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 Science Channel's Behind-the-Scenes with Deanna

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PostSubject: Science Channel's Behind-the-Scenes with Deanna   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:41 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Pinkys is by Celebrity Psychic Nancy Bradley - a lady I used to work for.
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Deanna Jaxine Stinson tells her paranormal story for British film crew - Deanna's story is for The Unexplained Files - Science Channel. Location: Argonaut Mines in Jackson, CA April 6, 2014, Sunday; Deanna's story is terrifying and you will have to wait for this episode to air on the Science Channel. Below, take a look at Behind the Scenes with the Science Channel.

What prompted this Science Channel episode? It's when the Science Channel found my article: - How many documentaries has HPI generated? Many! Make sure to watch The Unexplained Files - Science Channel, take a look here:


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River Tales to Tell
By The Celebrities Psychic

The weather could not have been more frightful, terrible, unaccommodating and spooky, the night of December 1, 2008 as we approached our destination, Pinky’s Bar and Grill. Located at the Verona Village Resort on the beautiful Sacramento River a few miles north of Sacramento , California , we had been told the place had stories to tell. Nestled directly on the water in a little hamlet called Nicolaus, it should not have been a chore to get there from our Gold Rush Ghosts Paranormal Headquarters in Placerville , about 30 miles away in the heart of the Gold Rush Country. But this day was different. This investigation, headed by major ghost hunter with GRG Judy Cooper, was to prove there are still goose bumps available even for seasoned investigators. Even before cautiously driving to the location unceremoniously slow in the unexpected fog, we knew this one would be a serious ghost hunt. Fog was coming in at a fast pace, the winding road barely visible from the driver’s seat, which was occupied by the owner of Gold Rush Ghosts, head investigator Robert Reppert. White knuckle passengers unable to see anything outside the windows and silent in the back seat were Gold Rush Ghosts investigators Judy Cooper, Liz Harrison, and Bob King. I was riding shotgun in the front next to Reppert.

Following us to join in the investigation were more GRG paranormal investigators, Danielle Carpenter, Cat Noble, and Laura Martucci. Only persons missing were famed paranormalist Gina Lanier and Ricardo Pustanio from We knew they would have LOVED this investigation, and we would have been honored to have them aboard. FOG! Crazy as it was, we knew that FOG was exactly what was needed to promote the right amount of moisture for the assurance of ectoplasm and we had carefully packed our gear, ready for this investigation. The fog, hard and frightening to drive in, was now taking us to our destination, and we would be there under the hospitality of owners Matt and Debbie Lovette, who had given us free range of their place. Cooper had done well as she was the one who found this haunted spot, and she had already done her homework.
Gold Rush Ghosts Paranormal insists on a pre-investigation prior to the crew going out, making sure there is actual activity before alerting our experts. Cooper had previously gone out to measure electric sockets in the walls, heating ducts in the floor, she had done a complete floor plan so that we did not get excited over false readings from electrical and other natural things that could be misconstrued as paranormal activity. From her pre-investigation she shared with us what she had been told about the history of the building. “The restaurant and bar was formerly known as Verona Joes or Joe’s Place. Back in the late 1930’s a Swiss immigrant named Joe Swissig built the building. The locals loved him, so much so, that to this day there is a tile on the floor at the front entrance with his picture on it. After he passed, the place changed several hands until Matt and Debbie Lovette took it over in 2007. For years they had heard that strange activity was going on in the place, especially after the death of Joe.” Enter Gold Rush Ghosts Paranormal, hopeful to get a serious read on the activity and if so, to shoot it for our television show Investigating the Unknown.

“It didn’t take long for the new owners and their employees to start noticing strange happenings” Cooper continued from her pre-investigation. “On tape Robert ‘Bob’ Powell, one of the cooks spoke of hearing bottles clinking and things being moved around, especially at the place at the bar that Joe was known to sit at while alive” she told us. The cook spoke of always hearing strange noises, and told of other people that had mentioned seeing reflections in the windows of people that aren’t there.

One of the owners, Debbie, was happy to relate her stories to Cooper as well. “The jukebox will suddenly start playing. It’s a state of the art jukebox, and it is very difficult to bring up a song, which makes it even more impossible for it to start by itself.” Her husband Matt admitted to seeing someone sitting at the end of the bar, and when he looked again, the person was gone. He told her that on several occasions he double checked himself to be certain that his eyes were not playing games on him and yet he still saw someone sitting at the end of the bar when clearly there should not have been anyone around. On second glance…the entity is always gone. Rather unnerving. The couple told of a morning when they came to work and the padlock had been undone and the chain that holds the door closed being loosened. The door was wide open. They checked everywhere, but nothing was missing inside the building. Everyone that Cooper spoke to had a story to tell, and/or felt the impressions of a presence. All had that feeling that they were not alone when in the building.

As we arrived at our destination it was obvious that Pinky’s Bar & Grill was not one of your typical boring buildings. As we drove into the parking lot we were greeted by a three story edifice, wood planks, a building of strange cut-outs, in-and-outs, misplaced windows, and cubby holes. Obviously these are all components that attract the paranormal. Cooper had been told that the ropes that surround the walkways are from old boats, and so naturally our first concern was to go up the deck and look out onto the water. The fog was tightening around us now and we hung over the deck to try and see something. The outline of an old Japanese Trawler was slightly visible, moored at the waters edge, just outside the building. We were told a man had died on that boat. Certainly it was clear the boat would never make another trip, the sail had obviously been cut off, later we found out it was because it could not fit under the Sacramento Bridge when it entered the river. Beyond that it was old and untrustworthy. In the fog those of us who are psychic saw the deceased sailor exit the boat, and our investigators scrambled for their cameras for what we could capture in this visibility. It was going to be quite a night!

Leaving one cameraman behind to film the events on the water, we decided to go into the building. As you enter you immediately pass the original bar on the right, with its old coins and pictures laminated in the wood. After a large space in the middle of the building which is now used as a dance floor, there is the new bar on the left. We looked at the original port holes from old ships that are used as windows. Interesting! Looking back outside, the river visibility has completely left us for the fog. It was an eerie feeling, creepy even to seasoned investigators. We pulled our jackets close to us and buttoned them. Those of us that had a scarf pulled them up over our heads. It was clear there were entities brushing past us. It was cold. We could literally see our own breath in front of us. We laughed at each other, voicing that it would be much easier to track fast moving and elusive spirits if that were their case as well.

To start the investigation we took out our meters and began looking for the main energy on the bottom floor of the building. There appeared to be little activity at the new bar, but energy was found to be centered at the old bar and the small rooms beyond it. Matt offered to show me the utility room which is down the hall and to the right behind the old bar, the room that houses needed equipment and containers. When we approached it was obvious most everything in the room had been scattered, thrown about and on the floor. Strange, because the rest of the building was clean and tidy. Matt was to tell me that whenever he enters the building he finds things have been moved and thrown around in this room. Seemed like a good time to interview Matt and Debbie about their new business, so we took a few photos and Robert set up the mikes to continue recording their stories.

“My sons and I were cleaning up the building and saw three men outside our window on the deck walking around.” Matt told the camera. “I had the boys go outside to tell them that we were closed but no one was there!” Matt said. “The men just disappeared.” His wife Debbie added “Customers always talk to us about reflections in the window when no one is there.” This was a good reason for us to check out the windows. It is not uncommon for there to be strange shadows in old glass because of the imperfections. In this case we could find none.

As the interview continued, the rest of our crew took the FLIR and other meters and continued to scurry around the bottom floor looking for paranormal activity. Bob King, head video photographer was to tell us, “We filmed in the crawlspace of the basement. At the séance, I felt strange activity. I felt we were being watched and I felt like hair was standing up on end. We had an EMT meter, and the spikes were heavy on the second and third floor.”

Because I always get the best, or worse, it was my job to be first on the second floor. When climbing the stairs I had the feeling I was going to fall backwards. I quickly balanced myself and my breathing became labored. It is an interesting fact that most psychics are asthmatic, and this was the feeling I had on my way to the second floor. As I approached the second floor I felt a vortex waiting me at the top of the stairs, and it was clearly going to be of major proportions. Yes, the meters confirmed the center of the portal to be directly on the top of the stairs, and as a precaution I stopped one more time to secure my balance so I did not fall over the captain ropes that separated the floors. I called for back-up because all meters were off the charts and I knew that everyone would want to experience that vortex. Cameras were set up from this point so all activity could be recorded from the TV screen on the first floor. When we later viewed the tape, the orb activity was quite pronounced, and there was a strange phenomena. I would liken it to ‘Morse code’ quick dots of activity, and then longer dashes. It was clearly proving to us that there was spirits and imprint ghosts on the second level. For me, always quickly sidelined, I found it entertaining that the owners had put a stripper’s pole on the second floor, and to lighten things up, I took my leave of the investigation at hand to try my luck at it. Sure, I can still boogie, cool! The old gypsy never leaves the girl, and it was a surprisingly fun interlude. However my dedicated crew was fast to bring me back to the investigation, a door slamming on the stairwell that heads to the third floor, a lookout tower. No one was around to have caused this from a living standpoint. I entered the stairs and immediately saw something jot about and go into the wall on the right. It was noted by one of my crew that to that side it had been haphazardly boarded up. I clearly recognized this as a place where old equipment had once been stored, and where kids playing pranks hid from their parents. It would be fun to take those nails down and see what is there now. Certainly mostly old memories.

Danielle Carpenter was to tell us some of the highlights of her portion of the investigation, “Downstairs, when I was with Robert near the old bar and where we would later hold the séance, the meter varied in temperature and instead of maybe getting colder as in other buildings it got a little warmer since it was already so cool in the building. Also during the séance, I got the name of David/Davey and was later told that was the name of one of the owner’s deceased relatives. The other feeling that I sensed was a man with a long white beard. After explaining what he looked like, I was shown a picture of Captain Joe who is the man they see sitting at the bar and who built the building. It confirmed that there is a lot of history there and there were clearly spirits that were interested in what we were doing that night.”

But back to me, I of course was still at the third story and I was quite convinced from what I was seeing it was a man watching over the building, protecting. The spirit was anxious to give me his name. I felt it important to give Debbie that information. She immediately validated, “ Nancy , you are right on in description and name. That is my husband’s father. We feel him around all the time.” For me it is wonderful to have an affirmation, not necessary, but still a pat on the back once in a while is rewarding and incentive to go on. I told her about the other entities I had encountered in the building and about the history of Joe, his lifestyle, loves and interests. Over and over she confirmed what I was telling her, and then she showed me a picture of Joe. Yup! That’s him exactly! Again I went into semi-trance, taking Debbie aside and telling her who I was seeing in spirit and giving her the names of the deceased and their messages for her and her family. But it seemed clear that Joe had things to tell us too, and he was anxious to do so, and so we set up for a séance. As we were getting ready, I held the tri-field meter to see if this would be a good spot. It was confirmed that without moving my hand at all, the readings went all over the place, up and down without reason. Well, without earthly explanation! We put two tables together and pulled up tall bar chairs for us to sit on. The lights were lowered and we would have cameras rolling, recording all the action. Sitting to my right in circular motion was Bob King, Liz (Lizzie) Harrison, Cat Noble, Judy Cooper, Danielle Carpenter and Laura (Lori) Martucci. We took readings all across the room, they continued to vary, up and down, off the chart, high readings.

As we began our séance, some of us heard banging and sputtering going on behind the bar. We insisted that the room be quiet, all hands on deck (nautical pun intended), and that no one be behind the bar. Someone touched Liz’s hair, and I turned around to clearly see the captain in his designated seat at the bar behind me. He appeared to be having quite the time enjoying our antics. His presence would later be confirmed as ectoplasm on video tape. I asked spirit if they could crash a certain bottle behind the bar to the ground. I jokingly said “I’m loaded, I’ll pay for it.” We thought we heard a bottle creep toward the edge of the shelf, but nothing fell. It was later confirmed that the bottle in question was slightly out of place from the others. Did we do it, or spirit? Open for interpretation. Later Debbie said the bottle we had designated with the XX on it, was her personal bottle because it held little alcohol and to replace it was not something she wanted to do. She made it clear she did NOT want it spilled all over the floor. We have to believe that she is the boss, and spirit listened to her. We continued the séance until the activity clearly dissipated and then completely stopped. Maybe spirit was getting weary of us.
From investigator Cat Noble’s observations “The night of the investigation we traveled a two-lane country road in the middle of nowhere in the fog to get to Pinky’s. No welcoming porch light from any home, no shining stars, and no other cars on the road – only the line in the middle of the road to guide us. The fog that arose from the surrounding fields was shielding our view and reflection our headlights back to us. The thought crossed my mind that the highway we were on was known as ‘Blood Alley.’ I did not share that with my fellow investigators.

“Entering the bar was like stepping back into the ‘70s and before. The décor was wood paneling, girlie calendars, and neon. Pinky’s was dimply lit and cold. I picked up an EMF meter and walked around the lower floor without any significant readings. Then I went upstairs where, at the top of the stairs on the landing Nancy felt a vortex. I closed my eyes and felt dizzy. I moved on to the upper room where I decided that my meter had no power, because I was not getting any readings. Often equipment will fail on investigations because spirits drain energy sources, batteries as well as electrical. Bob, Judy and I then went under the deck to check on things, and Judy’s camera was also miss-functioning. We had all been careful to make sure equipment was working properly when we left the GRG Headquarters. We went further –through a door that led under the building. It was frightful. The old tree stumps where tries had been cut down so the building could be built were still there. I was not certain if it were a cobweb or a ghostly presence that brushed my cheek. I pulled my hooded sweatshirt closer. I tried to take photos, but my flash would not work. Hmmm, seems we were all having equipment trouble that night, a sure sign of spirit activity. Everything was elusive, moving.

“When we were called back upstairs, the owner shared that the security light outside was on. That doesn’t seem unusual, except that the light is only triggered by people, and it goes out after about 15 seconds if no more movement is detected. The light remained on for several minutes and no one was triggering it – at least no one we could see – and it was working as expected before.

“I sat at a table to participate in the séance. The room became even colder. My hands felt like ice, and it felt as though the air became thicker. Someone spoke about a man in spirit, and I got a picture of a large, jovial, rose-cheeked, gray/white bearded man, which Nancy confirmed. I wish these wood-paneled walls could talk.”

During the séance, investigator Laura Martucci was to pick up the name of Elizabeth in the building. Though not confirmed, she thought the woman had been a cook, and was clearly in love with Joe. If anyone has any information about this woman it would be interesting.
Liz (Lizzie) Harrison ’s job for the evening was mostly to monitor EMF and heat readings. From her notes, “At 5pm, the initial scan of the place held little readings of subsequence. At 6-6:30 I tried again and got various readings. In the area they did the interview (left table area) I got readings of 0 and then it would race up and down from 1.3 to 1.8. On the stairs about the middle stair I got readings of 0 and then of 1.2 and on the 6th step from the bottom I got a 1.6. On the carpet by the front door there was a reading of 1.8.

It clearly seemed as though the Spirits were playing with us by walking around, as the readings were there and then without provocation, gone. I got lots of pictures but the ones at the lower level seemed to have the most orbs. I clearly had the feeling that someone was following me. I certainly got lots of pictures at the boat, it really had spirit activity, but at developing it was not there. I will keep an eye on the photos in case something shows up.” (We have found that even after photos are developed it matters not to spirits. Their energy is still continues to develop.)

From Judy Cooper’s notes: “Underneath the place I caught glimpses of orbs on camera. There was a lot of wrestling sounds going on. I had a strong sense of people watching me. It was so pronounced I felt I had to walk around them to get my camera shots. Prior to going under the building I got a couple of good pictures of the boat. On one of the CD’s there was a brown something moving from the top of the boat to the water. It was way to fast to be anything living on this planet.”

There are some very interesting recollections from Head Investigator Robert Reppert who was behind the camera. “Upon Arriving at Pinkie’s, the first thing was to chart and note any exterior light sources. But the fog had made this harder than normal as we could only see about twenty feet at best. After a brief look around and some exterior pictures, I entered the building and set up the main equipment for the evening. As I set up, I also checked the equipment (as I had in the office) for fresh batteries and that they were working properly. While I was doing this I had the feeling that someone was standing over my shoulder, others were investigating at the time. As I handed out meters and other equipment, some of the investigators came back almost immediately saying that the batteries were dead. Upon changing the batteries and testing the old ones we found that they were just fine and full, this is a regular occurrence with spirit. The next job I had was to set up the interviews and I chose a table in front of the large windows facing the water. During the interview, I kept seeing a light outside almost even with the window. The building sits about 40 feet or so above the water on this end and the fog had set in at about ten feet by now. There was no explainable light source. As the night wore on there were many significant readings both with EMF and Temp meters throughout the establishment but the most prevalent was around the old bar area and this is where Nancy said to set up the séance. During the séance, I was running the video cameras to capture any activity of the night. Through the lens I observed a couple of shadows that I could not find origin for. Upon reviewing the tapes of the night, I found many Orbs and a few shadows that defy explanation in my experience.“ Special Note: Deanna Jaxine Stinson photos were taken by Mark Bales on April 6, 2014, Sunday - at my home. Paul Dale Roberts.

All and all, when we left this investigation and went out into the night air, we were very pleased. We were extra cautious to get our precious cargo and equipment home safely in little visibility, as the fog remained unyielding. The DVD of this shoot will be amazing, and the spirits did not disappoint us as will be evident when we show this episode on Investigating the Unknown, due to air Wednesday night at 8:00 pm Feb 26th, 2009. Stay tuned…

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Science Channel's Behind-the-Scenes with Deanna
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