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 Tre Lindstrom - HPI Paranormal Investigator

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PostSubject: Tre Lindstrom - HPI Paranormal Investigator   Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:32 am

Interview with Tre Lindstrom – HPI Paranormal Investigator
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Question: Tre, please tell me something personal about yourself. Your family life, recreational activities, hobbies? Favorite TV shows, movies and books? Travels?

Answer: Well, as you know, I have a huge infatuation with the paranormal. I’ve been seeing, hearing and feeling spirits for as long as I can remember. I’d love to do all I can to gain some sort of understanding about the afterlife. Another passion of mine is singing. I’ve been in numerous bands, and have won several singing competitions and awards. Another of my passions is photography. I love to capture beauty in all forms.

Our family consists of 5 men, and me. Hence, there are a lot of sports involved, whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, etc., on Xbox, TV or in real life. We have quite a few sports fanatics in our home. My 8 year old twins are called “The Super Twins” on their team, and they really are pretty amazing and fun to watch. Plus, they look really adorable in their tiny uniforms. Most recently, I’ve acquired a new addiction to the television show “The Middle”, since it reminds me so much of our family, and all that chaos that ensues! Some favorite movies would be…. American History X, Tombstone, Elvis & Me, and Gone With The Wind. As for favorite books, anything by this super cool author by the name of Paul Dale Roberts. *wink* I do SO love reading about the paranormal, and all of our awesome adventures! We really do some pretty amazing things!

Question: Tre, you were once an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), can you tell me about that?

Answer: It’s an extremely fast-paced job, with no room for error. However, it’s one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love. There’s no better feeling than helping people, especially when they’re afraid. In the most frightening time of their life, I always did my best to comfort them as I helped them. Everyone really appreciated that about me. I guess I was always meant to be a mommy and just didn’t know it yet.

Question: How do you like being a HPI Paranormal Investigator? Does the EMT experience help you with your investigative tasks?

Answer: I absolutely LOVE being an HPI Investigator. I’m on the best paranormal team with the most wonderful, caring, kind and open-minded people I’ve ever met. We all have such a love and curiosity for/about the paranormal, and work well together in our objective, to seek the truth and answers. Luckily, my EMT experience hasn’t really been needed thus far. I do feel confident, however, that should an emergency arise, I can rise up to help, and fall back on my training to ensure everyone is safe and well cared for.

Question: Tre, give me a bullet point list of the most significant paranormal experience you ever had. I want to hear all about them. Also, I want to know why entities seem to gravitate towards you.

Answer: a) When I was 8 years old, I lived with my grandparents. Each night, there were 2 black shadow people that tucked me into bed, so to speak. I couldn’t see their faces, and I was deathly afraid of them. They literally looked like burglars. Each night was the same. I’d go to crawl into my bed, I’d forget to turn the lights out so I’d hop out of bed and turn them off, and when I’d hop back into bed, there they were. I was too afraid to breathe. I’d cover my head and pray that they would go away, until eventually I’d pass out from sheer exhaustion. Some nights I was too afraid to go into my bedroom, so I’d wait at the window for my mom to come to pick me up. Most times she didn’t show, so I’d wait until I was super exhausted and then hit the sofa with my blanket. I’d feel them there too, but it wasn’t as bad as being in a closed off room with them. To this day, I have no idea who the 2 people were, or why they were there. I slept with covers over my head until I was about 13 years old.

* In 2004, I opened up 2 photography studios. I walked into a UPS store, which was owned by my friend, Bob. We were discussing trading advertising for clients, when suddenly it got busy. I stepped back away from the counter to allow him to help his customers, and leaned up against the back wall of the small store. While I waited, I noticed a woman in line, and behind her, a sharply dressed ,attractive black male with his hands crossed. Normally I’d think nothing of it, however, the man was in sepia tone. The woman he was standing behind was a middle-aged Caucasian-Italian woman. I did a double take, because I KNEW I had to be seeing things, but he was still there. He stood there the entire time of the transaction, which gave me time to consider telling this woman at the risk of sounding crazy, but as she was leaving and he followed, I decided that if I was her, I’d want to know. I went running for the door, and saw her standing outside, alone. I walked up to her and apologized for sounding like a crazy person, but explained what I had seen. She asked, “What did he look like…….exactly?” I described the beige brown suit he was wearing, and that I could tell he was a black male in about his late 40’s, early 50’s maybe, and that he was wearing……. And in unison, we both said “wing tip shoes!!!!” I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes. She took my hand and looked into my eyes with her tear-filled eyes, and said “Do you see that stoplight up the road?” I said “Yes” and she said “Ok, not that green light, but the next in that busy intersection?” Again, I said yes, and she says “My husband was hit and killed by a car 2 and a half weeks ago at that intersection. You just described him exactly, and that’s the suit and dress shoes we buried him in”. I nearly fell over. I was so relieved that she knew who he was, and especially that she didn’t think I was insane! I was so glad that I’d decided to approach her, rather than keep it to myself. She was so extremely grateful, and thanked me profusely for letting her know that he hadn’t really left her. That was a really good feeling, as was the feeling of getting the many thank you cards she gave Bob to give to me. She sent me a thank you card every holiday for about 2 years, until I moved away. Moments like that are so precious to me.

C) I have quite a few more, but I’ll try to sum up the biggest, most recent ones. Since moving into our new home, I’ve seen several apparitions, as have several of my guests. I once saw a man standing in my loft, and once when I was asleep, I was awakened by “something” that felt like someone was staring at me, and I was right. In my doorway, stood an elderly couple. The woman was wearing a vintage dress and white apron, and I believe the man was wearing overalls if I remember correctly. They reminded me of the painting “ American Gothic”. She had her head leaning on his shoulder, and it seemed very sweet. I go by a percentage to explain my apparition sightings, and the couple would be around 80% visibility. It was just enough to where I knew they weren’t real, but they sure were close. I rubbed my eyes and they were gone. I also saw my son, Jeff, walk across his room once, yet he was at his friend’s house studying for a test at the time. There have been SO many experiences since living in this home that you wouldn’t believe it.
Question: Tell us about your UFO experiences?
Answer: I’ve noticed since living in Loma Rica that we have extremely busy skies at night. I’ve always chalked it up to living near an Air Force Base, however, some things just don’t look quite right. Last night I took a picture of one of the strange things I’ve been seeing, and it had constant movement. I caught an amazing video, and took a great still shot of the object. It looked like a multi-colored worm. Here it is below:
I’ve also seen what appeared to be a very large object with red, blue and white flashing lights very low to the ground, and I could almost imagine it hovering over someone’s barn, or some type of structure. It was much closer and lower than usual. I actually got nervous because it was so close, and worried it may spotlight me or something, so I got my butt right in the house ASAP. LOL!
Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview! Let’s do some fun questions. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be and why?
Answer: Let’s see…. For historical, I’d choose George Washington so I can find out how it all began and their intentions. Since it’s a fantasy, I’d also love to meet Adam and Eve, for obvious reasons. #61514; Also, if you count Adam and Eve as one, I’d love to meet Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. #61514; I’ll bet they could teach me a thing or 2 about throwing an awesome party!

For fictional characters… Oh boy…. I’d have to say….. Casper the friendly ghost is a definite choice. I’d love to drill him like crazy for answers about the afterlife, and find out the secret of how he’s always so “friendly”. I have zero imagination today, so I’ll say Superman because I love to fly, and…….#3. Edward from The Twilight movies….. He’s just hot.
Question: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you
Answer? First thought…. Cigarettes, booze, and an underwear model. Guilt answer…. family, food and water. Then again, I wouldn’t want to subject them to that, so I guess I’ll stick with the underwear model. #61514;

Tre’s UFO!

Question: How can your readers contact you?

Answer: Send out a bat signal, or email me at

Question: To close out this interview, please give some words of wisdom to your readers

Answer? Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time! ;-)

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Tre Lindstrom - HPI Paranormal Investigator
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