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 Haunted Pleasanton

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PostSubject: Haunted Pleasanton   Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:20 pm

Haunted Pleasanton
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

This Friday night (July 11, 2014), Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I are headed to the town of Pleasanton, because Deanna has the role playing the Plastic Face Serial Killer all night long at the Great Horror Campout at the Alameda County Fairgrounds - 4501 Pleasanton Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566 - Gate 12. See information on the Great Horror Campout here:

Pleasanton is one of the most haunted cities in California. There are so many stories about a variety of ghosts that haunt this town. Here is a fantastic write-up about the hauntings of Pleasanton. Read here:

We are staying at the Pleasanton Inn - 5375 Owens Court, Pleasanton, CA 94566 / 800 568-8520 - Best Western Room 108. Note: The first night, I could have sworn I saw a cat in our room and when I looked again, there was no cat.

While Deanna was playing the role of a psychotic meth cooker serial killer all night long, I explored the streets of Main Street in downtown Pleasanton. What a experience it was. On Main Street you will see a variety of mom & pop shops and a zillion restaurants. Let me give you an example of what shops and restaurants you will see, here are some of the establishments: Forno Vecchio Restaurant, Main Street Meat & Fish, Sincerely Yours Gifts and Cards, Lotus Consignment Boutique, The Rose Hotel, Pleasanton Hotel with patio band, outdoor dining and relaxing. Other establishments are: Taste of Sing Ma (Singapore & Malaysia Cuisine), Oasis Grille & Wine Lounge, Tomo Sushi Bar & Grille, New York Pizza, Towne Center Books, Baci Cafe Restaurant - this place has outdoor dining with flaming torches - very romantic - it has a European touch with shades of Rio de Janeiro; Main Street Spirits & Deli, Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery, Murphy's Paw, Pastas Trattorio, Alberto's Cantina Mexican Dining. All night long, you see people walking up and down Main Street, dining in the outdoor cafes and watching local bands playing soothing music that blends with the full moon night.

One of the most haunted hotels in Pleasanton is the Pleasanton Hotel-Here is some history of the hotel: In 1864, five years before the first railroad arrived in Pleasanton, John W. Kettinger built the 1st hotel in Pleasanton, it was called the Farmer's Hotel - later it was purchased by Henry Reimers in 1891 and burned to the ground on March 18, 1998 and re-built. At one time the hotel was called The Riverside Hotel and there was a minor fire in 1915. A long time resident of Pleasanton named Dwayne Simmons says that on one particular night he saw a man on fire walking on the back street, he was startled on what he was seeing and was prepared to call the police, then the man on fire vanished before his eyes. The location was very close to the hotel. Could Dwayne have seen a victim of this hotel's past history with fires? GHOST IDENTIFIED: MAN ON FIRE. Many people say that upstairs at the Pleasanton Hotel is extremely haunted, the upstairs is the hotspot. People hear and see things. doors will shut on their own. A terrified young woman has been seen wandering the hallway and many people believe she was a murdered prostitute. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE SLAYED HARLOT.

Every October here in Pleasanton, they have a Ghost Walk. According to Denae, she lived in a building at St. Mary's - when you leave the closet door open, the activity begins. St. Mary's was once a brothel. She tells me that a woman was murdered there. She says that the closet gets very cold, you can even hear a woman breathing in the closet. St. Mary's was built sometime in the 1800s. Denae also tells me that pots and pans would fly out of cabinets. The rocking chair once started rocking and there was an old lady rocking it. As she watched this old lady, she finally just dissipated. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE ROCKING CHAIR GRANDMA

1. Gay 90s Pizza - is very haunted. A patron who does not want to be identified says that one time he was ordering a pizza and the pizza flew from his hands and landed 5 feet in front of him. He said that incident scared the crap out of him. GHOST IDENTIFIED: PIZZA SNATCHING PHANTOM
2. Tunnels underneath Main Street, Asian railroad workers worked these tunnels. Detrick Sanders says that when everyone is in bed and Main Street is quiet, you will see the heads of Asian men pop up from the streets where the tunnels are located at. Detrick saw this one time and it reminded him of ground hogs, the heads would pop up and look to the right, to the left, straight ahead and go back into the street. It was the most strangest sight he ever saw and he claims he only drank two beers that night. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: ASIAN HEAD POPPERS.
3. Dentist Office - Victorian building - used to be house, very haunted. A man with eyes on fire was seen there, the apparition came out of the window and floated to the ground. A couple walking past the office, looked at the ghost and it looked back at the couple and simply laughed with his blazing red eyes and then vanished. GHOST IDENTIFIED: FIRE EYES.
4. Union Jack Pub - torn down - haunted. The ghost of a woman wearing a pink nightgown was seen floating over the land where once stood the Union Jack Pub. GHOST IDENTIFIED: LADY IN PINK
5. There is a nice bridge walkway that will take you to Del Valle Parkway. Marcus Wilcox says that his mother once saw a troll like creature underneath this bridge. The troll like creature was yanking the fur off a live rabbit. When Marcus mother saw the creature, he ran off into the thickets and vanished. CRYPTID IDENTIFIED: PLEASANTON BRIDGE TROLL
6. The Rose Hotel: People that have visited the Rose Hotel say that lights turn off and on, a full body apparition of a male ghost has been seen moving a big dresser. Other heavy items have been moved, but according to Swala Jasine she saw a ghostly muscular man move that dresser. GHOST IDENTIFIED: ROSE HOTEL FURNITURE MOVER.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

July 12, 2014. I am still in Pleasanton and Deanna has one more night at the Great Horror Campout. I had my continental breakfast and it was scrumptious, I enjoyed the breakfast burritos. A group of Cal-Fire firefighters checked in and they have their fire trucks lined up in the parking lot. While Deanna slept during the day, I explored the city of Pleasanton. While exploring, I came across General & Cosmetic Dentistry - Norman R. Wong, DDS office. Is this the haunted dentist office that everyone is talking about. One resident says that a male ghost will peer out of the window at passerbys. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE PEERING APPARITION.

Talked with Sister Berry and Sister Yu - Mormon Missionaries. Sister Berry has not experienced any ghosts in Pleasanton, but tells me that her grandmother told her that the Mormons would go to various homes to practice their religion. These were their Sunday meetings. In one home, their was a meeting downstairs and a meeting upstairs, in the attic some women were doing crafts. When everyone left, Sister Berry's grandmother was the only one left. Then all of a sudden she heard many people walking around downstairs and there was no one downstairs, she saw the door open by itself, then there were people walking across the attic. This happened in Greenfield, South Carolina.

After I left the Sisters, I went over to the Farmer's Market on W. Angela Street and sampled all kinds of food. Talked with Tim Katz, Server of the Gay Nineties at 288 Main Street and he says he only hears creaks and settling down noises in this building and has not witnessed anything of a paranormal nature.

I did some EVP work in the Pleasanton Hotel and captured a woman moaning and crying. Inconclusive, because it could have been a real woman in one of the rooms actually crying. I didn't hear the crying with my own ears, but did capture it on my digital recorder. While I am doing EVPs, Deanna is out again tonight reprising her role as the Plastic Faced Killer.

Stopped off at the Pleasanton Museum at 603 Main Street and learned from the curator that in the Summer of 1917, Rebecca of Sunnybrook (movie) was filmed there. The indigenous Indians that resided in the East Bay were many. Here are just a few: Ompin, Carquin, Huchiun, Saclan,Cholvon, Souyen, Taunan, Tuibun, Chupcan, Volvon, Julpun, Tamcan, Ssaeam, Tatean, Yulien, Luecha and some more!

With all of these Indian settlements and all of the history of Pleasanton, you would have to believe that this place is haunted. With the surrounding areas, let's say Livermore, Natalie Ortiz tells me that at one time back in the past, a woman was accused of witchcraft, she hung herself by Patterson Pass. Many times at night, people driving their vehicles will see the Patterson Pass Witch from their rear view mirror, it will appear that the Patterson Pass Witch is following them. ENTITY IDENTIFIED: PATTERSON PASS WITCH. Natalie continues to tell me that in the town of Tracy, there is this historical Byron Hotel, at some point of time it was shut down. Many people were known to have passed away at this hotel. There was a lot of negative energy in this hotel. A specter known as the 'Crawler' has been seen on the roof, slithering on the rooftops at night. Strange reflections are seen in the mirrors. Apparitions are seen staring out of the windows. People have been grabbed & touched on their feet. Past guests have heard evil laughs.
GHOSTS IDENTIFIED AT THE BRYON HOTEL: CRAWLER; MIRROR SPIRITS; THE STARING. SPECIAL NOTE: Natalie Ortiz and Aaron Rubenstein of the Best Western gave me exceptional service and made me feel right at home.

A big shout out to Julie McNabb, her son Michael and her daughter (name unknown), I met the 3 of them at the jacuzzi at Best Western in Pleasanton. This family is from Truckee and Micheal has some great Truckee paranormal stories to contribute for my book, he is now a Facebook friend.


1975 NURNBERG, GERMANY: During the time I was working undercover narcotics with CID - US Army Criminal Investigation Division DST - Drug Suppression Team, I was standing in line at McDonalds in Nurnberg and a drug dealer was standing behind me and whispered in my ear: Porkchops, you will be found lying in a ditch". Porkchops was my code name in CID. This made me very paranoid and I would always go into an establishment with my back to the wall surveying the clientele. On another day, I walked into a barracks and there was blood all over the wall and ceiling posts and I asked what happened and the soldiers told me they beat up the snitch that has been ratting them out. They actually beat up the wrong person, the person they should have beat up was me, because I was working undercover in their barracks. The last 6 months of my Army career, I was escorted by 2 armed guards to an airplane and flown to Ft. Hood, Texas, come to find out I had a contract out on my life for busting two guys from the Khaki Mafia. My life working undercover narcotics came to an end, because my life was now in jeopardy.

July 3, 2014, Thursday: This movie was awesome! The two main characters are Ralph Sarchie played by Eric Bana and Butler played by Joel McHale. They are police officers and they get involved in a supernatural case. Both actors are extremely talented. They get involved in the personal lives of the characters around them and it is so interesting on many different levels.

One of the most interesting characters is the priest who is played by Edgar Ramirez. He has many depths to his personality. He started out as a drug addict who was shooting heroin in the streets of New York and ended up as a priest doing blessings and forgiving sins in the name of God. He has an edge and likes women, alcohol and cigarettes. He teams up with Ralph to find these demon crazed painters.

The demon crazed painters are spending their days painting and covering up these symbols that are a Persian-Latin mixture of demonic curses. Ralph and his partner first run into one of them at the zoo and they are hot on their trail throughout the whole movie.

I couldn't even stop for a second to go to the restroom. There was a girl that was sitting behind me that kept letting out loud shrieks and there was a few other people that let out shocked noises at some of the more grotesque scenes.

This movie was so good and its easy to get involved in the story. The cast is good at being scary and there is a few comedic breaks in the movie at just the right times. You will be scared and laugh all in the same moments.

This movie was written based off of a true story and a book called, "Beware the Night" by Ralph Sarchie. He is a true life demonoligist-cop.

I highly recommend this movie if you enjoy fast paced thrillers and supernatural themes! Review by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. PS: I was at the movie with my wife, but my bones ached, I was coming down with the flu and kept going to the restroom...sigh. Paul Dale Roberts

CHRISTINA SCHARFF 925 497-9661/ANTIOCH Address to be at: 2200 Sycamore Drive #213, Antioch, CA 94509 // TFO Zombie Walk 2014 - and Carnival of the Dead - 5pm - Roosevelt Park, 1615 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 - BOTH EVENTS ARE CANCELED, BECAUSE DEANNA AND I ARE SCHEDULED TO BE IN PLEASANTON - DEANNA IS THE PLASTIC FACED KILLER AT THE GREAT HORROR CAMPOUT.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Listen to RADIO HOSTESS Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Princess at satellite radio THE HOWL!\!chat-and-listen/c114g
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Haunted Pleasanton
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