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 Scaring the Children in Land Park, SAC

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PostSubject: Scaring the Children in Land Park, SAC   Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:39 pm

HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations
Edited and Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts

March 22, 2014, Saturday 8:30 PM Contact: Lisa, Address to be at .... 7th Ave, Sacramento, Ca. In this 1900 sq ft home the occupant sees woman in picture, her eyes appear to start moving, her face starts moving. Like a Harry Potter photo. Occupant sees apparition, man in suit and with Charlie Chaplain mustache. Another apparition, looks like Elvis with pompadour haircut, looks demonic at times. Occupant has video footage of paranormal evidence. Wants cleansing and blessing. Case Manager: Melissa Locket.

Paul Dale Roberts is unable to attend this investigation so it will be lead by our General Manager: Shari Aresta.

Those attending: Melissa Lockett (Case Manager/ Empath/ Medium/ Aura Reader), Jon Koyasako (Lead Investigator), Debbie Snowolf Como, (Sensitive, Investigator), Jason Knittle, (Investigator), Ravon Rivera, (Sensitive) Deborah Fischer,(Medium, Channeler, Sensitive). Wendy Maxam (videographer) Becky Cardenas, Lead Investigator, Carl Holigan, Investigator and Mark Bales (Investigator), Rich Rockman (Guest), Becky Cardenas (Lead Investigator/ Spanish Interpreter) and Big Al - Alaceo Rosatano (Lead Investigator)

First Opening everyone introduced their selves, the Occupant Lisa and her partner Matt. Lisa told her story to the group. They also wanted to investigate with us. I divided everyone up into teams with Becky, Jon, and Big Al as Leads. Jonís teams name was: Pegasus, Big Al's team name was: La Cucaracha and Becky's team name was:
Team Seventh Heaven.

First Evidence Briefing:
As we all gathered into the living room we began with our sensitive telling us she felt there was an older man, a grandmother, a little girl and 4 other spirits in the home. One may have been poisoned. Several Orbs were captured. Big Al's captured an unusual orb in the son's room. He also heard movement. Raven could hear people yelling. A man was saying he doesn't want us there. He says heís not leaving the home. There is a grandmother presence that protects her son. They are getting evps of a different language. "Ak Ned" May be Arabic.

Jon's team captures a designer orb outside in the back yard. They were sitting under the awning on the patio and the awning appears to move with no wind in the yard at all. The light fixture sways. They capture an evp that says "yes" .

Becky's team got K2 hits into the red, when questions were asked. Becky's laser grid rotated. Mark's photos were clear on one side of the room and out of focus on the other side of the room.

Second Evidence Briefing:
Shari captured an evp saying "get out" Shari is recording with her night vision camera and at the 10:06 mark, captures an evp saying donít be afraid of me. Big Al's team was sitting on the bed in the little boy's room. (Little boys name is Henry) and the bed began to shake. Debbie's hair got pulled and Big Al also saw the hair lift up. Debbie lashes out and tells the old man to leave the children alone that live in the house and not to touch her again. Raven says he just wants us to get out of Henry's room and leave him alone.

They honor his wishes and leave the room. They captured an evp of a foreign language that sounded like "ats an Conya" an evp of mumbling, and a tapping evp.

Jon's team captures an evp that says "Henry" (the little boy's name that lives in the home) He often runs out of his room at night and into his mom's room because he hears yelling and it scares him. Other evps captured by Jon's team were tapping, a "no" and a man's voice saying "What the F**k." they heard strange noises and captured two more evps that said "make me" and laughing.

Becky"s team moves to the basement while Melissa is in the basement she feels something above her head like a pressure. She looks up, and she feels there's something above her head thatís evil. She has to leave the basement and ask the occupants if they own a Quijia board... He says yes, its in the laundry room above the basement, and shows it to her. She tells the occupant he must remove it from the home.

Third Evidence Briefing:
Big Al's team goes into the back yard where Debbie tries to communicate with the spirits. Sage is burned.
Becky's team says it got pretty quiet. and Jon's team got a few more sounds and another 'Yes' evp.

We closed this investigation with telling the occupants that they will be contacted by Paul Dale Roberts to do a cleansing and Roman Catholic Blessing of the home. Investigation ended at 1am.


I have a mystery that is pretty hard for me to solve on my own..
I just bought a camper to live in...I think it is an 89 camper..about 22 feet. Got's a shower/bath/ toilet with under storage (bout 20 gallons I think), running water (two sinks)...fridge, microwave, lots a lights, AC, range/oven, propane heat...sleeps 6 (4 bed bunk beds, foam on top bunks, single mattresses on bottom bunks) area has nice pull-out beds n such...I have had another camper that we bought from my neighbor, but it was small (I live in my parents back yard in it), so we sold it and got myself a newer one/bigger one (Because I virtually live in it, do all my business in computer and stuff, everything I need to enjoy my life is in this camper-which is mostly my computer and food lol)...Anyway. The old camper that I lived in never gave me any problems. Neither did my new one. Up until about a month ago. I would be sleeping. I could vividly remember as i was sleeping, I would wake up. I would go back to sleep. I would be awoken again - sometimes awoken mysteriously out of the blue 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or more times every night! It just all depends! Then as it happened more and more (about the 2nd or 3rd or 4th night in a row), all the time, I would remember having to pull my arm back, from a jerking position - I would go to sleep with both my arms on my chest - like situates on my chest...sometimes on my crotch area, but mostly on my crotch area. I would be awoken to someone/something pulling on my elbow area noticeably hard! I would immediately pull back and go back to sleep almost right away...But as it happened more and more and more, I would notice that no matter how I would sleep, it would grab my elbow and YANK it out into the thin air. Then once I got the idea that it was something of supernatural origin (not just a muscle convulsion) I heard laughter! It was a malicious laughter! A cartoon-like hyena laughter Heh Heh HEH!...your mind immediately becomes stiff as a board as your heart starts to race faster and faster as you begin to realize that you ARE NOT ALONE!

Then I start sleeping in the daytime, being up at night (as I have no job and are on the computer almost 18/7) hoping it would go away. The first night it was horrible, trying to stay up throughout the night till daylight! I made a mistake though - fell asleep. There I was, the same exact place...nothing has change (cept maybe a fuzziness about the place)...I was looking for something though...all of a sudden, some strange cartoon voice, different this time...high pitched - low toned - cartoooooned "Weíre Watching Youuu!!!"

Then I woke up....I was SOOOOOOOO SCARED!!! This thing got inside my head, was in my dream....Not only is it waking me up by yanking my arms - it is laughing at its prank and enjoying every waking minute of me being scared half to death. So a couple of times, I sleep at night to see if it is still there or not (maybe it left because I am not a part of its joke anymore, bout a week..) Not such a great idea. I slept with the cover gently over my head that time, and with both of my hands now under my butt (waking up with pins and needled hands)...I donít know if it is unable to grab my hands and pull them out from underneath all of that weight, or it just doesnít want to hurt me or guess rips the covers off of my head...I am an empath (Iím pretty sensitive to emotions, so I can definitely feel the SNEER of malice sometimes when I am awake and it does it)..It hasnít laughed for about 2 times (not that I could hear)...but then last night, it laughed 2 times, really it was letting me know it is really enjoying these pranks it is pulling on seems as if thatís all it wants to do is play these jokes on me when I am doesnít do much of anything else. I tried catching an EVP of it but my batts died..and my lights flicker constantly after night (when I know it is the most powerfully active)..I set up a camera just the other night, a video camera, to record it pulling the cover off of my head. I hope I can catch that one. I have done it a specific way as to prove to skeptics that it is not me who is ripping the cover off my head - but as the camera only records for about 120 minutes, its kind-of hard to actually catch it...I am going to record some more tonight, I hope that I can catch something....I was thinking of maybe hooking myself up to an EKG to read brain activity to maybe prove that it is not my brain moving my muscles, but an actual spirit doing it for me...that would be pretty cool, but I don't have 10,000 dollars for one of those right anyway I am completely scared I do not know what to do.. I have told everyone in my house and I do not know what to do. I have cried so many times I do not know what to do...every time I sleep, this thing bothers me and bothers me and does not give up! I canít stand it I am ready to commit suicide and go to the astral plane and strangle this MOTHER FU!@#R

Tell me what you think I should do, I got some sage from the farmers market but is fresh and donít know how to burn it lol...I have plenty of incense but no real way of mixing the two to burn it...where can I learn how to cleanse this damn camper, or areas (maybe someone was buried under where my camper is...this is old farm land...I was thinking that maybe it is a fairy or a mystical creature...I have heard of storied like gremlins or elves doing mischievous things like that to people and stuff)

You never know I hope to record it tonight (if I can get to sleep
like I said, sometimes I donít have to be sleeping for it to rip the covers off of my head Sometimes I think it purposely wakes me up, without me knowing WHAT woke me up, only to make me KNOW that something is there playing tricks on me)

I need batteries and more tapes! I was thinking of getting a web cam to record digitally on my computer, that is my best bet, but I donít know the best way to get night vision on my regular video camera....night vision without buying another bullcrap 300 piece of equipment...I just want to get some IR lights and a IR filter or something and tape it to the web cam and have it on ALL night.
One night I had the video cam on taping me sleeping, woke up to a loud sound - when I looked over there where the camera was supposed to be propped up in a drawer - it was on the FLOOR! Omg this stuff that has been happing is really getting worse - it is getting more daring I think

And I think I see things out of the corner of my eye too. Maybe a shadow creature flying around...zipping might be an animal spirit too...imp thinking a little elf or dwarf creature spirit. might have inhabited this camper when one of the previous owners took it to a far off land somewhere...well I am off to bed Ė Iím going to set the camera up to tape me....bonjour
Thanks for reading it could you tell me where to go to or what to do?
Thanks Shaun Wingle

Yesterday was history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift,
That is why it is
Called the present.

Hello Paul Dale Roberts,
You may not know who I am but I will explain why I am sending you this email. I read your story on titled, 'Chubee: I was a Teenage Chupacabra' and it sounds like a nonfiction event. I had an odd dream about a centaur shortly before I encountered a Chupacabra while driving in Holly Michigan on July 5, 2008. I
Did see the creature one more time after that experience.

The odd thing is you mentioned centaurs in your story in connection
with Chupacabras. In my reality, I do feel there is a connection. I just figured you may want to know that from someone else who has witnessed a Chupacabra.

My Chupacabra story can be found online at MI Mufon, The Black Vault,
and -

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Scaring the Children in Land Park, SAC
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