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 The Holy Grail and Other Legends

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PostSubject: The Holy Grail and Other Legends   Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:43 pm

The Holy Grail and Other Legends
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Author
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

The Holy Grail is a relic of the highest heavenly realms. It is an ancient and legendary object of mortal desire. The legends have their roots in some cultures such as Christianity, Celtic and Spanish.
The Holy Grail in Christianity is thought to be the cup that Jesus drank from during the last supper. The last supper is the last ceremonial meal that Jesus ate with his disciples before he was crucified.

Jesus was crucified because he was a rebel. He wasnít following the government or the churches of Rome. He was saying that there was only one God and romans believed that there were multiple gods.
King Arthur is a legend about a noble boy who pulls a sword from a stone and becomes king. This is an English tale. King Arthur was described as having found the holy grail with his companion. Yet, it was said that it lifted up into the heavens.
The common theme with the Holy Grail is immortality. One who drinks from this cup would live forever. Other versions of the Holy Grail have been suggested because it is also known as something that many people lust for.

If immortality is the ultimate prize from the land of the living than it must be hard to get into Heaven. In the case of King Arthur, It just magically appeared and disappeared. Perhaps it will show itself when it is ready, and the one who grabs it may become like a God.

The grail itself is possibly also a representation of alchemy. Have you ever noticed the magician holding the chalice? He is commonly depicted in tarot cards which are magical cards used for fortune telling.

Alchemy is creation through chemistry. The Alchemist really became known through King Solomon, Merlin and King Midas. These magicians were turning away the basic D.N.A. structure of one thing to make it another.

The chalice itself is used in witchcraft. There is an item to represent each element that is worshipped in nature. The wand, pentacle, sword and chalice. The wand for air, the pentacle for earth, the sword for fire and the chalice for water. In ceremonies invokeing these elements is necessary.What is drank from the chalice is a symbol for the womb of the goddess.

In this century we know that there is many more elements than just those four. A fifth element is also present in recent rituals: spirit. Spirit is said to represent the essence of ourselves, our world, and our deeds. Yet this element cannot be found in the periodic table of elements.

In Egyptian folklore we come across the Book of Thoth. This is a book holding mysterious and super spells. The person who finds this book and reads it properly will receive powers of immortality.
The book was said to be created by Thoth, the God of wisdom. His head is shaped as a bird.

The first part of the book contains basic alchemy and the second part contains instructions and knowledge on the quest for immortality.

The Hermetica is a Egyptian-Greek text in which discussions taught by Hermes Trismegistus talks about the divine, the cosmos, alchemy and astronomy. Basic principles of chemistry are said to come from this such as macro and microorganisms. Ideas such as reincarnation and creation are discussed.

The Jade Books of Heaven are legendary books that keep everything in divine order. They exist in the heavenly realms. Inside them are written basic destinies for the spirits on the Earth for example; The Buddhaís, the goddesses and knowledge of Heaven. They are said to be inscribed on precious stone.

Magic is the illusion of the unknown. Everything we need to know about our world we can find inside of ourselves. Our ancestors had the same hearts, minds and souls that we inherited. The greatest magic in the world is said to be the magic of the immortal. Once bestowed with the power of immortality, what force will you battle eternally?


Case Number: 5SSL200
The Renata Story: In South Africa

Hello Paul,
My name is Renata and Iím a 23 year old female from Cape Town, South Africa. I°¶m writing you in the hopes that you might be able to give me your opinion or some advice on what I am experiencing and maybe even help clear up some of my confusion and doubt. I have Googled the words paranormal investigation group/team and paranormal investigators etc. hoping to find some local paranormal experts, but I donít think our country has such people or organizations. We do have self-proclaimed Psychics and Mediums, but down here any Tom, Dick or Harry can slap a sign on their front door and give psychic readings. So here I am reaching out to you all the way from the other side of the world.

I donít doubt that the paranormal exists especially not after what I°¶ve been going through. Itís as if I doubt myself. Almost like I try and convince myself that what just happened did not even though the spiritual part of my being is slapping me silly and saying: YOU KNOW IT DID! Am I in denial? I even feel a little foolish writing you this, but here goes

All my life I have been more sensitive and more keen to other peopleís emotions and the atmosphere of places like hospitals, graveyards and stores that have very old antique furniture or equipment or any other 2nd hand stuff. I can feel when an animal is distressed or sad or even truly happy. Iím not a very religious person, but feel the strong compulsion to pray whenever I hear of missing child on the news, see an accident or someone hurt. I even cry about these things sometimes. De ja vu is something so normal and often for me that I do not even get freaked out or feel surprised by it when it happens anymore. I know the scientific explanation for it is a chemical rush in the brain, but then again scientists and doctors also believe that people who believe in things like ghost, demons, angels etc. are mentally ill and need help. By now you are probably thinking crazy, but I really hope you can help clear things up for me.

If you ask me if my house is haunted I will immediately say no. I donít feel that it is. I do however believe that ghosts or spirits sometimes pass through and maybe linger a while. I can even tell if itís a male or female presence. But they always leave eventually. I believe that spirits are capable of following us home from somewhere especially if they are considered intelligent spirits. Since I can remember Iíve had this feeling of unease or dread when Iím in or near a hospital or graveyard. I have this little habit of saying in my mind °•Please donít follow me home whenever I was at either of these places or a place that generally just made me uncomfortable.

When we visit the graveyard where my great grandmother is buried at I strangely feel calm and unworried. No sense of dread or panic at all. I will even go as far as saying that Iím drawn towards this graveyard and want to investigate certain gravestones as I walk through the different paths and alcoves. There are graves dating back to the 1860s. The only feelings I do get at this graveyard is of loneliness, like being forgotten, but nothing oppressive. I can say the exact opposite of the graveyard close to where my grandmotherís ashes have been scattered. Her ashes have been scattered around the Womenís Monument in a small French little town. Now this monument and the graveyard I speak of is separated by only a small botanical garden and a thin line of trees. I refuse to go near this graveyard! Not to mention going in it. I get these horrible feelings of fear and panic when I am near it. It just oozes negative vibes. It probably doesnít help that there is an old French Settlers Museum filled with genuine antique furniture from the 1700s only a few steps away from this graveyard. This museum is filled with everything from old school books and navy atlas right up to bedroom furniture and womenís antique gowns and hair accessories. I went into this museum only once with my family and I kept looking over my shoulder as if someone was right there on my heels. It felt like the eyes of the portraits were following me around the room.

A few days after my 18th birthday I received a letter from a Wicca school asking me if I would be interested in joining. The letter was addressed to me personally. Now you must know that these were not flyers and advertisements and that such mail is frowned upon by our society so itís not something you would get in everyday mail. I considered it, but decided after a while that it would be best if I decline and go to University. I guess I was afraid of what people might think. I havenít heard from them since.

The serious experiences started happening when I was at the age of 16 or 17. While I was still sleeping in my old bedroom I would wake up in the middle of the night with a heavy feeling on my chest almost as if someone was laying or sitting on it. I would be able to open my eyes, but not move anything. All I would see is complete blackness above me. Eventually I would gasp and feel the weight lifting slowly. I would immediately switch on the light and leave it on for the rest of the night. Doctors describe it as sleep paralysis, but why was I able to move my eyes and look around the room? I would have dreams of snakes and spiders crawling and sailing up against the walls of my room. I dreamed once that large black and red spiders were all over my bedroom wall and in my dream I got out of bed and walked to this particular wall. When I got to it I screamed and that was when I woke up. Only thing is, when I woke up I was standing in front of this wall for real and that°¶s when I let out a scream thinking Iím still dreaming. My mother came into the room to see what was going on and thatís when I realized I am actually awake. Another dream there was a snake in my bed and when I woke up I was too terrified to move thinking the snake is behind my back, because I was in the same position I was in in my dream. The dreams are so realistic that I see myself lying in my bed in the exact same position as I am moments before I wake up. When I do startle awake I freeze out of fear that I am still dreaming and not really awake yet.

Soon I began experiencing the feeling of not being alone in my room. I would wake up with this intense feeling of being watched. This escalated to hearing my shoes and books being moved around in my closet, breathing noises in my ear and the feeling of being touched or tapped repeatedly on my legs, feet and arms. Every now and then I would feel someone stroke my hair as a mother would lovingly stroke her childís hair as he sleeps. Soon I started getting the feeling of someone or something sitting down or lying down on the bed next to me. I opened my eyes one night after hearing the breathing in my ear and as I turned to my right, on the pillow next to me, I saw the distinct shape of a head. I immediately turned and switched on my bed lamp and no one was there. Most of the time I would feel the sudden shake of the bed as an animal (like a cat or a small dog) jumped on the bed, but nothing is usually there.

Once I was standing by the door to my bedroom and a can of hairspray flew off the shelf and landed on my bed. There is a 4 feet gap between the bed and the shelf and the can of hairspray is quite heavy. There was also no wind blowing as it was a hot summers day.

The thing that finally made me decide to get out of that room was when I awoke one night after having one of my strange dreams again and there right in front of me on either side of the bed were two humanoid faces. They were about 2 feet off the ground and just staring at me. The one on the right was the gaunt face of a female with dark eyes and shoulder length dark hair. The face on the left was that of a male with short dark hair and dark eyes. I could see every detail of these faces including the pasty looking pale skin and dark circles under their eyes. They were dead faces. I only saw them for a few seconds before I let out one of my blood curdling screams, but I saw them long enough to give you these details. As I screamed the face of the woman just vanished, but the face of the man just stayed there staring at me and that°¶s when I got overwhelmed with the negative feelings coming from this entity. I felt it was letting me know itís here and itís here to stay no matter what I do and how much I screamed. That°¶s when I did what a little child would do and hid my face under my pillow until my mother came barging into my room. At first I refused to even uncover myself, but after a while she calmed me enough to get me out of bed and into the living room. I told her what happened, but of course when she entered the room nothing was there. I know what I saw was real. While we sat in the lounge my pet cat kept staring down the hallway into my room, but for days refused to go in there. He was pretty shaken himself so I know he felt or saw the presence after I left the room.

After much begging on my behalf I convinced my parents to swap rooms with me. My mother was not too pleased at first, but felt better after she sprinkled some salt in every corner of the room (just an old superstition). I had peace for a while, but not for long.

Since the beginning of the year I have been experiencing things again. I hear scratching and heavy thump thump noises in the ceiling over my room as if someone is walking around up there. Thing is we donít really have an attic per se. Our ceilings have beams and cardboard in it so no one can walk up there without crashing through the roof. We also canít store anything up there. For rats and birds to be making those noises are impossible, because the beams are close together and for the animal to make those heavy noises it would literally have to weigh like 15 pounds and stomp around. Some days while in the room I would be reading on my bed and hear movement in my room, but wonít be able to tell what it is or where itís coming from. I also get the feeling as if someone is in the room with me. You know that feeling when someone is in a room with you, almost as if the space in the room feels smaller like you know and feel that your personal space is smaller because of this other person? Well, thatís what I feel. Hope you know what I speak of. Very rarely I would hear scurrying noises over my posters as if some insect was running over it, but when I investigate nothing is there. Another experience I have had was when I heard a male voice calling my name in the middle of the night. No it was not my fatherís voice, he was snoring away in the other room. The voice was right in front of my bed. I would also hear this male voice goingÖĒHey! Hey!Ē right next to my ear when I sleep at night. Once I even heard him ask meÖWhat is it?, after I moaned a little as I was waking up to go to the bathroom.

A few weeks ago I started hearing footsteps coming down our hallway towards my bedroom. This usually happens in the mornings after my parents have left for work and I°¶m alone at home. I would wake up and still hear these footsteps coming towards my room. I would sit up in bed staring at my bedroom door with this intense feeling of dread just waiting for something to come around the corner or stick its head around the corner and look at me, but thankfully that hasnít happened yet and the fast paced footsteps tend to stop in front of my bedroom door. Just a quick note, this has happened to me before when I was living in Lancashire, England about 4 years ago. I was sharing a house with 4 other housemates and at the time they were working different shifts than I. So I was home alone one morning and suddenly I hear these really heavy booted feet come charging up the stairs at an abnormally inhumane speed while there was a heavy pounding against the walls as this thing came up the stairs. I nearly screamed, but just as it reached the top of the stairs it stopped. Eventually I got up and investigated, no one was in the house. I ran back to my room and locked the door. Thatís where I remained until my roommate got home a few hours later.

Anyway, soon after hearing these footsteps that just stop outside my new bedroom door I started hearing very heavy labored breathing in my room. Almost like the person suffers from asthma or something. I am fully awake when I experience this and even hold my own breath sometimes thinking maybe itís me doing this unconsciously. It never is and the sound stays there till I get fed up and put my iPod earphones in and listen to some music. Later when I take them off the breathing has usually gone. This happens quite a few mornings in a row.

I would be busy in the back part of the house and I would hear a conversation going on between groups of people right in my living room. I can never understand what they say, because as soon as I focus it stops. Of course I investigate, but no one is home except me. Many, many times I will be halfway to sleep when I wake up because I hear conversation in my pillow. I know you must think thatís weird, but I kid you not. I will raise my head and it will stop. I would lay my head back down and it would start up again. Many nights I jump out of bed irritated thinking that someone left the TV on in the living room or someone left one of the radios on low volume, but everything is always switched off. This I have experienced in both bedrooms.

The strangest thing that has happened to me this year was when I saw the right leg of a man sitting on my bed. I came out of the bathroom and walked into my bedroom when I saw this leg dangling from the bed. It was cut off mid-thigh and then cut off again at the ankle, so no foot and no body above mid-thigh. I can also tell you it had dark hair on it. As I saw this leg I gasped and it was like it vanished as I blinked. The first thing I did was check on my cat that was sleeping right next to the apparition of this leg. To me it almost looked like this person was sitting on the bed and was paying attention to the cat, but the only thing that was visible was his leg. I was pretty spooked for a while after that. As soon as I thought things were getting back to normal again and that maybe I just imagined this phantom leg I was surprised again! I got up around 2am one morning and went to the bathroom. As I exited my room and looked down the hallway I see a torso of a man just standing behind our laundry basket. I didnít see any legs or arms or head. It was just there at the height you would see the torso of a man with average height. The moment I saw it I just shut my eyes again and quickly ran into our bathroom and closed the door thinking to myselfÖnot now. When I finished in the bathroom I opened the door and walked directly into my room without turning to see if the apparition was still there. The thing is this leg and torso was naked. Yes, I said naked! Why? I have no idea.

The apparitions and the footsteps came to a sudden halt one day after I saw an orb with my naked eye. I was once again lying in bed in the early morning hours while it was still dark. My parents had just left for work and I was trying to get back to sleep. I donít know what, but something told me to look to the right hand corner of my bedroom before I switch off my bed lamp and there it was; this baseball sized black orb with what looks like 3 wavy tails coming out of it. When I thought about it later it actually reminded me of an artistís depiction of a blazing sun in a cartoon, but this orb was pitch black. I blinked a few times thinking Iím just groggy from still being half asleep, but when I opened my eyes it was still there just hovering in one spot as if its watching me. Is something like a black orb even possible, Paul? Anyway, I got no feelings from this orb just that itís there. I found it a bit uncomfortable so I covered my head and just laid there thinking about this orb. Eventually I drifted off to sleep (with the light on) and when I woke up the orb was gone. As I said the apparitions and footsteps came to a stop after this, but every now and then I will still hear the voices in a different part of the house just to find no one there and a little more often than this I would hear the breathing in my room.

In other parts of the house I would smell things like an unknown perfume smell, stale wine and a horrible waste smell. The smell I get the most is that of cigarette smoke even though no one in the house smokes. Funny thing is these odors are not carried on a breeze or wind they just originate in a certain spot and the moment I focus on it, itís gone like it was never even there. I have even had my olfactory nerve checked out when these smells started bothering me (because I was the only one smelling them), but the doctors all cleared me.

One day I was sitting at the dining room table talking to someone on the phone. One of our dogs was lying on the couch close by looking at me as I was chatting away. Suddenly I hear this very loud burp in my ear. It was as if someone bent down and burped right into my ear. The moment I heard the sound I reflexively turned to our dog and caught her staring at a spot right behind me. The person on the other end of the line was still talking away and clearly didnít hear the burp. I closed my eyes because I just instinctively knew right then that there was a presence behind me. I slowly turned around having this feeling that I was going to stare something right in the face, but luckily I didnít see anything. The dog didnít seem afraid though just shocked like I was.

I have felt the odd cold or °ßstatic°® spots in my home, but I just ignore it and try to concentrate on something else. I only do this because I get a little creeped out especially if I am home alone. When things like these happen to a person it is really hard to be a sceptic. I fail miserably at being a sceptic.

I also see quite a lot of shapes and shadows of animals out of the corner of my eyes, mostly cats. This however does not frighten me. I like to think that they are simply lost spirits wandering around looking for a place to call home. I find it comforting actually.

I was watching TV in the living room one night when all 3 of our dogs that were lying in front of the couch looked up and simultaneously followed something above my head. I mean their heads really moved in unison! I looked up thinking it was a moth or something, but nothing was there. They continued doing this for about 2 minutes (the longest 2 minutes ever) when I got too uncomfortable and got up. Thatís when their trance broke and they followed me out of the room.

There are days when I will be occupied somewhere in the house with a task that completely keeps my mind busy. The dog wouldnít°¶t stop barking and eventually I got annoyed and started worrying that the neighbors might complain. I went to our backdoor and yelled ĎTonyí! (which was our dogís name) as this always gets him to stop barking. Suddenly I remembered that Tony died a few months ago. I yelled out to him out of old habit. The strange thing is when I yelled out to him he stopped barking as he always would. No one else around us has a big German Shepard like Tony and there°¶s no mistaking that bark °V been used to it for 7 years. I still remember feeling this coldness creeping through my body as the realization about Tony hit me.

I always notice a shadow moving around in the dark in our 3rd bedroom\storage room. I canít explain what it looks like other than a quick back and forth darting movement of a shadow. A quick detail about this room: it is stacked full of boxes, magazines, hardware tools, a large cupboard, a few bedside tables and other junk. You cannot walk further than 3 feet into that room because of all the stuff. I mention this because there is no way that a human can move around in there without stumbling over the stuff and making a ton of noise. I have investigated this shadow a few times thinking itís one of our cats climbing around on the stuff, but I can°¶t find anything when I do. This room ALWAYS gives me an eerie unsafe feeling no matter what time of day and I hate it when someone forgot to close the door, because it always feels as though someone is staring at us from within this room.

Last Friday, 10 July, I was again in the living room watching a late night movie with my folks. Now we have this little Green Cheek Parrot that is tame and has really taken a liking to my mother. I must say that this bird does NOT like me at all and we choose to avoid each other. Anyway, as we were watching the movie it (the parrot) became completely stressed out and started flying around the room like crazy eventually landing next to me on the couch. It just sat there staring at me and kept making these funny noises it would when it is panicked and scared. I suddenly got the impression that this poor thing is terrified. I told my mother, but she took him and put him back in his cage saying that he is just tired. She then went on to cover him and he calmed down, but I still felt that he was not tired and that something spooked him. We continued watching the movie with the lights turned off. During the movie I kept seeing a dark streak move around close to the ground on my left. I ignored it thinking itís just the play of lights from the TV. After a while I saw to my right a blurry movement also close to the ground. It was almost as if I was looking at something through moving water. I then turned to both my parents to see if they noticed anything but they were too engrossed in the movie and obviously did not. I again went back to watching the movie, but not before I changed positions on the couch and put my feet on the ground and my left hand on my left knee. Suddenly my hand went rigid. I couldnít move it and my left arm started get the feeling of pins and needles slowly creeping up to my elbow. I pulled my arm up to my chest in shock and the feeling immediately subsided and I was again able to flex my hand. As I was pondering this I started feeling someone poking the bottom of my left leg just slightly to the left behind the knee. Neither of my parents was close enough to me to accidentally have done this and no pets were around at that time. I lowered my hand again to rub my leg thinking (hoping, but knowing better) that maybe it was just a muscle twitching. Soon as I touched my leg my hand went stiff again and the pins and needles sensation returned. Thatís when it hit me: This might be something paranormal! As I°¶m there staring down at my hand trying to flex it my mother looks at me and asked me if Iím ok. Immediately the sensations just stopped and I could move my hand again. I pretended to continue watching the last of the movie and felt a little brave and asked for a sign that someone or something is near me °V of course nothing happened. After the movie I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and thatís when for just a split second I was assaulted with this immensely strong smell of cigarette smoke. I thought to myself ďOk, so clearly I had a paranormal experience or Iím losing it!Ē

All through that night, in every dream I had (and I had 3), I heard this little girl giggling. I never saw her once, but could always hear her close by.

On Sunday night, 12 July, my mother unfortunately slipped on our kitchen floor and injured her knee. Strange as it sounds probably a minute before it happened I kept hearing a police radio (including static) in the corner of our living room near the dining room table. It was as I was focusing on this °ßpolice radio°® that my mother slipped and we all were by her side in an instant. The radio noise completely slipped my mind then and I was concentrating on my mother, but when I entered the living room again about 5 minutes later the noise was gone. I casually asked my mother if she heard a police radio by any chance and she just glared at me. It is no secret that at my mother°¶s work there is a ghost of a police man walking the corridors and moments before he is seen one hears the sound of his radio. My mother saw him once and he appeared to her as a torso dressed in a police uniform. Could this ghost have followed her home from work and caused her injury or was he trying to warn me about my motherís fall?

Well I know this has been a very long letter, but believe it or not these are just some of the things that I have experienced. Other family members have also had experiences and I have had a few at their homes too. I don°¶t know if anyone in my family is Psychic or a Sensitive. I do know my grandmother always knew when a woman in the family was pregnant. She would go around asking whoís pregnant because she dreamed of onions. Yes ONIONS! My mother also had a few experiences when she was a child, but she doesnít talk about it much.

Know that I donít claim to be Psychic, or a Medium or a Sensitive and that you are the first person other than my mother that I have told about this. I°¶m confused and doubt my senses and instincts sometimes, but itís really hard especially when my instincts fire up and the first thing I feel is that there °s something paranormal around me. Itís as if my senses immediately go GHOST!! I may be way wrong here, but I just feel that Iím having paranormal experiences. What I seem to think and what my instincts say are different as you can tell. Itís like I try and look for scientific explanations, but canít find any. What do you think, Paul? Am I a little more perceptive than other people when it comes to the paranormal? Am I maybe a Sensitive? Should I stop doubting myself? I don°¶t know, I guess I want someone to be frank with me and say it as it is.

On a happier note: that movie Haunted Connecticut starts rolling here soon. Canít wait to go see it. Hey, when will HPI be branching out to South Africa??? *nudge nudge wink wink* We have many haunted places down here too and quite a lot of old Dutch historical buildings. We had the Great Trek down here remember? Whatís a girl gotta do to become a member of HPI, huh? Do you by any chance know of any local paranormal investigation organizations down here in South Africa? Iím starting to feel that the paranormal is my calling.

I do hope that you will be able to give me your opinion and maybe even some advice on what Iím going through. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this. HAPPY HUNTING!


Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Paranormal Princess aka Shooting Star Baby
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The Holy Grail and Other Legends
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