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 Chave Alma Haunting

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PostSubject: Chave Alma Haunting   Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:05 am

Chave Alma Haunting
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations



The Amazing Angel aka Wendy Maxam
She was once a powerful archangel among the hosts of Heaven until a mysterious conflict saw her fall to Earth! Now, with only a fraction of her previous powers, she must battle evil, while seeking a way to regain her previous heavenly nature!
Weapon: Pillar of Fire - She is able to smite her enemies by summoning a spectacular pillar of fire!
Now, she protects Shanghai from ghosts, while also battling the evil plans of The Harlequins!

1982: Mardi Gras – New Orleans. I am walking through a horde of inebriated party-goers. In 1982, I was the superhero known as Jazma-Man. Note: Demon Warrior was not created until 2009.
Jazma-Man searches out The Mikaelson siblings – Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Klaus is sipping on synthetic blood in a pop bottle. Getting a closer look, I notice that the label says ‘Tru Blood’. I am a bit tired after driving from Mystic Falls, Virginia to New Orleans, but I have a mission. I ask Klaus if he knows where the ‘god box’ is. The ‘god box’ was brought up from the depths of Hell by Dracula himself. Dracula’s purpose of possessing the god box is the immense power this box contains. The god box allows you to teleport through space and time. You can teleport to the other side of the world or you can teleport into time right here in New Orleans and shake hands with Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Department is also looking for the God Box and teams up with me here in New Orleans. I play ‘good cop’, Nick plays ‘bad cop’ on Klaus. We eventually learn that Klaus was able to take the God Box from Dracula through a turbulent wormhole that they both entered. The God Box falls out of the hands of Dracula and into the hands of Klaus, while the wormhole does a split trajectory, allowing Klaus to fall back into time to July 12, 1877, where he indeed meets up with Marie Laveau by chance! Klaus taking a wormhole to our present time period runs smack dab into Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean and Sam knowing who Klaus is try to subdue him. Klaus and Dracula’s ultimate purpose of possessing the God Box is to control the entire Multiverse! Klaus now has the ultimate power. Then all of a sudden with a flash of intense light the God Box vanishes. I learn later that Wendy Maxam aka The Amazing Angel sends the God Box to its rightful secretive place, hidden in the universe forever. The Amazing Angel came from the future and into the past, after receiving a mental distress signal from Jazma Man. Jazma Man was calling upon an angel to assist him in retrieving the God Box. The only hint on the location of the God Box according to The Amazing Angel is that it’s near the Akashic Records.

Now readers can you figure out how many TV shows were incorporated into that short story? The answers are below. Now, lets' get to the investigation at hand.

January 31, 2014, Friday – Time to be there: 8pm. Location: Sacramento, CA Contact Person: Fred DeFreitas / Activity level: Apparition has been seen a few times. Occupants hear disembodied voices. Keys that are hanging up on the wall, will be found on the floor the next day. Moving shadows are seen. Bathroom curtains will move on their own. 2 story home.

Paranormal Intelligence Operatives (Roll Call): Fred DeFreitas Jr. – Occupant; David DeFreitas – Occupant; Stephanie DeFreitas - Occupant; Wendy Maxam – Videographer – Researcher – Technician; Larry Baty – Technician – Monitor; Shari Aresta – HPI General Manager – Kara Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Spiritual Songstress; Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Security; Brent George – Lead Investigator – Technician; Angel Levy Kesti – Dowsing Rod Specialist; Debbie Snowolf Como - Sensitive; Raven Fischer-Rivera – Audio clairvoyance - Sensitive; Debbie Fischer – Sensitive; Rachel DeFreitas – Occupant; Rachel Morrison O’Shea; Devon O’Shea; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Back-up Videographer – Lead Investigator; Amy Kneppel – Metaphysical Cleanser; Monique Apodaca-Scott – Sensitive – Spiritual Cleanser/Counselor.

Brent leads Team Dora:
On Brent’s team is Kara, Raven Fischer-Rivera, Rachel O’Shea, Big Al, Amy.
Jon leads Team Apollo:
On Jon’s team is Angel, Debbie Como, Debbie Fischer, Devon O’Shea.

Floaters are: Wendy, Shari, Larry and Monique.

History and Activity:
The house was built in 1911. The occupant has heard a woman in the bathroom, that says ‘I will be out in a minute’. The occupant has seen a disembodied hand move across the bathroom shower. Once the occupants have heard arguments, like a woman yelling at her child. Rumor has it, that there have been two murders in this house. This is the rumor that is told by the neighbors. Sometimes things go missing and then they reappear. Sometimes the ketchup bottle will be opened and ketchup is thrown around the house. When this happens the cat goes nuts. Action figures have been thrown around in the back bedroom. Blinds on the window came falling down one at a time, until there are no blinds on the window anymore.

Big Al captured several EVPs. The clearest one he captured said ‘I’m here’, it was a female. On Brent’s team, the investigators heard knockings on the desk. Another EVP was captured when an investigator asked ‘did someone hurt you?’ and the entity says ‘yeah’. Investigator says ‘how did you die?’ ‘was it by a stalker?’ and the female voiced EVP says ‘no’. Big Al felt a tap on his shoulder and captured a 2nd ‘yeah’ EVP. Raven, a sensitive, audio clairvoyant heard the name ‘David’ and ‘Irene’. Note: The name Irene was verified by Wendy Maxam, our researcher as a former occupant of the house. The Ovilus captured words like: ‘buried stones’, ‘Claudia or Claudius’. Some orbs captured around the house and near the TV screen. The orbs are inconclusive. Brent felt something messing with his hair. Angel using the dowsing rods picks up the name Sara and the name of her father – Paul. Four witnesses saw the keyboard slam down 4 times on its own. Two witnesses saw the Easter basket fall down. The Ovilus picks up the name Anthony and Wendy – our researcher verifies there was an Anthony – former occupant that lived in this house. COMPELLING EVIDENCE ARE: The EVPs, especially the Class A EVP that says ‘I’m here’. The 4 witnesses to the keyboard slamming down. The 2 witnesses that saw the Easter basket fall. The names that are being picked up on and verified by our researcher Wendy.

Several EVPs were captured. Four people with their own ears heard the entity say ‘hey’. They captured an ‘It’s me’ EVP. They captured a ‘yes, yes, yes’ EVP and a clear Class A EVP that says ‘Sharon’.

Monique captures an EVP that says ‘whatever’, it’s a male voice. Jon sneezed in the back room and something said ‘bless you’, he heard it with his own ears.

With the clear cut EVPs captured and the witnesses to certain events that appeared to be paranormal, I would have to say that this home is truly haunted. The entities all seem benevolent in nature and a house blessing was not required.

Thank you to the occupants for the coffee and cookies. Thank you Amy Kneppel for the Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion chips, Starbucks coffee, peanut butter cookies, Gallo salame.


Make sure to watch all of these cool shows:
True Blood – HBO
The Originals – CW
The Vampire Diaries – CW
American Horror Story: Coven – FX
Grimm – NBC
Supernatural – WC
Dracula - NBC
PS: These are the shows that are incorporated into the small story above.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Chave Alma Haunting
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