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 NASA Hiding the Evidence

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PostSubject: NASA Hiding the Evidence   Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:01 am

NASA Hiding the Evidence
Investigation in Natomas
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Soulution Ink Tattoo Part 2
Soulution Ink Tattoo Part 3
Natomas Investigation Part 1
Natomas Investigation Part 2
Natomas Investigation Part 3
Theme Song for this Article: Lorde - Royals
Dedicated to Deanna who taught me alternate listening music.

Recently, Ancient Astronauts TV Series on History 2 came up with an episode called Aliens and Superheroes. The review below is somewhat negative to this concept, see below:
But, if you really think of it, there is a connection and it could be our subconscious minds that divert towards superheroism due to the fact that ancient man was in awe of these extraterrestrials. Krrish fits right in, he's a superhero and he's from India. In ancient India Sanskrit writings, ancient man wrote many stories of these superheroic and villainous extraterrestrials that wielded great powers. But let's go into another direction. Let's talk about the evidence of these super extraterrestrials and who would have this evidence? NASA! See below:

There is so much proof that life exists elsewhere in the universe and our government agencies keep this information secret from the general public. Why? Answer: It would break down society, our religions would crumble, there would be a complete social collapse. How would I know that? Example: Orson Welles broadcast of the War of the Worlds, where everyone listening to the radio actually believed we were being invaded by Martians in the State of New Jersey. NASA is keeping the truth from us. They know what is going on, that is why they have NASA patches depicting the place of our origin...Orion. Ancients texts say we originated from Orion and it's odd how NASA embraces Orion on their astronaut patches. Why not another constellation, why Orion? Answer: Because NASA knows the truth about extraterrestrial life and we are too foolish to realize it.

On the Moon, on Mars, there are pictures after pictures of what looks like structures with intelligent design. From the Cydonia complex to the pentagonal D&M pyramid. The D&M pyramid is very impressive, check out the Viking frame 35A72. The geometry at Cydonia is easily accepted as intelligent design by mainstream observationists, everything fits mathematically, no natural formation could be so mathematically correct. The Shard, another anomaly projects 1.5 miles into the lunar atmosphere. How can this be a natural formation? The Tower/Cube are close to the Shard, you would think that this was man-made skyscraper when first looking at it. Then what is the photo of what is called the 'twisted paper-clip', is this some kind of listening device on the Moon?

The anomaly referred to as The Castle has distinct geometric shape. It's very complex in size and shape. What people call the Zond 3 Dome looks like a biosphere. The Crisium Spire actually has what it looks like crossbeams that support the Spire.

It's odd that so many NASA officials are from secret societies. Those secret societies are the Freemasons to former SS members to what we refer as 'magicians'. Perfect people to keep a 'secret'. You don't believe that there are secret societies in NASA? Then tell me why the official flag of the Supreme Council 33rd degree Southern Jurisdiction was taken to the Moon by Buzz Aldrin.

The pictures just keep coming from a picture that the Sojourner Rover took of a pyramid. There is no argument, it's an actual photo of a pyramid. Probably now if you look at later pictures, NASA probably doctored the photo, like they doctored the photo of the Face of Mars.

Like there is a Sphinx at the pyramids at Egypt, there is a Sphinx at the South Twin Peak pyramid at Mars. The evidence is there, but are we going to turn a blind eye and look away or are we going to get our analytical minds working and embrace the evidence? I guess it's all up to us. I can only sit back and wait.


Aug 23, 2014, Saturday: Before going to the investigation, Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I are getting tatted up at 2:30pm with Stephanie de la Rosa - at Soulution Ink Tattoo - 10466 Franklin Road, Elk Grove, CA 916 681 3888. - - Custom Tattoos & Unique Wall Art - This place is haunted and I am getting a tattoo with Orion's belt, so is Deanna. My tattoo is located on the right shoulder and Deanna's tattoo is located on her right arm, she has LOVE written on her arm with Orion's belt on top, I have Soul Mate written in Arabic with Orion's belt on top. Since I am Mexican, Chinese, Filipino on my mother's side and French, English, Irish and Arabic on my father's side is the reason I am having Soul Mate written in Arabic, representing that I am the soul mate of Deanna and the Orion's belt represents that Deanna is a 'starchild' - after our tattoos, the investigation starts at 8pm - Contact Person is Angelic - 707 520 4933 and 916 868 2970 - Address to be at: 136 Luna Grande Circle Unit 132, Sacramento, CA 95834 - Activity: Water turns off and on; balls of light flow around the home; shadows are seen; occupant feels like she is being poked by needles; scratches are found on occupant's body; voices are heard - they say vulgar things; occupant found herself speaking in foreign tongues. // Also this night is Larry Scholl's Party that I was invited to, but since I have this investigation, I will not be attending. I will go next year!

Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner; Alaceo 'Big Al' Rosatano - Lead Investigator; Rodney Engberson; Victoria Autumn; Mark Bales.

After we got tatted up and listening to the paranormal hauntings at Soulution Ink Tattoo, we headed home to pick up Mark Bales. We were pretty excited to have the tattoos and knowing that we will soon investigate Soulution Ink Tattoo that has a haunted dance hall to the right hand side of it and a cemetery on the left hand side. The Franklin cemetery has a scout from the Lewis and Clark Expedition buried there. SPECIAL NOTE: This is my first tattoo and Stephanie did a wonderful job! Thank you Stephanie!

When Mark Bales arrived, we fed him rice and Filipino food made up of cut-up squash, cut up tomatoes, hamburger meat, bell peppers, onions, spinach, cabbage cooked in tomato sauce and spices. Deanna, Mark and I headed out to Natomas. At the Food Maxx parking lot at San Juan and Truxel we met up with Big Al, Victoria and Rod. We felt a bit uneasy because there were a few gangbangers out there. Finally Big Al shows up and we headed to the apartment that may have demonic activity. We looked and looked for the apartment and finally Rod found it. When I went up to the door, Angelic answered. Here is the conversation between me and Angelic. Paul: "Hello, are you Angelic?" Angelic: "Yes, I am, I don't want you here. Everything is okay. You can leave. Goodbye." She then closes the door on me. Her eyes were glossed over and she looked like she was in a trance. Angelic called me 5 times and on one call she was crying, desperately asking for help. When I arrive with my team, this is the way we were treated. Perhaps the demon is fully inhabiting her body and soul. We left and came up with Plan B. Big Al works at a store (name confidential). At this store, things come flying off the shelves, an employee was bitten in the break room, employees and customers feel a presence. We investigated (Name Scrambled: AWLREGEN) and at one point of time Big Al hears a woman say 'shut up', Deanna hears a woman's voice, but can't make out the words. Deanna verbally tells us what she heard and Rod knew exactly what Deanna was about to say, they had a telepathic connection. Rod takes a picture of a blue anomaly in the sky near the store. Deanna looking at the blue anomaly instantly thought it looked like a portal. Special Note: When we were at Angelic's apartment, we felt the negativity pour out from her front door and Deanna's leg was grabbed when she first showed up at the apartment. Deanna felt the entity was large and it grabbed her leg below the knee area. Now back to the store investigation, Deanna felt psychically that there was a woman ghost in the break room of the store.

After the investigation we were hungry and I got my free breakfast burrito at Jack in the Box and brought Hi-Pee and Hannah with us and gave them a midnight walk at Laguna Park. This investigation was canceled at the last minute which was a disappointment to all of us, especially Rod & Victoria who traveled from Grass Valley to get to this investigation, Big Al from Rocklin and Mark from Stockton. In the paranormal win some and you lose some, this one we lost.



Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
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NASA Hiding the Evidence
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