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 Haunted David Fulton Winery: St. Helena

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PostSubject: Haunted David Fulton Winery: St. Helena   Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:31 am

Haunted David Fulton Winery: St. Helena
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Date to be there: July 26, 2014, Saturday Time to be there: 1800 Hours. Name of Winery: David Fulton Winery - established 1860. Location: 825 Fulton Lane Street, St. Helena, CA 94574. Contact Person: Richard Mather. Richard hears constant voices in the winery. Richard is seeking answers. Is this place haunted?


HPI Paranormal Investigator Roll Call:
Rod Engberson; Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson – HPI Co-Owner; Richard Mather; Jennifer Childs; Jason Childs; Vickie Viera; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano – Lead Investigator - Videographer; Victoria Autumn Engberson - Security.

Activity Level:
According to Richard Mather, the following activity has occurred at this winery:
1. Heard voices, conversations in the winery. Whispering voices and this happens in the tank room.
2. One night Richard called the entity a coward and didn’t feel the entity could go into the loft and Richard was wondering what could they do to me? When Richard woke up he had 4 scratch marks on his legs and a puncture mark.
3. Richard was lying in bed with Vickie and they both heard a man’s deep voice say: “knock it off”, they heard the entity say this twice.
4. Richard came out of the cellar on one night and he thought he encountered his neighbor’s dog, but in reality he saw a low crawling moving shadow.
5. A friend of Vickie and Richard saw a lady sweeping at 3am behind the cellar, the entity waved at their friend and he thought it was Vickie.
6. Vickie saw an entity and believes it was David Fulton. David Fulton was the original founder of this winery. This is Richard’s great, great, great grandfather. The figure of David appeared first as a black shadow to Vickie, then Vickie was able to see distinct features of David Fulton.
7. Julian, Vickie’s grandson has seen a little girl named Sylvia. Sylvia has an old fashioned dress, white nylons, buckle up boots, 2 pig tails with ribbons. Sylvia always wants to know if someone will play with her.
8. Richard’s grandmother may be on this property, because she was a baker and at times they smell cooking homemade bread. Could this be residual energy left behind?

Richard explains to us that the cellar doesn’t have that much activity, but the tank room has a lot. Big Al heard with his own ears: “Okay, I got it!” Victoria was trying to get some EVPs and every time she attempted to get some EVPs, she got a creaking sound. When we called for Sylvia, we got some huge creaking sounds and what sounded like footsteps on the roof. Big Al called on Sylvia and got some more creaking sounds. Jennifer captured multiple orbs and designer orbs. Jennifer said that every time Victoria was trying to get EVPs, she would see 3 or 4 orbs around Victoria’s back, when she was taking pictures. Jason did not capture any evidence on this round. Rod, a Sensitive felt that Sylvia wanted him to invite her into the cellar room. Rod felt that Sylvia was not ever allowed to go in there. Rod picked up the name Sarah, but on Big Al’s EVP, it sounds like the little girl is saying Sylvia. When Rod was trying to get EVPs, he captured what sounded like footsteps running away from the recorder. Rod captured tons of orbs. Deanna is being drawn to the trees and to wood. Jennifer is using dowsing rods to find Sylvia. Big Al captures an EVP that sounds like a young girl’s voice and it does not sound like any of the female investigators.

More orb photos captured. When talking to Sylvia, more huge creaking sounds on the walls, then sounds of footsteps on the roof. Victoria felt a cold breeze go past her legs.

With the creaking sounds happening simultaneously during the time when we are trying to summon Sylvia is suspiciously in favor of the paranormal. Whatever entities are here, I believe they are benevolent. Some of the entities may be Richard's deceased relatives. Big Al's EVP of a young girl's voice saying 'Sylvia' and then the young girl's voice again, shows me that there is definitely something going on at this winery. Let me give you an example of the weirdness about this place. While I am typing this story out, I call out: "Sylvia, if you are here, give me a sign!" Then I get 2 knocks. I call out again for Sylvia and get 3 knocks. Okay, who is doing that, all of the investigators are in the cellar or in the grape fields. Vickie says that she is going to get us into the house next door to the winery at some point of time, so that tells me one thing, like General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines..."I shall return!" You are probably wondering...does the house next door have activity. Oh yes, most definitely! A production film company is interested in documenting HPI's investigation at the winery, I will let you know more about this as I learn more.

The investigators sampled some of the wine at this winery and...WOW! The wine is fabulous, try out the David Fulton Legacy 1810! Talk about tantalizing the tastebuds!


Those Mysterious Cats - By Paul Dale Roberts
Cats have always been intriguing since the dawn of time. Cats are known to have extra sensory perception. They seem to be aware of other worldly entities. Take a cat to a graveyard and they seem like they are looking at things that we cannot see. Other animals have ESP, such as dogs, horses, birds, etc. Even though these animals have ESP, the cats of the world seem more honed in on paranormal events. Case example: Darlene Rodriguez of San Bruno in 1972 tells a frightful story. As she was walking down Geoffrey Street, she came across a black and gray cat with golden piercing eyes. The cat approached her and she bent down to pet the cat and her hand went through its etheral form. It was a ghost cat. She was so scared she ran all the way to her home and discovered that the cat was waiting for her at her doorstep. The cat darted when Darlene approached the doorway and screamed so loudly that Darlene had to cover her ears. The cat ran into the side bushes and out came a man with a black ski mask. The strange man with the mask was so frightened he ran off. It appears that this cat saved Darlene's life. Any man with a ski mask on, has bad intentions. Five years later as Darlene Rodriguez was going though her old family photos she came across a picture of her grandmother and the cat that she saw that night. She learned that the cat named Danzwith was her grandmother's cat. Danzwith was her cat angel that was looking over her. Darlene saw Danzwith one more time, ten years later when she gave birth to a baby boy.

G.E. says: "I thought you might be interested in the video I filmed last year."

Check the top left window around 1:06 can't really tell what it is but it looks like a little kid looking at me then turning away.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
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Haunted David Fulton Winery: St. Helena
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