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 Gypsy Shack Haunting

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PostSubject: Gypsy Shack Haunting   Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:28 pm

Gypsy Shack Haunting
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Interviews at the Gypsy Shack

Ghost Hunting 101 - Instructor Paul Dale Roberts

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal is the type of music you will hear at the Gypsy Shack, listen to it here:

Date to be there: April 5, 2014, Saturday Time to be there: 1700 Hours. Case Manager: Deanna Jaxine Stinson // Location to be at: Gypsy Shack 18145 Main Street, Jamestown. Before the investigation, I will be giving the patrons a lesson on Ghost Hunting 101. Afterwards...the HUNT! Contact Person: Tina Shackley.
Riding with me are Big Al and Mark Bales - at my house at 1pm

Jamestown is a census-designated place (CDP) in Tuolumne County, California, United States. The population was 3,433 at the 2010 census, up from 3,017 at the 2000 census. Formerly a California Gold Rush town, Jamestown is now a California Historical Landmark.
A scene from the movie Hidalgo was filmed in Jamestown. Exterior scenes from the TV series Petticoat Junction and Green Acres were filmed in and near Jamestown. SPECIAL NOTE: Patrons explained to me that they take pictures around Jamestown all the time and one patron showed me 3 pictures of full body apparitions that lurk around Jamestown near the Gypsy Shack. Very impressive photos and I hope he will email me the photos for a future article. Where the Gypsy Shack is located, there are many more haunted establishments, there are plenty of ghostly stories in Jamestown and that being so, it would only make logical sense that the Gypsy Shack is also haunted. One patron claims that there is a ghost called Miner Fred that lurks near the National Hotel in Jamestown, he usually is seen carrying a pick ax and is in coveralls. The National Hotel is very near the Gypsy Shack. Info on the National Hotel in Jamestown can be found here:

Deanna performs at the Gypsy Shack - her picture hangs at this establishment.

Mark Bales and Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano show up at my door at 1pm and since I have a torn Archille’s tendon, Big Al is driving the Rusty Anomaly to Jamestown and Mark Bales is driving the vehicle back home tonight. Riding with me are Mark Bales – Sensitive / Investigator; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Back-up Videographer – Lead Investigator and Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Sensitive – Spiritual Advisor – HPI Journalist Assistant. The short time that we have been here, Big Al picked up an EVP of guitar playing, possibly residual haunting effect. The bartender named Kris Olson tells me that the Juke box will start playing all by itself and at times late at night he will be hearing music coming out of the back room.


PARANORMAL INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI President; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Lead Investigator - Back-up Videographer; Mark Bales; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - HPI Journalist Assistant - Spiritual Advisor; Shirley Hasselbrink - Psychic; RickyDean Shackley.

Tina Shackley, Owner Tells Her Story of the Paranormal Incidents at the Gypsy Shack:
"Right After my dad had a break up with a woman that claimed to be Wiccan.. he left his upstairs shop. I was downstairs with my boyfriend and a HUGE smash came from upstairs and a running noise from one end of the shop to the other and another slam. I thought it was the dog but then looked down and the dog was with us. We grabbed a baseball bat and headed upstairs. All of her photos were scattered on the floor and ALL the cabinet doors were open. That was the only time I ever was in a position that I could not explain it or anything else. Things move a lot here without explanation. Just random objects. Lights on and off, etc. Just last week a door closed as I watched it. No wind .. interior door. Previous owners of this building said there was a older male “ghost” mischievous but not harmful. The building is from 1854 originally built as a hotel. Burned in the 1930’s second story only. I was immediately drawn to this building with nothing in mind .. to turn it into a nightclub/music venue/beer bar. My father and boyfriend have both heard distant music in the building. I ignore most things that happens here. I have not been a believer of the paranormal in the past. Until the instance that things happened as I mention above. Lots of things break here. Mostly thinks fall over when no one is around here. Things get thrown across the room. Lots of electrical problems here in spite of repair. What ever kind of energy is here is musical and creative. It inspires a lot of people, attracts the odd, and welcomes everyone." Special Note: Deanna Jaxine Stinson has felt the presence of spirits at this establishment, felt chills and cold spots that seem to come out of nowhere.

James Robbert Hermes, a guest here at the Gypsy Shack never experienced anything at the Gypsy Shack, but has experienced the paranormal in Columbia, in his own words he describes an incident at the Fallon House in Columbia: “The costume room in the basement of the theater is where most people have had experience being watched when no one else is there. Without even being told about the history. I’ve been in there a few times myself and felt like someone was in there with me but I didn’t get scared by it. Most people refuse to ever go in there alone again. When I was working there because I don’t drive I always arrived to work several hours early and would sleep in the green room. I had a dream about the building burning down and seeing a room with a furnace. When I woke up I learned that everything I saw in my dream was actually part of the real history of the building. The hotel was built by Owen Fallon, his son Jim Fallon added onto the building with the theater. It’s believed that Jim is the one haunting the building but I think there are other ghosts in there from the fire, he may be one but not the only one.

A patron of the Gypsy Shack shared this photo, a family member took the picture on the left in Florida. A friend took the picture on the right in California. Both pictures were taken the very same day.

Jon Carmichael, a guest here has his own paranormal story, in his own words he describes: Back in ’97 when I was a CNA student we we’re taking a tour of the now closed Tuolumne General Hospital. We were in the long term care side about to wrap up the tour. The instructor stopped us at these double doors. She said that we were ending the tour here because beyond those doors was the morgue and we don’t want to go in there. Now I was standing in back of the class when after the instructor said what she said I heard this male raspy voice say, “No, you don’t”. I turned around to see if anyone was behind me. There wasn’t. I leaned to see if anyone went through the door leading to the “B” side of long term care. There was no one and the door was shut. I never told anyone what I experienced back then because I would’ve been told that there’s room on the third floor, which was the psychiatric ward.

HPI arrived at 3pm and had the whole establishment to ourselves. Big Al, Deanna and Mark got busy investigating, as I got busy interviewing patrons. Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano experienced 2 male voices coming from a couch and there was no one around. Orb photos taken. (Note: Orb photos are inconclusive, unless you can show intelligent movement). Big Al captures an EVP of a guitar playing and there was NO ONE playing a guitar at the time. This EVP is very impressive. A patron took me to the side and told me while at the Gypsy Shack she felt fingers run down her neck. She was embarrassed telling me and does not want her name revealed in this article. Patron after patron after patron claim that they felt or even seen a presence in the Gypsy Shack. From what I have seen, the ghosts are referred to as 'Casper Hauntings', they are friendly. The guitar playing EVP was our best evidence and it may have been residual haunting activity. Big Al acquired other EVPs, but further analysis is necessary to determine if they are actual EVPs, but one EVP is of a female saying "Yeeessssss" and there was no female around Big Al at the time.


To Big Al and Mark for driving my car. Thank you to Deanna for getting this investigation set up. It was a blast investigating all 3 floors and the attic. Thank you Mark for buying me a cheese burger and fries from the Mexican Restaurant across the street from the Gypsy Shack. Thank you to the Gypsy Shack for promoting HPI and allowing me to leave many copies of the Pocket News December 19, 2013 - at their establishment, that talks about HPI extensively in this issue.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Gypsy Shack Haunting
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