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 The Paul Mitchell Experience (Nightmare)

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PostSubject: The Paul Mitchell Experience (Nightmare)   Fri May 30, 2014 4:19 pm

The Paul Mitchell Experience (Nightmare)
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson - HPI Journalist
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

I have always been interested in learning the art of beauty. I have a two year background in accounting and entrepreneurship at Columbia College. I realized that I can't sit behind a desk all day.
It is not healthy nor is it creative. I researched schools in Sacramento California that offered Cosmetology programs. I ended up at Paul Mitchell at MTI on Madison. At first it seemed super cool. Everyone seemed super excited. It wore off after about a week.

Special Note from the Editor: This type of façade method is used by various cults throughout America. A prime example of this façade was used by the Reverend Jim Jones at the Peoples’ Temple farm in Guyana. When Senator Leo Ryan and the media arrived at Reverend Jim Jones farming community, people were laughing, cheering, singing and dancing. Everyone looked like they were having fun, then the secret notes were being passed to Senator Ryan and his staff, letting the Senator know that they were not happy at this place. The rest is history.

The first phase at Paul Mitchell is called Core. It is a six week phase where you sit in a classroom and learn from textbooks and doll heads. My class at the beginning had eleven people. I could get along with anyone. There was ten females and one male. The rules require you to have a learning partner that they choose, even though you are paying $20,000 to learn cosmetology, they still make everything go their way.

You are not supposed to involve yourself personally with anyone but then it happens. The instructor was really obsessed with the one guy in our class. She definitely favored him. He was smart but he didn't do everything perfectly like she made it seem. He was the only one in class that she would encourage and she constantly kept telling him she was dreaming about him and her weight problems right during lecture it was awkward and unprofessional. Editor’s note: Hmmm…sounds like favoritism.

They have high expectations at that school meaning that you need to grade something like 80% or higher to pass the quizzes and tests. They have quizzes every week. You go over the answers in class but you can't write them down. When I first started I had a basic cell phone. Well, one of the rules was that you are not allowed to bring your cell phone into class by administration. The instructor was asked by the male if we could bring in the cell phones and take pictures of the notes on the mirrors and of the posters. There was poster boards with notes on them by Paul Mitchell. I didn't have a cell phone to take pictures with during the first couple of weeks. Then, I was trying to write down the notes onto a paper and the instructor was yelling at me that I needed to listen and I couldn't take notes which caused a lot of problems because I need to write notes to study.

I saw people steal and I never said anything. I saw the instructor always outside smoking cigarettes with the half of the class that did that and was always talking about her personal problems but yelling at us if we asked questions when half the class was learning about her problems. She was irritable and she really sounded like she needed some deep therapy.

We were piled on with tons of useless home play. We got our final test to pass out of core on what we learned in the last few days and we were also expected to go home and do hours of home play. A learning leader that was in the class said she had a different core instructor who never gave out that much homework (home play).

There was no way of making her happy. One student could do worse than someone else and if she liked that student their horrible work was accepted. I worked myself so hard. I got up at 3. a.m. on occasion and went to bed around 11:30 p.m. -12:00 p.m. It was a huge waste of money. I don't have to pay back the whole thing obviously but, all I learned was about was the instructor's life. She loved talking about her personal problems. At the end there was four people that passed the written and two the practical basically a huge waste of money. There is so many other beauty schools.

The Paul Mitchell products also burn. I have a sensitivity to chemical products because I use all natural things like honey, coconut oil, keratin and seaweeds. The day that we had to learn waves and finger curls the gel we used literally left burn marks and peeled off my fingernails in layers. The products mostly contain harsh chemicals like ceterayl alcohol which is horrible for hair. I kept asking why these products work and she could not explain the scientific reason behind it, she just knew the marketing on the package. Which doesn't make
sense because you need to read the ingredient label on shampoos and conditioners just like on food. If you walk through Walmart for example all the shampoos and conditioners have the same list of ingredients even though they are different prices and the first ingredient is the highest consistency of the formula. When I told the instructor that my fingers were burning, she said she had never heard of that. The next week was color week and she showed us a card with sample colors on hair swatches. She said they no longer offered the bottom colors because the government outlawed it. They had some harmful toxic chemical in the hair color. There was so much wrong there.

I went to another Paul Mitchell on Arden way and interviewed three girls from there at Starbucks. The whole downstairs of their building was empty. It was filled with broken furniture and trash. Two of the girls told me get out while I still can, they told me that they are so far in they can’t leave. They say it is a nightmare. They said they have friends in other beauty schools and they are happy. They said though no instructors make anybody cry there like my instructor was making girls cry daily. The other girl was very quiet and said that she liked it and was too shy to say much else. I learned through other research that Paul Mitchell has gone under before.

I have since toured and interviewed other beauty schools and they are nothing like that. They are trendy, large and designed well. For example, I have to wait 30 days for my transcripts from MTI where everywhere I could have it immediately. So the day I dropped was because every day it was getting harder and harder to come in and face the instructor. She filled my guts with a horrible repulsion and fear because she was so cruel and verbally abusive towards the students. Also we weren't allowed to wear ponytails? Just ugly librarian buns and super conservative clothes, so prepare to sweat in the summer. Ponytails are so trendy especially with braids.

Here is my reply to the e-mail that admissions sent me:

Well for example one day when we were doing the pin curls s waves with the gel she came over and she picked on me and this other girl a lot. I know girls were upset and they were calling the other Paul Mitchell schools. Anyways she showed me how to make pin curls and mad a few on the doll for me and I moved to the other side of the doll head to work on the s-wave.
She came back around and she was always saying everything I did was horrible and wrong and she said those pin curls are not right redo them and I said I've been working on the other side of the head you did those and she wouldn't listen to me. There was girls on the floor that had her as an instructor and the ones that would talk said she targets people. If I ever asked a question she would snap at me basically teaches the class by yelling loudly. She expects us to be nice yet she is very mean. A week before when she missed class and the other instructor came in me and some girls were so blown away because she said we were doing good jobs and she was positive and we never heard that before and she was nice and patient. I loved her everyone in the room said she was amazing and she made them realize that our core instructor was not nice and it felt good to be around some positive energy. Those girls and I have all cried before from the mean things she says. On perm day she had me and someone else redo our parting all day long and she wouldn't let us move on to learn the rest of the perm she just kept
walking over and taking out the clips and making me redo the parts all day. When someone else she favors was in there she was always like good job to him only and he sometimes wasn't having a perfect style to the doll and she would come in and say inappropriate things like she had dreams about him in front of the class . He asked her if we could all bring in our cell phones to take pictures of the signs and she said yes and I have those on my cell phone but I didn't have a picture phone for awhile so I had to copy down the notes and a lot of times she wouldn't give me time to take notes because everyone else was taking pictures with their cell phones. So many times we had to stay on our breaks to redo things.

Last week when I got my blinding migraine during class and I freaked out and had to go home I came back and I missed men's hair cutting and she kept saying that we could possibly meet after class to go over it and then I never got to meet her about the blow-dry I was having trouble understanding and the other instructor that was a sub
said fear is a learning block and she made it uncomfortable to ask questions. I feel like i was paying $20,000 dollars to be taught cosmetology and she was acting as if It was all about her.
We had so much home-play every night I was waking up at 3 a.m. to accomplish it and I felt like there was not proper time to study for the testing because of all the loads of home play she gave us every night I know everyone was freaked out and she basically made us feel like we were going to fail and we were all unprepared and she wouldn't take the time to help us.
I wish those girls would speak up as well I feel like she let us all down and I don't think she is a good teacher and I was involved and excited for that but I had no desire to be in the same atmosphere as her. I have been talking to some girls who are very shy but feel the same way. They don't want to make issues.

On 27-05-2014 16:09, Gums, Jamie wrote:
Deanna! Thanks for contacting me! We are processing your drop today. Because I am not privy to your Financial Aid situation, I am not the best person to answer your Financial Aid questions, please contact them at 916 *** ****. You may need to speak to Student Accounts as
well at 916 *** ****.

I would like to hear more about your challenges with the instructor. I see that you were signed up to do the hair show and were really starting to get engaged with the other fp's, and now I hear that you are just done! I would love to have been able to resolve the issues you were experiencing in core had I known about them. Was there an incident that pushed you to make this decision? I would like to make other fp's experiences better, but can’t unless fp's talk to me!!!
Thanks for your time Deanna! Talk soon!

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 3:37 PM
To: Gums, Jamie
Subject: Re: Please contact us

Hi Jaimie,

I am dropping due to the fact that I don't want to be in the same building as the core instructor and she makes people cry every day is not encouraging and is mean and irritable. Today's date is 5/27/2014 and you can contact me at this email or 19162033025.
I also wish to further talk about the financial situations.

On 27-05-2014 10:54, Gums, Jamie wrote:
Hi Deanna!

I heard that you are not going to be in school today! Please contact me as soon as you can!
Jamie Gums - Director
Paul Mitchell the School Sacramento at MTI College


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The Paul Mitchell Experience (Nightmare)
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