, not because I was drinking, because I have a crack on my windshield and didn't want to get a fix-it ticket. It would cost $300.00 to replace my windshield and the crack does not hinder my vision. At 2am Monique is awakened by the sound of something landing on my roof. Human sounding footsteps are heard on the roof that go from the living room to the spare bedroom and finally to the main bedroom. A loud thud reverberates throughout the house, causing the wooden shelf in the bathroom to collapse to the ground. I get up instantly, go outside to check the roof, I see nothing. I check the front yard and the backyard and see nothing. The dogs go nuts. Note: I do have a raccoon that lives on the side of the house, but Monique says that it did not sound like scurrying of raccoon feet, but it sounded like human footsteps. I am stumped and mystified on what this sound was and this is now the 2nd time, this has occurred. The first time was in June 2013 and something was walking around on the roof and on the patio roof. When I heard it, it sounded like a bear was walking on my roof and there are no bears here in this part of Elk Grove. No matter how much you shake the walls, the wooden shelf in the bathroom will not fall over, but last night it fell over. Weird.

Yen Tang - thank you for all of those Asian cruisine tips!
Coffee of email: - claims she encountered a leprechaun and wants to hear from anyone that had a similar encounter in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Cowboy Benjamin the Modesto Phantom
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