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 The Government UFO Files - The Conspiracy of Cover-Up

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PostSubject: The Government UFO Files - The Conspiracy of Cover-Up   Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:11 pm

The Government UFO Files – The Conspiracy of Cover-Up
By Kevin D. Randle – Retired from the military in 2009 as a lieutenant colonel. UFO hunter and writer since 1974.
Overviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Comments: Everything you wanted to know about the dirty little secrets our government hides from us is right here in this incredible book. Kevin introduces the readers to Foo Fighters. Were Foo Fighters extraterrestrial drones or something more? Why were they so prevalent during World War II? From little silver disks to balls of fire, why did they have so many different shapes? Find out here in this nail biting page turner of a book! If you think the Foo Fighters are mysterious, then let’s not forget about the Scandinavian Ghost Rockets! Ghost Rockets from Sweden to Denmark, people who see them, think they are meteors, until these meteors change course. Could it be a Russian secret rocket or perhaps extraterrestrial cigar shaped UFOs? Besides having a great investigative story, you also get a spectacular photo of a supposed ghost rocket. There are many photographs incorporated into this book. One of the UFO stories I am very fond of is the UFO encounter by Captain Thomas Mantell. While I was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, I heard this story repeated many times over. Did Mantell have a dog fight with a UFO over Kentucky? We will never hear Mantell’s side of the story, because he died in a fiery plane crash after his infamous UFO encounter. In this book you get a wallop of info from The Cisco Grove Physical Evidence Case; Minuteman Missile Crisis; the SETI chronicles; O’Hare and Stephenville Sightings. If you are a UFO enthusiast, this is a must-read book and it should be placed with your UFO reading collection! Kevin is very detailed and you can see he went through extreme measures to obtain the critical information about UFO cases that have been shelved in the dusty archives of our government.

Special Note: This book took particular interest to me, since I was once a 97 Bravo - Intelligence Analyst at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center in Korea) that worked with Image Interpreters and on one particular day, I discovered that our military is indeed investigating UFOs.
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The Government UFO Files - The Conspiracy of Cover-Up
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