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 Ghosts of the Broken House

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PostSubject: Ghosts of the Broken House   Sat May 24, 2014 1:17 am

Ghosts of the Broken House
Author HPI Scout Laura Miller
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Some several years ago I was in a relationship with the plans of moving to Eastern England. He had found this older house that sat next to the Priory in Thetford, which was to be ours. Though the house looked a lot like all the other brick boxes that cover England it had quite a bit of character. The backside of the house was settling to the point that walls were cracked and the floor sloped. Additionally, it was decorated in the wonderfully garish wall papers and carpet of the early 70’s.

This house had more than just the obvious going for it, it was haunted, very much haunted. I entered the home for the first time and felt the occupants watching me, I scrubbed and cleaned making myself at home, and could feel the spirits acceptance. There were many, how many I’m not sure. I would see them move out of the corner of my eyes, following me.

There were always one or two around and in the evenings, they preferred to hang out in the dining room and the steps down into the parlor (living room). We’d turn the stereo on and they’d pour out of the walls and in through the sliding glass door facing the garden (back yard). It was like they’d come to welcome us and join in a house party.

The upstairs had two bedrooms and a small hallway, the pink flowered bedroom directly over the parlor had certain energy about it. It didn’t bother me but kind of unnerved my boyfriend a little as he commented on it feeling as if the ghost that resided in that room didn’t want him sleeping in there.

We had his 3 boys over for their long summer visitation, and the 2 older boys in the room and the baby stayed in our room. The first night I could hear walking around and a woman’s voice murmuring, I got up and check on the boys, they were sleeping soundly. In the morning, the younger of the 2 told me he didn’t like the room because he had bad dreams about the mum not wanting them in her room.

The next evening when it was time for bed their father had troubles putting them to bed, neither of them wanted to sleep in the room saying it was too noisy at night. I had them go back downstairs for a story and I sat on the bed and talked to the room, explaining about us all being a big family, and that the boys needed to share this room when they were here visiting, and that I would also need to store some of my belongings including clothing in the closet. The entity seemed upset at first, I could feel energy about me kind of like how aluminum tastes on a filling, but it changed and then dissipated a few minutes later.

We put the boys down for bed and they slept well. During my stay I could always feel at least “her” when I would enter the room and it was more like she had embraced me as one of hers.

I went home to California having left behind one load of my possessions, with plans to return later with another full load of luggage in about 4 months. Things didn’t work out that way; he’d got together a very young gal right after I returned to California. He wouldn’t ship me my stuff back and instead I had to return to pick it up about 8 months later.

In the meantime he moves this gal into the house, and within the first month she’s complaining about the spirits haunting her, giving her a bad time, pulling nasty pranks on her. It may seem odd but I was still in touch with him and we talked nearly daily online; and he’d tell me how the house that used to seem so wonderful now seemed bitter and horrible and now disliked him, and how it absolutely hated her. About the time I was to return to pick up my stuff they started looking for a place to move to.

I made my last trip over and for most of my stayed elsewhere; it was the last 4 or 5 days or so I stayed in the house with them and helped to ensure I had all of my stuff. Oddly enough I was him when he looked at the house they moved into. It too was of a very strange character, but one that I would never have lived in, it was odd shaped had several more narrowing stories, and it felt more warped and dark the further up you went. But this story is not about the new house. The story continues in the “broken house”.

When I stepped foot back into the house that was to be mine, I felt its sorrow and its overwhelming joy to see me. Weird, really weird, but the house and its other worldly occupants had missed me. The ex-boyfriend even commented on how the house had changed attitude when I walked in.

I slept in the parlor the few nights I stayed there with them, and every night the spirits would seep out of the walls and through the sliding glass door and mingle. They’d chatter and dance and mill about like it was a family reunion. They’d imparted impressions upon me of how they felt about the whole situation, I told them I was only here for a couple more days and that I would be leaving and not returning.

On my next to last night we held a little party, had company from out of town there to help them move, and the ghosts of the broken house threw me a bon voyage party to which I had a vision that I later wrote a poem somewhat capturing it and the visualizations.

Lost souls

Halls stretching in surreal appeal
blank walls staring with mocking eyes
weary heart burdened in pity and disgust
churning thoughts fading in and out
lost souls screaming silently
begging release with vacant eyes
oblivious of motions made
downward spiraling at sickening pace
bottom further than mercy's sake
craggy abyss waiting patiently
doomed as self deluded
aching numbing pain
visions of destruction laid
float away
float away
seek a cure find a spark
feeling oh feeling
too much feeling for feelings sake
overloaded finding more than sought
flooding in crashing thrashing
violent pain entering in
horror struck finding their truths
they know not what they do
they care not that they do
knowing doing
listening to her call
ether words spoken in symbolic tongues
flashing in cinemascopic style
passion strikes with blinding cries
grasping reaching for mother's hand
begging father to end it all
help me dear god help me
must find a way
heal souls tis my way
praying pleading seeking
float away
float away
drink deep in the amber pool
seeing all too clearly in mind's eye
breath in deep and float away
float away
embrace all
release let go
visions flow
reach out patterns seen
weave it build it specially
tailored to seep in quiet
heal shhhhhh
heal shhhhhh
breath in possibilities
filter through and send in light
give one strength for later use
hidden with symbolic gift
needful for that final hour
hope upon hope it saves the soul
fade in fade out repeatedly
heady feelings creeping in
murmurs beyond the veil falls
welcoming me back these lost souls
in the house of broken dreams
and in the land not far behind.

Laura Miller – 05/11/04


May 23, 2014, Friday: Case Number: 4PLZ419. Two Russian women called me on this day and explained to me that they were both meditating and simultaneously, they both astral projected. They could both see their esoteric forms and also see their meditating human forms sitting on the floor. They were able to fly around the neighborhood and see the rooftops of the neighboring homes. The one Russian lady, could distinctly see her vehicle with license plate number 4PLZ419. They both went into their bodies and woke out of the trance, in shock that they both astral projected and could remember the experience.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Ghosts of the Broken House
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