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 Demons: Acerbial and Savitsier

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PostSubject: Demons: Acerbial and Savitsier   Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:09 pm

Demons: Acerbial and Savitsier
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Date: August 15, 2014 Friday
Time: 1900 Hours
Location: Starbucks, 7600 Greenhaven Drive, Bldg B, Sacramento, CA
Present: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paul Dale Roberts, Mrs. S, Ms. Tery, and 2 small children of Mrs. S.

Deanna Listens to the Paranormal Experiencers Part 1:

Deanna Listens to the Paranormal Experiencers Part 2:

Deanna Listens to the Paranormal Experiencers Part 3:

Disclaimer: The paranormal experiencers Ms. Tery and Mrs. S wish to remain anonymous. There voices can be heard on the YouTube videos and there real names are concealed for this interview.

Ms. Tery, the sister of Mrs. S tells me that her niece encountered flies without eyes, that were speaking to her in a different language. You may say to yourself, what kind of story is this? Let me digress, this is a story of demonic possession, this is a story of how a demon came into the life of this family. Mrs. S believes her husband is possessed by a demon. She also believes her husband has sold his soul to the devil as she shows me a series of photos of her husband that shows a strange mist around his hands, as if his hands were binded. Other photos taken where the husband steps out of the picture, there is no more mist, but as soon as the husband appears in the picture, the mist is again seen around his hands.

Strange activity has happened in this home. The smell of cinnamon and sage is smelled around the house, but when you go into one particular closet, the smell is overwhelming. A wedding ring is placed on a top shelf of the closet and no one makes claim of placing the wedding ring on the top shelf. When Ms. Tery is speaking to me on her cell phone a static voice is heard in the background. She has called me twice and every time there is that same static voice in the background. I can't make out the words, but you can tell that there are static words being spoken. Mrs. S husband's mother used to dabble in black magic in Mexico. Could she had been involved in Santeria? Mrs. S only knows it was some kind of black magic. Mrs. S on one night was choked by an entity. In one picture of Mrs. S mother-in-law, you can see ghostly hands on her shoulders. Mrs. S husband writes a cryptic note and I wonder if the entity that has possessed him had to do anything with the strange writing? Mrs. S believes her 3 year old daughter is possessed. At times her daughter will act lethargic and her eyes will go side-to-side in a rapid motion. A strange text message comes over the cell phone, it reads: asterisk - meaning 'ask Erik'. Mrs. S husband had changed considerably, heavy drinking and domestic violence, one one day his face distorted considerably and a unusual amount of mucus came out of his nose.

Two demons have identified themselves as Acerbial and Savitsier. Acerbial is the demon of Sarcasm, he lives up to his name of being sarky. Savitsier is a demon of Satire. He governs burlesque, irony and lampoon. These names came about when Ms. Tery prayed to God.

Mrs. S husband is unwilling to receive a full submerged baptism to get rid of his attachment. I explained to the paranormal experiencers about conducting their own house blessing and convincing Mrs. S husband to get baptized, a basic form of exorcism. Mrs. S home is infested with negative energy and she wants out of this environment. I encouraged her to leave, before things enhance. As Deanna and I spoke to these courageous women who were willing to meet us to find answers and see how they can neutralize the threat that has came into their existing lives, I could see the sadness in one of the daughter's eyes and at a point of time of this interview, Mrs. S broke down in tears. With a husband that is unwilling to be re-baptized and his mother still harboring the evil of the dark arts, it would make no sense for me to bless the home or baptize anyone in the family. It would only be a temporary fix, Mrs. S has to distant herself from the sources that have brought evil into her life. I will keep in touch with these two sisters and at a future point of time, I will be able to help these women in need. God bless both of them and Mrs. S two lovely daughters.


Signaling UFOs
I read the UFO Investigation at Seaside, CA on April 7, 2010 with interest regarding your use of various tools to attempt to call UFO's/gray's to you. From the 'electrified alien cow' assembled to scare off cattle mutilations in Point Reyes, CA and the account of Paul Schroeder's article over at Unexplained Mysteries, who used only a flashlight to send ascending and descending signals, repetitively in one night, and then over the next couple of days, it appears that the grays are more standoffish with humans who appear to be carrying or using electronics of any kind.

If you read Paul's 'Letter to Alien Abductee Debunkers,' at, it appears that the flashes need to be repeated over several days, in the same spot, in order to attract real Gray contact. He's not real specific in the article about all the encounters he's had with them since he signaled them but he clearly gives a warning! He was dubious prior to his contact experiences that abductions/contact were real. His method of signaling was done out of curiosity without belief that anything would happen. It sounds like he went from disbelief to slightly horrified to 'what the 'ell have I got myself into!' It's not for the faint of heart or unprotected naifs (nervous LOL, wink wink). He swears his method does work to cure debunkers and brings contact that you may not want, despite what many others say that the ET's in our atmosphere are really benign once you get over your 'human fear problem.' Paul would beg to differ and warns that signaling ufo's is not a game.

So, my question to you is strictly from the viewpoint of the devil's advocate. I hope not literally in this case. I'm not a religious person but I do know how to say 'in the name of Jesus Christ get the heck away from me,' a known alien deterrent allegedly! Do you really want to contact the grays? Read Paul's article CAREFULLY and then think about using his type of signaling on your next investigation if you are serious about contact. Like I said, I think the electronics may protect you from having the experience. I don't think Paul is suggesting that a ufo will necessarily show up on the spot but he guarantees that contact will happen, maybe even for the group within days.

Do you feel lucky? Will you feel lucky if what shows up afterward in your dreams and in your house is not to your liking? All you need is a flashlight and repetitive signaling. Why he suggests the flashlight signaling that he does I am not sure, other than that it worked for him, changing into a believer in people's stories about contact. If you want irrefutable proof, Paul says that signaling with ten nine eight, down to one flashes into the night time sky and then flashing one two three up to ten again, several times in one night and then over a couple of days, will bring you personal contact that will transform your life. On the devil's advocate side, your using his method of contact might bust his bubble of infallibility. Paul says, 'Not.'

I read Paul's article and then your articles about investigating ufo's in various locations and thought maybe you'd like to try his method and/or talk to him about his experience. I don't know anything about this writer but he seems genuine. You can post a reply to his story on the Unexplained Mysteries web site and maybe send him some links to your investigative outing reports.

Please before you use his method, ask yourselves how lucky do you really want to get if you attract the grays?


'Putting our heads together results in a serious head banging or a miraculous collaboration!'

Kathryn Carter []

Thank you for your reply, Paul! I wasn't sure if you'd write back. Do you go into your military experience, at least the 'gist' of it somewhere on your web site? I am curious and interested in your experiences, if you became aware of ET's in the military or had personal experiences in the military. It's not uncommon to find military guys out on bases in various areas to have 'missing time' or some unusual incident in their careers (I've heard and read about several types of interaction). Someone in Military Intelligence like yourself knows more than most, so I will take your word for it. I've had dreams and awareness of ETs for a long time. I knew we had a tenth planet because I 'went out there in a dream' with a headband on my forehead lying on a table. Beyond Pluto in empty space there was a big pinkish planet. Then twice the distance from Pluto to this pink planet there was something very scary, a bright reddish/yellow/white object or star that gave me the creeps. Also I had strange dreams about Richland, WA where we lived in the desert when I was a wee tot. I remembered scary metallic silver balls that were following us above a pier on, I think, a lake. I'd never read anything about either of these subjects until long after I dreamt about them.

My curiosity and awareness about ETs was piqued when I moved to the northern Bay Area only to find myself in 'cow country' that was having a devil of a time keeping their cows from being abducted! I had no idea that the problem with cow abduction, ET or otherwise, was so close by. The things the farmers have put up with is just sad (it's an event happening all over California). Prize 'family' dairy queen cows, like many stories around the world, are seen floating off skyward, abducted and killed horribly - it's really quite amazing and heartbreaking for the families. All the post mortems suggest the animals are being bled dry and various organs cored out while they are still alive. To me these are the bad guy ETs no matter who made the deal with them. I wonder if it's ET's doing the 'research' but it sure does look like it from very advanced purified hemoglobin (lab grade) accidentally left on the animals. I've also heard that the implant problems that contactees have is all about ET's getting a 'tissue response' from the tissue surrounding the 'electronic tag' marks they leave. There is a hell of a lot going on that remains unanswered and needs clarification in the ET and humanity story! It's hard to tell if it's multiple ET interactions or ET and human interactions.

Last night I viewed a series of videos of a contactee undergoing hypnosis in El Cajon del Maipo for actual contact while in El Morado, a forest area in Chile. Pretty interesting from any angle! Here's the link to the Chile video which you may be familiar with:

The hypnotist that was first hired to interview this guy didn't really believe in abductions. They fired him for a demonologists and language specialist in ancient languages and they re-hired him to try again. There was obvious conflict with the hypnotist and the information that the contactee was telling him. The video group decided to go into the area where the contactee met some very large ET's, the angelic type, about 3 meters tall. They did see some lights moving that the contactee got very excited over but that was it. When they came back down from this El Morado park/forest area, that's when the guy underwent hypnosis with the debunker. Under hypnosis the contactee spoke a language he called Koreana. It sounded a little like Japanese with something else thrown in. He event wrote down symbols for the word 'faith.' The language specialist said he researched the language and looked at the wiritng and said he was not able to pinpoint a specific language but it might be one he did not know. The demonologist said becuase he spoke about Genesis 6 the event of ET/Daughters of Man (ET's genetic experiment) and the fact that the guy appeared to be channeling these entities under hypnosis, thought the case was worth more investigation. The hypnotist ended up saying he thought it was all in the guy's imagination that even the language spoken was not real but made up. The contactee ultimately named more names of the entity group Irenko or Tjenko (primary contact), Tarzis, Ogha, Marko, Ehio, Orko etc. (words reminded me of the ET name Semjjase). He said he had indeed been contacted in the video group's journey to the mountain when he went to fill some bottles with water at a nearby lake. Also he stated that they did not come in for close contact because of the videography and electronics in the group! What was funny was that he told the hypnotist, through the entity, that the last agreement of the hypnotist was that he would come to the mountain with the contactee and they would appear. They chided the hypnotist saying why do you study so hard and then not follow through on the information we give you? It was a 'touche' moment, an opportunity lost but the hypnotist I think still was unbelieving or very afraid what he was getting into (also, he was fired at that point because of his disbelief). The video crew did see the aberrant lights while they were on the mountain and apparently contact was made with this individual. The group contact or the close contact didn't take place because the hypnotist screwed up by not being there and by the electronics not being mentioned in the original 'appointment' schedule (made under hypnosis) according to the entity. A mention was also made by the demonologist about the contactee that he thought this individual was pure and simple of heart, or more 'open' to receiving the information and that believing is seeing, not the other way around.

So I say, BRAVO in your pursuit of the truth (and be careful too)! May the benevolent forces be at your back, always. I will look forward to reading more on your web site about the investigations.

Thanks for getting back to me so quick.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Demons: Acerbial and Savitsier
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