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 CAPE - Defender of Animal's Rights

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PostSubject: CAPE - Defender of Animal's Rights   Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:52 am

CAPE - Defender of Animal's Rights!
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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The theme song to this article is:
Happy - Pharrell Williams

February 28, 2014, Friday rolls around and I can’t wait to get off work. Wendy Maxam and myself are headed to Grass Valley, CA. Most of you readers know us as paranormal investigators, but this time we are seeking out a story on C.A.P.E. (Center for Animal Protection and Education). We are in investigative journalist mode; we want to learn what CAPE is all about. Checking into the Best Western, Room #172, I get settled in for a spell and then rushing out the door and heading over to the Swan Levine House Bed & Breakfast. This is the meet and greet for people who support CAPE and people involved with CAPE. I was amazed at the Nevada County historic Swan Levine House Bed & Breakfast. This historic building was built in 1867 by John and Catherine Fahey. This establishment has a Queen Anne style to it. At one point of time, this majestic building was a hospital.

Even though the Swan Levine House is magnificent in design and interior, I’m not here to tell you the historical aspects of this former home, I am here to talk about CAPE. As I walked into the lobby with Wendy in tow, we were greeted by the CAPE staff and supporters of CAPE. CAPE provided everyone with vegan lasagna, fruits, vegetables and wines. Everyone made us feel at home. We interviewed a variety of people and I will list those people that we had the honor and privilege to interview.

Bryan Coleman – CAPE Supporter: Asking Bryan how he got involved with CAPE, I learn that Bryan is an extreme animal lover like me. He dislikes the slaughterhouses that butcher farm animals, he does not appreciate seeing dogs chained in their yards. He talks about Turlock having one of the largest animal rescues. Bryan loves dogs and feels that dogs are teachers and healers and need to be appreciated.

Shelley Frost – Director Animal Film Festival and Megan Blake – Film Maker.
Megan is the filmmaker to The Pet Lifestyle Coach and Kindness – A Super Smiley Dogumentry. Megan introduces me to Super Smiley – the national spokes dog for the American Humane Association. I learn that Smiley has won some hero dog rewards and was the inspiration for the Super Smiley Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption and Kindness.

Emily Wick – Filmmaker who created Life with Alex. Story of a very intelligent African gray parrot. This parrot is able to understand abstract words. Emily says that parrots are as smart as dolphins and apes. Emily got involved in filmmaking by studying non-fiction writing.

Next on my list of interviews is JP Novic – Executive Director of CAPE and her daughter Zoe Novic – House Manager. I loved the enthusiasm from JP and Zoe as they talk about animal rescues and the film festival. I learn that CAPE was established 22 years ago, an organization of veterinarians and vegans. CAPE is a place of education and outreach. JP sees things changing towards the positive. Zoe knows that her mother is a unique lady that has an outpouring of love for animals. In my eyes, she is a true animal advocate, she is a hero. I learn that if you love animals, a big step that you can take is to start embracing vegan meals. We must think of the atrocities that happen with chickens, pigs and turkeys. What kind of life do they have? Where they are in an overcrowded pen, the horror of chickens and turkeys that have lost their feathers and are sick? Pigs living in their waste and filth. The horror that we place these animals through. Yes, JP you are a hero, keep up the good work!

Mike Potter – Filmmaker was our last interview for this Friday night. If you want to know something about alligator nuisance removal, then you must watch Mike’s film. Learn how they were harvested and over harvested. Learn how for 30 years they were protected and lost their fear of humans. This film brings out an awareness of an over growing problem. This film will show how their habitats have been negatively affected. Yes, I can’t wait to watch some of these films by filmmakers that are making an impact on mankind. We must learn to care for animals, love animals and understand that they have feelings just like us.

Feb 29, 2014, Saturday - the next day. After eating a great breakfast at the Best Western, Wendy and I are off to the Center of the Arts. Greeting us from ROLDA - saving Romanian stray dogs are Shannon McCabe, Leslie Breitsprecher and her sister Erica Breitsprecher. We met so many incredible people like Marcia Grace Alcott - a volunteer Scooter's Pal. We learn about the Animal Save Center, that is looking for adoption for their stray lost animals. They have a success rate of 15,840 spays and neutering, and found homes for 3,913 cats and dogs. But, it's not easy work and they need money. Carolyn Nichaus - Executive Director for Animal Save - welcomed us and showed us her booth. Wendy and I met two exceptional interns at Animal Place, they were Bethany MacKenzie - Advocacy and Outreach Intern and Brooke Biddlecombe - Animal Care and Advocacy and Outreach Intern. One woman named Susan Wallace - the founder of Scooter's Pals had a tragedy that affected her life and gave birth to Scooter's Pals. Please see Wendy Maxam of Maxam's Mysteries video interview with Susan Wallace. Be prepared to cry!

Animal Save transforms the lives of dogs and cats by providing humane education, affordable spay and neuter services, and finding loving homes. Contact Info - Carolyn Nichaus - Executive Director - PO Box 817, Grass Valley, CA 95945 (530) 271-7071 x 201 email: -

Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption - National Spokes-Dog - AHA Hero Dog Awards, - videos: - emall: - Facebook: - Pet Life - A Super Smiley Adventure

Founded in 1989 Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country, operating two sites. We are headquartered on 600 acres in Grass Valley, CA and provide refuge to hundreds of neglected farmed animals. In addition to permanent sanctuary, Animal Place's Rescue Ranch is a 60 acre adoption center, placing rescued farmed animals into permanent homes. Animal Place strives to create meaningful change for farmed animals through sanctuary, advocacy, and adoption.

Scooter's Pals is a last-chance animal rescue organization. Our mission is to save and aid dogs in our local community and surrounding areas that have been abandoned, often after having been abused or neglected, or that are in danger of becoming homeless or dying in a shelter because hard times have overwhelmed their owners.
Scooter's Pals was founded on the belief that as caring, responsive humans, we must take action to lower the painful number of dogs that are destroyed each year because of human neglect and apathy. Contact Info: - Founder Susan Wallace - - Co-Founder Karl Cobler - - Mail Address: PO Box 1687 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 - Office phone: 530 350 2099 - Fax: 530 274-3260

We must all remember that animals have feelings, they seek love, they enjoy affection, but many times their owners just don't care, they are neglected, they are abused. If we love animals and understand that they are god's little creatures, we will fight for them, fight for their lives and be their voice. Please help these animal advocates out and do your part. All you have to do is donate, a little bit helps and can go a long way. God bless these beautiful animals, may they all find loving homes and live a long and prosperous life.



Brandee Bibb, Jessica Menchavez - HPI Fans!

2/25/2014 Tuesday / 6pm: On this day, I met up with Cathi Bewley. Cathi told me her story at Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Roseville, CA. She told me she had past lives via reincarnation and that she is a telepath. She is related to the Bewleys of Cumberland. She will be submitting her story to me for future publishing. Watch for it. Cathi, now lives in a home in Roseville. Here is the activity level: She sees apparitions from the 1900s, men wearing suspenders. Timothy and Kady are two apparitions that have identified themselves to Cathi. Kady wears black mourning clothes, she is a widow and she told Cathi that her husband died of chlorera. Cathi says that somebody is buried in their Roseville backyard.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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CAPE - Defender of Animal's Rights
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