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 Random Paranormal HPI Stories

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PostSubject: Random Paranormal HPI Stories   Sun May 11, 2014 4:30 pm

Random Paranormal HPI Stories
Distribution by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Photos of Our Day on the Lori Schulz Show with a few random investigative photos thrown in:

Deanna Interviews Mandy Part1

Deanna Interviews Mandy Part2

Deanna Interviews Mandy Part3

It's been a wild week. Deanna Jaxine Stinson's Haunted Car story gets picked up by News 13 - Good Day Sacramento, from there it's featured on UPI (United Press International) and Britain's Mailbox. Perez Hilton's Hollywood Gossip Blog rips us apart and make claim that the story is fabricated and finally Chelsea Lately features the story on her May 8, 2014 show. Now Lori Schulz, radio hostess of the Dirt wants the scoop, the real scoop! Let's get this rolling, see below:

May 10, 2014, Saturday: Deanna Jaxine Stinson picks up Amanda 'Mandy' Jensen, Professional Photographer from her home and brings her back to our home, then on the road with Deanna and Mandy to the Broadway Cemetery for a photo shoot and then to the Lori Schulz Show - The Dirt in Marysville. Afterwards I dropped Mandy home. It was a fun day! Below are some of the pictures that I took and video clips of Deanna interviewing Mandy about her paranormal experiences! Check out the pro shots by Mandy, there are two in this article! Below are some HPI stories from our archives written by former HPI members.

See Deanna's Haunted Car Story - May 8, 2014 Episode on Chelsea Lately!

The Ghosts in My Corner
By Sorcha

He stood there, in the midst of zipping up his black leather jacket before spotting me watching him. I didn’t know where he came from, didn’t know where he was. All that was obvious was that he was there, standing in the darkest corner of my bedroom. He was yet just another ghost in a recent string of deceased individuals that have been appearing to me. This one was different.

The son of a celebrity, Brian was the first child that I had seen whom I knew exactly who and where he came from because his passing had been so recent. It also struck me that he may not have known why it was that I was there because the look on his face as he zipped by was that of being caught off guard.

Usually when I am visited by a spirit, it is because they need my help, or they just want to annoy the heck out of me. Yeah, some of them do that as spirits too. But, this guy was just as confounded as I was which was another first for me. He did not have any ill-will toward anyone, he was not murdered and had no last words. However, what he did give me was his most beautiful and prized memories and maybe even a hidden message.

Brian showed me a little girl slumped against a wall, in her best light-colored dress with sash, stockings and dress shoes, her brown bangs covering her eyes. It could have been for them, a day just like any other or a special one that the little girl did not feel like cooperating with. Either way, it was a memory from years ago that stayed with him.

Picture an orange-sky with hints of sun peeking through clouds and an airplane strip with a single plane resting on a dark glistening concrete slab. Now, imagine being in the cockpit and watching as this child and his father, a headset on his head, fly through this beautiful sky. Looking over at his son, he sends a gentle, warm smile his way and in turn Brian offers a wide-toothed grin. Truly picturesque, this was one of the most precious memories that he had and that I will never forget. It was pure happiness and an unspoken father-son bonding moment.

Lastly, he showed me something that may be more of a message than a memory, but who is to say it is not both. A guy lying on his side on a dirt ground surrounded by an Oasis, dressed all in white, on what looked liked something close to the edge of a cliff. As he watched the sun set.

As with any spiritual occurrence that I encounter, seeing Brian’s “spirit” raised a few questions in my mind. Are these memories of what happened or what should have been? Was he stuck in a time loop, carrying on from what he last remembered on that day or as he would any day? If he did not willingly come to me in need of help, as it seemed by the awkward expression on his face, how did he find himself in my corner? Or maybe it was me that came upon his house. Could it be that in the otherworld everything is the way the deceased recognizes it to be, until they find the truth?

I am no Ghost Whisperer, but what I do know for certain is that each entity has a vital piece of information pertaining to our world. Whether they speak it or not you have to be willing to receive.


*I use the term ghost and spirit loosely, currently I am unclear as to how appropriate those words may be in regards to Brian.* Name has been changed for privacy purposes.

A Message from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghosthunter -
Sorcha is an exceptional lady and the experiences she describes above are genuine. Sometimes dealing with the paranormal can be confusing and as you can see in her article, she seeks answers. May Sorcha one day have her answers?

The Long Drive to the Unknown
By John Fredericks

On this particular late winter afternoon, I am heading towards a rendezvous with the unknown. It is in a little town south of here called Herald. I am driving in silence in the verdant countryside. The first thing I notice on my journey is the two twin cooling towers of Rancho Seco.. A nuclear power plant now dormant a once mighty symbol of power in a bygone era. I arrive after a slight detour (having gotten lost the first time) and finally am guided to the rancheria by Paul Dale Roberts via cell phone.

When I finally get to my destination, the meet and greet aspect of our evening is already under full swing. I introduce myself to a few of the scouts that are there and say hello to some people I have already met.

The owners of the residence have a nice spread made available for us-hamburgers and hotdogs. I choose a couple of hot dogs...

As the evening finally commences, Paul Dale Roberts (lead investigator and scout master of HPI International) informs us that the movie studio LIONSGATE – producers of the upcoming “A HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT” as well as the SAW franchise and others has taken an interest in our paranormal research group. They have been informed of several VERY interesting paranormal activities and want to be made aware of any strange goings on for tonight’s investigation. After a round of paranormal trivial pursuit wherein we are awarded some very nice notebooks provided by the studio as promotional materials for the upcoming film. These will actually be sent back in to Lions gate as details of our investigations.


The owner, a very nice lady named Theresa, steps up to inform everyone that her family has been subject to some very outlandish behavior by a dark malevolent entity. This unknown force has seen fit to bully their daughter and actually touch the woman of the house in a very inappropriate manner. Mysterious bangings could be heard in the garage and even a dark mist has been seen floating around the house. Also, the spirit of a young child has also been seen at the foot of beds and unknown, unseen whispering and humming.

Team Work Begins

After the briefing, we are broken up into teams. I have been assigned to Team 3. We first begin our analysis by examining the outside perimeters of the property. I have my EVP recording software on my phone, and my trusty Evario hard disc based camcorder. AS I am walking along with my team mate as the crickets and frogs are busy making a cacophony of sounds, I ask the question “is there anyone there?” Using the proven McCabe method of gathering EVPS, I immediately I get a cryptic response saying “Please Go Back” at least, that is what I think it says. Paul and a few others say they are not sure about the validity of the EVP as the phone could have picked up some people talking from a nearby group... Not so sure about that one.

Anyway, later on the “fun” really begins. Not SO fun for HPI Scout Christina George. As Paul Dale Roberts is showing us a VERY interesting EVP captured on his recorder. He asks the question “is there Anyone there?” and gets the response “I AM HERE.” a VERY evil sounding male voice.-- Christina is attacked or faints! Everyone rushes to her side and she is out for a good 5 minutes. The most peculiar aspect of this event is that I don't even recall her fainting. It was as if events that transpired were blocked out.

We are called back into the house for a debriefing as people were unaware of the events that transpired.

Paul wants to perform a “knowledge gathering circle” as he calls it. We gather in a circle in the living room and Paul begins the Circle with a Hedge of Protection Prayer. This is a VERY important aspect of the circle.. A couple of balls are placed in the middle and Paul begins by saying that we are very interested in knowing if the entity can move said ball. NOTHING happens- every one is obviously disappointed but spirits or entities do NOT perform on schedule or demand.

We take a break and then proceed into the computer room which used to be the bedroom of the now deceased Grandmother of the family. THIS is the room that actually gets results, not with the ball being moved but with a very UNEXPLAINED and UNNATURAL cold spot moving around to each member of the team, passing over their bodies and as with the case of PAUL actually leaving a very odd DOUBLE M on his lower back in a scratch mark... The very weird aspect of this was that the occupants SISTER who passed on were named Mary Margaret. Perhaps she was trying to communicate?

After another break to move to another room of the house, we hold a circle in the owner's bedroom where the Lady of the House was touched inappropriately. She asks for a sign of the entities presence and immediately, my camera springs to life. It starts cycling through the demo mode continually and going through my pictures on my camera- which a team member notes that most demo modes do not cycle through your own pictures but sample pictures stored on the camera's internal memory. It does this not once, but TWICE and I assure every one that you have to actually PHYSICALLY go into the menu system and activate the demo mode...

Later on as we are decompressing over the events of the night, I sit by a fire and talk with a very nice lady who works for the Department of Justice. I find that I am bothered by twinges in my side and she informs me that the horse is indeed pregnant and very close to giving birth. Am I suffering from sympathy pains for the mother horse?

I conclude the evening by saying my goodbyes to every one and the very Gracious host who opened her home for us and allowing us to investigate what she has had to endure since her time living there.

Naturally, on the way home I get lost but finally succumb and use my GPS on my android phone to finally find my way back down the darkened country lanes to 99 North and make my sojourn home. A light rain begins to fall...

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Random Paranormal HPI Stories
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