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 Scottish Games and Festival

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PostSubject: Scottish Games and Festival   Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:29 am

Scottish Games and Festival
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Scottish Games and Festival Part 1
Scottish Games and Festival Part 2
Scottish Games and Festival Part 3

The date: April 26, 2014, Saturday. Off early in the morning, 7am to be exact, so we can get to the Scottish Games and Festival at Yolo County Fairgrounds - 1125 East Street, Woodland, CA. Deanna and I met up with Captain Don Christensen and since Deanna is working under Don today, that makes her 1st Lt. Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Don and Deanna worked the Celtic Nook booth, selling Mrs. Morrison's shortbread, like white chocolate macadamia, lemon, amaretto almond and much more. I could not believe how big of a crowd was drawn to this shortbread booth. The shortbread was selling like hotcakes. Check it out at - Nancy Williams is the owner of Celtic Nook and the people are in love with her shortbread. Talked with Don Christensen and he have been going to this festival for 10 years. He is friends with many bands, such as the Wicked Tinkers, one of the most popular bands at this festival. Don loves Celtic rock. Don makes claim to having a Scottish heritage. He proudly wears a ***** whale tooth around his neck, given to him by his grandfather Lawrence Garrett, that sailed around the world 7 times, he was also a Captain.

I have a Scottish connection too. My step-mother Cindy is from the Anderson clan. My Aunt Yvonne Leaird is from the Leaird aka Laird clan. There is even a Laird Avenue at Yolo County Fairgrounds. I once vacationed at Edinburgh, Scotland. I love the highlands!

There are many interesting people that come to this festival, like Alexandra Medeiros, a very lovely tattooed lady. Her tattoos represent the lost city of Atlantis. Her family originates from the Azores. She has studied Anthropology, Hindu and Tibet Buddhism. She follows the gypsy culture and tells me that gypsies originate from India. She proudly tells me that she is a gypsy. She became friends with the Wicked Tinkers and enjoys the festival very much.

While interviewing people like Perry Louie who is an avid photographer and Scotty James - born in Weed, CA, but raised in Scotland and proudly tells me that he is 100% Scottish, it was time for lunch. Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I had the house coffee, lamb/ham Greek Gyro and veggie gyro. Of course Deanna had the veggie gyro, she eats healthy! Ran into my former HPI business partner Shannon McCabe. Also, came across Carol Gillis, another former HPI paranormal investigator. Checked out the booth for

The Scottish bands like the Wicked Tinkers - that play tribal Celtic bagpipe music rocked the festival. There were many Celtic bands and you could hear bagpipes everywhere. There was a very impressive Celtic parade and people dressed up to the Scottish tradition everywhere.

Jeremy Johnston, a participant tells me that he has Scottish blood, loves the culture and has been going to this festival for 7 years.
Paul and Lynne Reeves of tell me that they work from home and make derby hats, using oils and waxes. They treat the hats and at times work with rabbit fur. They also do hair spirals, flasks, Celtic bracelets. Lynne tells me that her husband Paul is from England and they always have a booth at this festival. Their website is:

The last person I came across was dancer Erika Mendoza that showed off her Irish step dancing. She tells me that Mena Oliver was her instructor. Erika's dancing drew in a crowd!

If you ever have a chance, please check out the Scottish Games and Festival, you will not be disappointed!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Scottish Games and Festival
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