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 Smudging and Other Rituals of Harmony

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PostSubject: Smudging and Other Rituals of Harmony   Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:54 pm

Smudging and Other Rituals of Harmony
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Sensitive & Metaphysical Cleanser
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Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Stars fall down in a spiral motion, turning to stone like pillars in the ocean…
Tides splash around me… sounds like a full moon melody and I heard songs like, words of eternity...return to me.
GOD, is like a white mage, he bathes my soul in prisms of smoke and sage.

Smudging is a traditional Native American technique used to cause Harmony within a household. It is good for banishing negative energies.

Smudging is started by selecting an herb to use. There are many plants that are considered worthy to smudge with. The herbs that work the best are often associated with different cultures.

The Native American cultures believe in burning sage, and also sweet grass. The sage is used to dispel the negative energy and the sweet grass is used to attract the positive energy.

Sometimes the herbs are burned in a special incense bowl such as an abalone shell. Also a feather can be used to fan the smoke into certain directions.

The magic of the herbs is that they are used to loosen the veils of the physical and spiritual world resulting in both worlds being open to each other and driving everyone to the same astral plane.
Another Native American ritual is the four winds prayer. You go to the exit of the house to push the negative energies outdoors. You say a prayer to send them to the four winds.

Our ancestors in spirit are believed to be able to smell the aromas of the physical world even though they are in astral form. The smells have a deeper meaning and can ascend to the heavenly realms.
Buddhists believe in the power of crystals and meditation. Buddhists meditate to incense such as Nag Champa which is good for purifying the space around you.

A good meditation for centering yourself involves the use of your chakras. Chakras are points of vibration connected to your body. They are very helpful in meditation and astral projection.
Chakras are very easily researched over the internet. Once you understand what a chakra is and where they are located you will also find many helpful meditations.

My favorite is a variation of meditations I was taught through students and an instructor in my Yoga class. I call it the “Burning Angel Flame Meditation.” Start by activating all your chakras from the base upwards as you lay on your back or in a sitting position. Visualize at each chakra point a purple flame growing larger and stronger inside of your body. When you reach the crown chakra move on into the higher chakras by then imagining a gold sun behind you embracing you like a halo. Focus of unity of yourself with the highest spiritual realms where there only exists love, unity, harmony and beauty.

The use of a “singing bowl” can be quite helpful to enter into a deep meditation. These bowls are crafted to make a special sound on contact with the wand of choice. You can enter deeper levels of consciousness with each sound that you hear leading you with energy vibrations into spiritual realms.

Crystals can be endowed with many different types of energy. The most common crystal used to balance the surrounding area is a clear quartz crystal.

You can clean your crystal by soaking it in water. The water can contain sea salt if you are planning on doing a cleansing for harmony purposes. You can also point the crystal downwards and run rushing water over it for a minute or so while focusing on the clarity of the crystal. This will help balance your mind and restore the crystal to its original blank slate.

Many people like to let their crystals soak up energy from celestial objects such as the sun, moon, or bright stars. You will find that a crystal can be filled with many varieties of energy which much be first researched for the best result.

I have created a chart on the best types of crystals to use for magic’s involving harmony, peace and clarity. Different cultures across the world hold certain minerals sacred. In ancient times there was not much trading going on so they used the best of what they had in their locations.

Here is a list of modern information with a wide variety of crystals and some good ways to use them. These are some of my favorite ones.
Crystal Color Purpose Energy
Adamite yellow enhance psychic ability creative
Aqua Aura Danburite teal compassion, place under pillow for lucid dreams unity Iridescent Rainbow Goethite brown beats depression hope
Merlinite black and white luck magic
Oregon Opal amber karmic healing past life
Stibnite black beauty dark
Quartz with Ajoite Sea green universal love unconditional love
White Sapphire silver serenity purity

A Jewish new age blessing can be performed using a crystal. Take a crystal and draw a pentagram in the air. First face the east. Visualize the pentagram with green gold energy glowing around it and state the name as you draw near the center, “YHVH” (Yod-heh-vahv-heh). The names that you are going to be saying are the names of angels. Next, face the south and visualize a yellow blue light and say, “Adonia.“Next, face the west and visualize a white orange light and say “Eheieh.” After that face the final direction and visualize a red light with a violet aura and say, “Agla.” Return to the beginning eastern position and say “Before me Raphael, behind me Gabriel, on my right hand, Michael, on my left hand Uriel bring me harmony”. Visualize all four pentagrams coming into one.
A simple technique is used in Norse Magic. It is simply a visualization technique. Focus on a candle flame. Focus on the blue part of the candle flame and concentrate on harmony and peace for as long as possible.

An important number in Norse mythology is the number nine. Three threes equal nine. Perhaps focusing on empowering thoughts in patterns of three, three and three can bring harmony to your life as well. The number nine is said to be a perfect number when you are looking at patterns and also a nine sided star is very important for Norse magic.

A Roman Catholic blessing can also be incorporated in your home. According to Paul Dale Roberts, paranormal detective, this involves a crucifix and prayers. Place the crucifix above doorways and you say “the sign of the cross will stop you from entering this place.”
Another good way to bless a house is with laughter and joy. This is the easiest part. Bring over family members and friends and have a good time. Please be generous with your laughter and positive energy and have them over often as you will fill up your surroundings with the imprint of their happiness.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Diva
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
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Smudging and Other Rituals of Harmony
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